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How to Level up Fast in "Spider-Man" PS4

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The 2018 Spider-Man videogame that's only available on the PlayStation 4 is a relatively long game. The main story will probably take most players at least 20 hours to finish. But there are many other activities to do in Spider-Man that will help you level up and acquire skill points. You can literally spend hours collecting backpacks and taking photos of the landmarks in the city of Manhattan. The game will progress to day to night, but only when doing certain missions. Simply free roaming as Spider-Man will not progress time in a dynamic way. Completing the entire main story will allow you to change the time of day at research stations, though.

Leveling up gives Spider-Man more health and increased melee damage. You'll get a skill point each time to distribute among a myriad of abilities. There are three skill trees: Innovator, Defender, and Webslinger. You're free to choose where to assign a skill point, but you must distribute the top ones first to unlock abilities further down the skill tree. The skill trees are reminiscent of games like Dead Island, Far Cry 3, and Horizon Zero Dawn.


Acquiring Experience Points (XP)

If you want to level up faster in Spider-Man, equip the suit mod called "Combat Analyzer." The Combat Analyzer gives you more XP for defeating enemies. You'll want to equip this as soon as possible. You must be at least level 5. Keep the suit mod equipped all the time to maximize its effectiveness.

Another way to procure XP is to perform air tricks. There's an early skill called air tricks in the Webslinger skill tree. Spider-Man will be able to perform stylish tricks while webslinging through the city of Manhattan. Press the triangle and O button at the same time, then press the analog in any direction to make Spider-Man do different moves. You can do multiple air tricks while falling. PlayStation 4 has a trophy for consecutive tricks. While you don't get a massive amount of experience points doing tricks, they add up if you're consistent in the long run.

Peter Parker works in a lab with Doctor Otto Octavius. The lab will introduce you to side puzzles. The first few are mandatory, but you'll have access to optional ones that can be completed for XP. If you find the puzzles too difficult, tedious, or boring, then you can actually skip them. You'll still acquire the XP. You must go to the settings to have the option to skip.

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Side Missions and Other Activities in Spider-Man

The obvious way to get more experience points is by completing the main missions, but there many other activities in the city. As you progress through the story a bit, side missions will appear on your map. They are all unique. Spider-Man will get information from a citizen, then embark on a mission. One mission, for example, involves investigating a vigilante who masquerades as the real Spider-Man. Some side missions involve combat. Other missions are investigative and time based.

Random Crime in the City

There's a lot of crime that transpires in the city. Initially, you'll encounter Wilson Fisk's men, but eventually you'll face other groups of thugs. There are different districts in Manhattan. Random events will occur as Spider-Man webswings through Manhattan. Sometimes there are robberies, drug deals on roofs, car crashes, police chases, missing person cases, and other events that you can participate in.

Make sure to fix all of the towers in the city. Fixing the towers will unlock icons on the map so you can set destinations. It will be easier to detect where the crimes are occurring. Additionally, you can press the R3 button to locate random crime events. Listen to the police dispatch and look for the red triangle on the map.

Stopping the crimes and defeating bad guys gives you XP. You'll also acquire tokens that can be used to unlock suits, powers, and mods. If you complete the bonus objectives, you can get more tokens.


Hideouts and Research Labs

Once you progress in the main story a little bit, you'll unlock hideouts and research labs. Wilson Fisk has construction sites with large groups of criminals. The sites can be located on the map or be spotted while webswinging. Spider-Man will have to face enormous waves of criminals in each of the areas. Defeating all enemies will give you experience points and tokens. Eventually, you'll unlock other hideouts that involve the demon organization.

Be prepared when attacking hideouts, as you'll be very outnumbered. Thugs will have shields, guns, and melee weapons. Make use of Spider-Man's suit abilities to gain the upper hand. You can complete hideout missions multiple times, so if you fail, you can try again.

Research Labs are basically miscellaneous side missions. There are a total of 17 in the city. Harry will speak to Peter Park and assign him objectives. Each mission is a bit a different. Many of them involve a problem in the city like polluted chemicals permeating the air, diseased birds, or a leak in water towers. Some of them are time based. Not only will you get XP for finishing them, but you'll get research tokens that are needed for Spider-Man's suit mods.

That concludes many ways to level up in Spider-Man. Leveling up to level 50 will take some time, but Insomniac is probably going to add a new game plus in an update. New game plus will enable you to start a new game that keeps all your skills, suits, mods, and experience points.

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