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How to Find and Defeat the 3rd Colossus in “Shadow of the Colossus”

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Team ICO finally delivered the promised remake of the much-loved action-adventure video game Shadow of the Colossus in February 2018 on PlayStation 4. Fans have been crazy about this enchanting adventure since its original release on PlayStation 2 in 2005. It was re-released on PlayStation 3 in 2011, and finally again with vastly improved graphics, smoother gameplay, and the same gorgeous original soundtrack and story as before.

Players were so excited about this release that the PlayStation 4 version sold over 70% more copies in its first week of release than the original version 13 years prior. This masterpiece of a game continues to enchant and delight fans today.

Gaius, or "The Knight," is the third of the sixteen Colossi you are required to defeat to complete the game. This tall, humanoid monster wields a large sword and resides on top of an enormous platform. This is a guide on how to find it and defeat it. You do not need Agro for this mission.

Finding Gaius

Gaius is located north of the central temple, where you will find yourself after defeating each of the Colossi in the game. Exit the temple down the stone steps on Agro and head north, using your sword to light the way if needed.

Head to and cross the bridge you ventured along for the previous Colossus. You might be able to see its body on the beach. Cross the bridge as before but take the left path instead of the right.

Optionally, you can head for the tree and the shrine to the west to grab a silver lizard tail and some fruit for nice (respective) stamina and health boosts. If not, keep going north until you reach a path in between two cliffs.

There's no need to gallop through here since there are a few twists and turns; keep Agro at a light trot. Beneath a fallen pillar you'll go until you come to a body of water.

Leave Agro behind and swim across the water towards a stone slope. By holding R2 and moving as normal, Wander will swim underwater at an improved speed. Just be sure to keep an eye on your stamina bar.

Upon reaching the stop of the stone slope, run to the corner and leap across, pressing R2 to hold on. If you are lucky, Wander will grab onto the ledge the first time around. If not, try again; Wander will not get killed or injured from the fall, but it's a little annoying.

To reach the platform, hold X to build up your jump and point the control stick towards the direction of the platform. A big jump and keeping your finger on R2 will ensure Wander grabs hold of the ledge. Now you can make your way to the top of the platform and face Gaius.

Latching On

Gaius is faster than the previous Colossi and quite intimidating with his huge sword! Lead him to the edge of the platform so there is enough space between him and the large, circular stone plate on the battlefield. Stand on it and wait for him to see you.

His eyes will glow orange (a classic sign that the Colossus is angry) and he will raise his sword to hit you. Crouch and roll to dodge the hit at the last moment, while at the same time ensuring he hits the plate with his weapon.

When done correctly, the hit will shatter some of his armor, making it possible for Wander to clamber onto his body. Make him attempt to hit you with his sword again, this time on the grass, not the stone plate. Be sure to jump to dodge the tremor and avoid being knocked out! After that, you can run up the sword and grab onto the fur of his arm.

Finding Weak Spots (Magic Sigils)

On Easy and Medium Modes, Gaius' weak spots are on his head and his stomach. It's recommended you go for his head first.

There is a sizable shelf on his elbow where Wander can rest and regain his stamina. After that, climb up his arm, shoulder, and neck to reach the top of his head. It is essential you have full or nearly full stamina when you reach his head, because Gaius will bend his body down until you're hanging by one hand, risking falling to the ground. Stab at the sigil on his head until it fades away (at about 50% health).

His second magic sigil is on his stomach. climb down his back, being careful not to be thrown from his body. Clutch onto his fur for as long as possible until you reach the shelf-like armor on his belly. Use this to rest, but be ready to grab the fur on his body again in case he tries to throw you off.

Run around the platform at his abdomen until you find the sigil on his stomach. After that, stab until the other half of his health is gone. Success!

If You're Playing on Hard Mode

In Hard Mode, there are three magic sigils instead of two, each worth a third of this Colossus' health. As well as the head and the stomach, you'll find a weak spot on the back of Gaius' left arm. It would be wise to go for this last as you can jump on from the platform around his stomach.

If you are still puzzled on how to defeat the third Colossus, check out the video guide below.

Gaius is one of the most iconic of the Shadow of the Colossus monsters and many players look forward to battling him! With this guide, you will soon have defeated this challenging boss and be ready to take on Colossus number four, Phaedra.

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