How to Find and Defeat the 9th Colossus in “Shadow of the Colossus”

Updated on December 26, 2018
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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament." She lives in Enoshima and likes to read novels and play video games, especially open-world RPGs.

Shadow of the Colossus by Japanese corporation Team ICO was such a successful and beautiful video game when it was first released on PlayStation 2 that it was subsequently re-released on both PlayStation 3 (2011) and PlayStation 4 (2018). In the first week of its release in February 2018, it sold over 70% more copies than it did in 2005.

The magnificent beasts, enchanting storyline, and unforgettable original soundtrack were all enhanced and remastered on the powerful PlayStation 4 console, and both veteran fans and new players are enjoying taking on the sixteen Colossi as Wander, a man desperate to find any way necessary to bring his dead lover back to life.


This is a guide on how to locate and defeat Colossus number nine, Basaran. This turtle-like Colossus dwells in darkness and can fire deadly projectiles at the player. Agro is needed for this mission.

“Thy next foe is... The land where trees nary grow... It sleeps in a dry lake bed... A rude awakening.”

Finding Basaran

Basaran is located northwest of the Shrine of Worship, so cross the natural bridge on Agro and head for the scary-looking black cloud on the horizon, which you likely have spotted already on previous quests.

There is a shrine on a hill on the way, so be sure to stop off at it to eat the white lizard tail for a permanent boost to Wander's stamina. After that, save at the shrine to mark its location.

You have to venture back down the hill before heading back towards the black cloud. Slow down as you approach it as the path suddenly disappears. There is a bridge on the left-hand side for you to cross.

After that, enter the murk and head straight. If you get lost, your sword can just about point you in the right direction. Head past dead trees and towards a large cave with stalactites. Here you'll see a brief cutscene and the battle will start!


Latching On

First of all, just run! Basaran won't hesitate to fire some nasty projectiles at you. This is where Agro comes in; after all, the powerful horse can run much faster than Wander can on his own.

Lead Basaran towards one of the great geysers, where water will periodically spray out of the ground. You have to get the Colossus to stand on it. The good news is that once he has reached the geyser, Wander can stand underneath him and Basaran will stop shooting at you. However, beware of him stomping (similarly to Colossus number 2, Quadratus); be sure to jump at the right moment to avoid staggering and losing health.

Eventually, when the geyser's water is spraying to hit the bottom of its face, Basaran will start moving his front legs in an unusual way, and his feet will "open" to reveal greenish weak spots. Quickly equip your bow and shoot the bottom of his feet. You have to shoot both feet on either his left or his right side. When done correctly, Basaran will fall onto his side! Be sure not to get caught underneath him when he falls.

Run round to reach his belly, where you'll finally find some fur. Clamber up and try to hit his shell by the time he rolls back onto his feet. This can be tricky as there isn't any fur on his back. Timed properly, you will end up with Wander standing on top of his back by the time Basaran regains his footing.

Finding Weak Spots (Magic Sigils)

There is just one weak spot this time: on Basaran's head! Quickly dash to the front of this Colossus' body before he flails enough to throw him off. Mercifully, there is fur on his head Wander can grab to hold on.

When you get a chance, stab at the magic sigil (make sure you've equipped the sword!) As always, pierce the weak spot until the Colossus is dead.

If You're Playing on Hard Mode

As with the previous few Colossi, there are no extra magic sigils on Basaran's body if you're playing in Hard Mode. However, his head requires a lot more stabbing before his health depletes completely.

If you're still struggling with beating Basaran, there is a helpful video guide below.

Basaran is one of the more frustrating Colossi as there is no cover on the lake bed to hide from his projectile attacks and it can take a lot of time to get him to stand in the proper place above the geyser. When you've beaten Basaran with the help of this guide, though, you'll be ready to challenge the tenth Colossus, Dirge.

© 2018 Poppy


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