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How to Find and Defeat the 10th Colossus in “Shadow of the Colossus”

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Poppy is the author of "A Bard's Lament" and the Black Diamond series. She lives in Enoshima, Japan, with her husband and young son.

Fans of the original PlayStation 2 action-adventure video game Shadow of the Colossus, by Japanese developer company Team ICO, were delighted to hear that a remastered edition was being released on the PlayStation 4 come 2018. Thirteen years after the original release, the beautiful new edition sold a whopping 70% more copies in its first week of release than in 2005.

Although it was also re-released on PlayStation 3 in 2011, there is a tremendous difference in gameplay and visuals in the newest edition. Whether players experienced the original version or not, the game is getting excellent reviews and it's obvious that this classic is timeless.

The objective of the game is to locate and defeat sixteen Colossi, enormous monsters that dwell in the Forbidden Lands. This article is a guide on finding and killing the tenth monster, nicknamed Dirge. It was called "Naga" while in development, which is similar to the Japanese word "nagai," meaning "long."

Since Colossus number 10 represents some kind of snake or eel, it's no wonder it won this nickname. Agro is needed for this mission.

Finding Dirge

From the Shrine of Worship, where you will inevitably be after successfully defeating Colossus number nine, Dirge is located west. Cross the natural bridge on Agro and keep heading west.

Unlike some of the other Colossi, Dirge is fairly easy to find as long as you follow the sword light. Don't forget to stop off at the two trees on the way, because they're loaded with fruit that will give Wander a nice permanent boost to his health bar.

In squares C3 (partly in C4) and B4, there are small shrines where you can eat a white lizard tail, giving Wander a permanent increase to his stamina as well. It isn't mandatory to grab them, but doing so will put you in a better position! Next to the latter shrine is an opening to a cave, where your next Colossus awaits.

Staying on top of Agro, head to the middle of the cave. After a short cutscene, the battle with the vicious sand snake, Dirge, will begin!


Latching On

First of all, run! Agro's gallop is just fast enough to escape the jaws of this beast. Dirge is probably one of the top few most frightening Colossi because of his speed, the fact he actually tries to swallow Wander, and that piercing, menacing stare.

Make Agro gallop and turn to face Dirge, equipping your bow and arrows. L2 is very useful here as it turns the camera towards the Colossus' location. When you see Dirge's eyes, shoot an arrow at them! Then you'll want to turn Agro so she is out of the Colossus' way.

If you shot an arrow into his eye, Dirge will end up swimming into the wall, giving you a chance to jump on! Make Agro gallop towards the Colossus' body and grab onto its fur. Don't forget to equip your sword.

Finding Weak Spots (Magic Sigils)

Both of Dirge's magic sigils, or weak spots, are on its back. They're quite large, and you'll see them easily once your sword is equipped. It's unlikely you'll be able to stab both in one go, but be sure to deplete half of Dirge's health by destroying one magic sigil, at least, before he recovers.

You'll have to do the process again: get the Colossus to chase you through the battlefield and successfully pierce one of its eyes with an arrow. When he slams into the wall or a pillar, rush over on Agro and jump on the beast's fur. The second magic sigil is a little farther up (closer to its head) than the other one.

If You're Playing on Hard Mode

Like the previous few Colossi, Dirge still only has two magic sigils when you're playing in Hard Mode. However, a lot more stabbing is required to deplete his health, so you may need to disorientate him more than twice.

If you're still confused as to how to defeat Dirge, check out the handy video guide below.

Dirge is quite a scary Colossus, but with a little practice, he isn't too difficult to take down! The main difficulty is making sure Agro has enough room to run, but as the battlefield is reasonably large, this shouldn't be much of an issue. With this guide, it won't be long before you show that Dirge who's boss.

After taking down this mighty Colossus, you'll be ready to challenge Colossus number eleven, Celosia.

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