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How to Find and Defeat the 7th Colossus in “Shadow of the Colossus”

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When Shadow of the Colossus was first released on PlayStation 2 in 2005, it received an enormous amount of praise for its creativity, original soundtrack, enchanting story, and immersive gameplay. It was re-released in 2011 for PlayStation 3, and finally remastered a second time for the PlayStation 4 in February 2018, much to the delight of fans.

Though the graphics were excellent for the PS2 era back in 2005, the vastly upgraded visuals in the newer version are nothing short of stunning. Veteran players and new fans are enjoying exploring the vast world of the Forbidden Lands and taking on gargantuan monsters, the Colossi.


The seventh Colossus Wander has to face is Hydrus, an eel-like underwater monster with deadly electric antenna-like structures on its body. This is a guide on how to find this beast and slay it. You do not need Agro for this mission.

Finding Hydrus

The seventh Colossus points you northwest, as though you are heading towards Colossus number 3, the Knight. Take the bridge and the road towards the cliff path, but this time, don't go through. Instead, keep the cliffs to your left, galloping parallel to them until it eventually curves to the left.

There is a small shrine here, so be sure to eat the white lizard tail and save to mark the shrine's location.

You'll see some stone steps. Head up them and you'll see a broken archway a little to the right. This is as far as Agro can go, so climb off of her and head through the archway on your own. You'll find a spiral tower, so climb all the way down to the bottom and then get into the water. The battle begins!


Latching On

At first, it may seem impossible to be able to latch onto this enormous creature. Swim to a wide-open part of the lake and just wait. It won't take long for Hydrus to see you and swim up to the surface (a hint he is about to do this is that his eyes turn orange). He won't hurt you at this point, but if his electric antennas break the surface, their shocks can be deadly.

At some point, his fur will be above the water, following the rest of his body. This is your chance to grab onto his fur!

Finding Weak Spots (Magic Sigils)

Just hold on for the first several seconds as Hydrus will swim through the water. However, he will eventually break the surface, giving you a chance to make your way up his body (towards the head) whenever this happens.

Each of the minor magic sigils is just behind his antennae. You have to stab each of them quickly as to avoid getting shocked (they administer electric shocks as they touch the water's surface). It isn't essential to destroy both of them to defeat the Colossus, but it makes sense to destroy them. After that, you can run to Hydrus' head (destroying the antenna nearest to his head is mandatory).

It's impossible to get his health to zero the first time, so as soon as he swims into deep water (the music will change!) let go of R2 and let Wander float back up to the surface. This is an excellent time to get your stamina back while you wait for Hydrus to return.

As before, wait until his fur breaks the surface. If you managed to destroy all three of his antennae, you are now free of the danger of getting electrocuted. Grab onto his fur, run to the top of his body when it's above the water, and stab his head. It's very important you hold on because he'll often try to buck you off. After several nice big stabs, Hydrus will be no more.

If You're Playing on Hard Mode

The weak spots are the same in Hard Mode, they just need more stabbing to be destroyed. You may need to grab onto Hydrus more than twice to defeat him.

If you're still unsure of how to defeat Hydrus, there is a helpful video guide down below.

Hydrus is one of the more peaceful Colossi but his electric antennae are deadly! Defeating him isn't a monumental task but it can take some time. With this handy guide, you'll be one step further to saving Wander's lover and ready to face the eighth Colossus, Kuromori.

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