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How to Find and Defeat the 14th Colossus in “Shadow of the Colossus”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Though Shadow of the Colossus has been around since its initial release on the PlayStation 2 in 2005, this masterpiece was remastered for the second time and released in February 2018 with vastly improved graphics and extra collectible items. The Japanese game development company, Team ICO, enjoyed a 70% increase in sales in the PlayStation 4's first week of release.

Now, players who enjoyed the previous editions, as well as those new to this fantasy adventure, are enjoying this enchanting story, gorgeous original soundtrack, and battles with the 16 iconic monsters that roam the Forbidden Lands.


This article is a guide on how to find and defeat Cenobia, the aggressive, animal-like Colossus number 14. Hidden in the mysterious ruined city not far from where you battled Avion, Cenobia is one of the scarier monsters in the game because of how fast and powerful it is. You do not need Agro for this mission.

Finding Cenobia

This time, you need to head west. Hop on Agro and leave the Shrine of Worship behind you. Take the western bridge, making sure that the black cloud on the horizon (where you fought Colossus number nine) is on your left.

In the top left corner of square E3 on your map is a small shrine with a white-tailed lizard. If you didn't get it already, do so now for a permanent increase to Wander's stamina.

Take the cliff path just behind the shrine and turn left, where you'll come to some stone steps. Turn right, where you'll be able to see some stone pillars and a path running through them. Follow this path on Agro, though you will have to leave her behind when you reach the water.

Swim across and into the stone room, where there are several ruined rocks to clamber over. You will now have reached the ruined city.

Turn left to find a route leading to a ladder; alternatively, you can just jump down. If you like, you can explore the rather large battlefield before facing Cenobia, or you can dash straight through the broken door in front of you (with a gap large enough for Wander to squeeze through). Run along until you see the broken pillar on your left. Jump onto it and through the path. When you reach the top of the stone steps, the battle begins!


Latching On

Defeating Cenobia takes several steps to complete, which makes it one of the longer (and more rewarding) battles in the game.

  • First, jump onto the fallen pillar directly to Wander's left.
  • Run along it and jump onto the stone bridge.
  • Jump to a third and fourth bridge. Make sure to do all of this quickly, as Cenobia is vicious and won't hesitate to charge into the structures, trying to throw Wander off.
  • Go until you reach a tall pillar. Climb to the top. It might be wise to hang on before you reach the top because Cenobia rill run into it.
  • When you get to the top, shoot an arrow at the Colossus. He will run into the pillar again. Make sure you're facing south!
  • The pillar will collapse and fall. Although it plays out like a cutscene, you can actually control Wander at this point. Hang onto the side of the pillar and fall with it. If done right, you'll be standing on it when it has fallen and won't be squashed by the rubble.
  • Run along the fallen pillar to another stone bridge.
  • There are several more pillars. as before, hang on when he runs into it for the first time, and shoot him with an arrow to get him to charge it again. Control Wander so that he lands on top of the pillar when it has fallen.
  • Soon, you will reach a square-shaped building. climb along this and to the other side of it. The Colossus may charge into the structure once or twice, but it will not collapse.
  • There is one more pillar. This time, Cenobia will cause the pillar to fall into the wall (on the opposite side to the square building). You don't want to be standing on the pillar when this happens.
  • Ideally, you'll want to be on the building again when the pillar collapses. To make this happen, hold on to the pillar, bracing when the Colossus runs into it. For the second hit, stand upon the pillar and shoot an arrow at Cenobia. As soon as he starts charging, quickly jump back onto the building.
  • If done correctly, the pillar will fall into the ruins, giving Cenobia access to the entrance area. Meanwhile, Wander will be safely on top of the unaltered building.

If you didn't escape on time, you may be on top of the fallen pillar or, worst case scenario, knocked out under the rubble. If this happens, get to safety as quickly as you can!


Now you need to make your way back to the entrance to the city, where you first came from. If you managed to successfully jump onto the square building, it's possible to climb along the pillars and bridges until you reach the lower level path. This will take you to the entrance and if you go quickly enough, Cenobia won't be able to find you in time to attack.

If you fell along with the pillar, just get to the ladder leading back to the entrance as quickly as possible! If you're lucky, you'll be able to dash there in time before getting attacked.

Now that you are near the entrance, your goal is to make Cenobia destroy the broken floor you are standing on. You will be able to see two small rocks in front of you; stand on the taller one and shoot arrows at Cenobia to make him run into the ruins.

Again, if you are lucky, you'll be able to escape before the Colossus destroys the broken floor, otherwise, you'll end up right beside him and possibly knocked out! Shoot an arrow at him and then run back to the entrance; if you're close to the wall, you should be safe.

Once Cenobia has destroyed the ruins, the top of his armor will be gone, revealing your goal: his back. You can jump from there or from the ladder, but make sure you land on top of him and hold R2 to hang on! Don't forget to switch back to your sword from your arrows as well.

Finding Weak Spots (Magic Sigils)

Similarly to the 11th Colossus, Cenobia only has one magic sigil, which is on his back. One annoying thing about this monster is that if he runs into the area with the stone bridges, he can shake Wander off by running under them. There's nothing much you can do about this except to hop onto a pillar and jump right back on.

He will still charge into the structures when you stand on them, but this time the move will knock him out for a couple of seconds, giving Wander time to jump on him and land a nice big stab. The rest of the time, Cenobia will flail and run, making it difficult to land any powerful stabs. After several good short ones, this vicious beast will be in the ground!

If You're Playing on Hard Mode

Cenobia will be even more vicious and hit harder in Hard Mode, making it even more difficult for you to take him down. Persevere, knock him out by getting him to charge into pillars, and land some good stabs to take him out for good.

If parts of this battle are still unclear, check out the excellent video guide below.

This lion-like beast is definitely one of the more fear-inducing Colossi of them all, quite a different tone to the comparatively peaceful Phanax you faced previously. With this guide, you'll be showing Cenobia who's boss in no time at all, leaving you free to take on Colossus number 15, Argus.

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