How to Find and Defeat the 4th Colossus in “Shadow of the Colossus”

Updated on December 26, 2018
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Poppy lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Shadow of the Colossus was widely anticipated and when it was finally released in February 2018, fans of the original release were delighted to see this fantastic adventure game upgraded to stunning PlayStation 4 graphics.

The original game was released by Team ICO (who also brought us the games ICO and The Last Guardian) in 2005 on PlayStation 2, and then on PlayStation 3 in 2011. The latest installment has given us smoother gameplay and a stunning HD remaster of the beautiful world and unforgettable original soundtrack.


This article is a guide on how to locate and defeat Colossus number four, nicknamed Phaedra and called "Kirin" by the developers, which is Japanese for "giraffe." The shape of Phaedra happens to be similar to that of a giraffe, with a long neck and slim legs. You do not need Agro for this mission.

“Thy next foe is... In the land of the vast green fields...Rows of guiding graves...It is giant indeed but fearful, it is not.”

Finding Phaedra

To find this Colossus, you must head southeast of the main temple. Gallop towards the two cliffs and make your way in between them. Go down the slope and you'll find yourself in a sort of garden with conspicuous-looking ruins. When you reach the edge of the garden, the Colossus will "wake up" and the battle will begin.


Latching On

You can use Agro or you can run on foot; Phaedra is not a fast Colossus and will not catch up to you. Make Wander run to one of the four holes of the strange, hill-like ruins. Fire some arrows at Phaedra so that he can see you go inside. (A telltale sign that a Colossus is angry is that its eyes go from blue to orange!)

The Colossus can't get you when you're inside the ruins, but he can stomp near the exit which can be a little scary! Run to the bottom of the ruins and round to the other side. It's better for you to skip the first set of stone steps and to the farthest door from which you came.

Head outside but stay close to the door and out of sight of the Colossus, keeping your gaze on it by holding R2. He will be trying to spot you through the hole you climbed through earlier.

After a while, Phaedra will bend down to take a look through the hole (with its back facing the center of the four holes). When this happens, its stone tail is close enough to the ground where you can jump and hold R2 to latch on and climb up onto its back.

*Note: You may need to guide it to the new hole and sneak behind it again. If Phaedra isn't kneeling down to look through the first hole, shoot some arrows at it and guide it to a new doorway, then run to the opposite hole and wait for it to kneel down.

Finding Weak Spots (Magic Sigils)

Once you're safely on Phaedra's back, there is plenty of fur to grab onto if he flails. Keep climbing until you reach the back of the Colossus' neck and use your sword to stab it. You might need to do this twice.

The monster's head will go down, allowing you to jump onto his head. This is the main Colossus' weak spot. Go ahead and stab it, holding on when he tries to shake you off, and in no time at all, you will have defeated him.

If You're Playing on Hard Mode

Phaedra actually has three weak spots if you are playing this game on Hard Mode. The top of his head holds 70% of his health, whereas the bottom left of his neck and the bottom right of his neck also hold magic sigils and account for about 15% of his overall health. It's best to clear the neck before moving on to his head.

If you're still struggling with defeating this giraffe-like Colossus, check out the video guide down below.

This is the first Colossus that requires a small amount of patience, and although it can be scary at times, he's a lot of fun to battle! With this guide, you'll be beating him in no time and be ready to face the fifth Colossus, Avion.

© 2018 Poppy


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