How to Get the Radiant Armor Set (Skeleton Armor) in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Updated on November 29, 2017
Radiant Armor
Radiant Armor | Source

Radiant Armor

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there is an armor set that makes you look like a glowing skeleton. The Radiant Armor Set not only looks awesome, but it also functions as a disguise among skeleton enemies and increases your damage to them. Here’s how to get the armor set:

Finding the Radiant Armor

  1. Make your way to Gerudo Town and find The Noble Canteen bar (located through the first alley on your right and up the stairs).
  2. Approach the three Gerudo who are conversing on the couches (Pyra, Sumati, and Yaido). Attempt to speak to them. You will be chastised for attempting to snoop and eavesdrop on their conversation. Then, go outside and up the stairs to the room next door on the other side of their wall. If you approach the window that is located behind the Gerudo gossipers, you will be prompted to “Listen” in on their secret conversation. They will reveal the password to the Gerudo Secret Club as GSC♦ (G, S, C, diamond symbol).
  3. Now, head down the first alley to the left of the main town entrance. You will find a door on your left. Give the correct answers to the password, and you will be granted permission to enter. Here, you will find the Radiant Mask, Radiant Shirt, and Radiant Tights. They all require 800 rupies and 3 luminous stones each to purchase.

Luminous Stone
Luminous Stone | Source

Materials for Purchasing and Upgrading the Radiant Armor Set

An easy way to get extra rupies is to sell gem stones. Sell them to a shop owner, or head to any stable and find Beedle.

If you need gem stones or luminous stone, go hunting in the mountains and use remote bombs to blast the mineral deposits. You can also use a sledgehammer or drillshaft, which is particularly effective and won't blast the stones everywhere. If you go at night, the luminous stones will glow bright green. You can find luminous stones near the Yiga Clan hideout at Sho Dantu and Kuh Takkar shrines (located in the southeast area of the Gerudo Highlands) and near the Great Fairy Fountain to the south of Tabantha Tower (located to the west of Central Hyrule). Cliffs along the beaches tend to be good hunting grounds, as do the cliffs in north Eldin (to the north of Death Mountain).

To upgrade the Radiant Armor, you will need:

  • 5 luminous stones, 3 bokoblin guts – Level 1
  • 5 luminous stones, 3 moblin guts – Level 2
  • 10 luminous stones, 2 molduga guts – Level 3
  • 20 luminous stones, 1 lynel guts – Level 4

For more on obtaining molduga guts, see “How to Defeat a Molduga.”

Looking down to the south of Tabantha Tower, you will see the Great Fairy Fountain.

Great Fairy Fountain from Tabantha Tower
Great Fairy Fountain from Tabantha Tower | Source


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