"Enter the Gungeon" Survival Guide

Updated on April 18, 2020
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"Enter the Gungeon" is a huge favorite of Eric's and he loves to write about the game. He wants to share advice and strategy with others.

"Enter the Gungeon" Is a Hard Game

Enter the Gungeon is not an easy game to beat. You must fight many enemies and difficult bosses.

This article will teach you tips to survive longer and beat the game more often. Use the table of contents to jump to a section you want to read.

"Enter the Gungeon"  Logo.
"Enter the Gungeon" Logo. | Source

Know Your Enemies

Know What Your Enemies Do

One of the first steps to taking less damage is knowing what each enemy does. It is hard to avoid getting shot if you are not sure what is coming.

Every enemy in the game has a pattern of some kind, and it is important to pick what targets are the most important. Some enemies are much more annoying than others.

Decide Who to Fight First

There are many factors to consider when deciding what enemy to go after first. Some enemies shoot bullets at nothing while others try to shoot directly at you.

Usually, the ones that chase you are much more dangerous.. I tend to go after the most aggressive enemies first.

Some Enemies Are Stronger Than Others

Certain enemies make others stronger. You want to defeat them first when possible. Of course, everything is situational. Depending on the layout of the room and where everything is, you may do things differently.

Know the Differences Between the Characters

Each character in Enter the Gungeon is unique and feels different when you play them. It is important to learn these differences and to find the character you like playing the most.

I wrote a detailed guide about Every character in Enter the Gungeon. You can read it here.

Be Defensive

You Need to Survive Many Fights

Remember to be defensive while playing the game. You cannot win the game if you die. You may be thinking that is obvious and that you already know that. But there is more to it than saying it and knowing it.

You need to do things to help in your survival as there are hordes of enemies to battle. It is important to do what you can to avoid damage.

Take Your Time

Take your time when fighting enemies as there is no time limit when clearing rooms. I try to take on enemies one at a time. Always have an area to fall back to or use as cover. Also, remember to use blanks.

Use Blanks and Tables

Use blanks when enemies surround or corner you. Don't forget to flip tables and use them as cover. You can also roll over flipped tables if they get in the way.

Know Your Health Pickups

About Heart Containers

There are two types of heart containers in the game. There are half and full heart containers. These heart containers are bullet shells, and a full heart is two shells. Using heart containers is the main way you will heal yourself in Enter the Gungeon.

How to Get Extra Heart Containers

You will find passive items that give your extra heart containers. You can also buy some of these items.

If you kill a standard floor boss without getting hit, you will earn a Master Round. These rounds give you one heart container.

Save Extra Heart Containers for Later

When you have full health, pick up extra heart containers you find. There is a machine that stores these extra heart containers. Don't forget to get these extra hearts if you need them.

You can only store heart containers for the current level you are in. You can see how many heart containers you currently collected on the map screen. There will be a tiny icon near the bottom, showing you.

About Armor

In addition to heart containers, you can also find the armor. Armor looks like tiny shields.

The game adds armor on to the end of your current heart containers when you pick it up. When you take damage, you lose one armor and also trigger a blank effect.

Having a lot of armor is just as useful as health, and you will want to get as many as you can.

I can save this heart container for later.
I can save this heart container for later. | Source
This machine saves your extra heart containers for you.
This machine saves your extra heart containers for you. | Source

Be Careful of How Much Curse You Gain

Curse is an invisible stat you gain from certain items and game events. Curse changes the game in many ways. Curse becomes more noticeable when you have a lot of it.

I wrote a very detailed guide about curse in Enter the Gungeon. You can read it here.

Advice on Buying Items

Having Extra Heart Containers Is Huge

I always buy certain items when I see them in stores. For example, the game has various heart containers that increase your life points by one. Having extra life points is huge, and I focus on buying these.

Stock up on Items Before Boss Fights

Before bosses, I sometimes spend my currency on blanks, health, and armor. It depends on the floor and how much currency I currently have. For the later floors, I do this most of the time. Especially the floor four bosses.

One of the extra stores in the game.
One of the extra stores in the game. | Source

Information About Stores and NPCs

There Are Multiple NPCs That Sell Items in the Game

There other stores in the game other than the standard store. You will need to find and save these NPCs first before you can buy things from them.

  • Two stores allow you to buy specific items with your currency.
  • Cursula sells you very cheap items, but she also curses you in the process. Be careful!
  • There is also one NPC that sells you items when you give them keys.

You Can Sell Items (Sometimes)

Sometimes on floors and in stores there will be a NPC you can sell items to. This NPC is the Sell Creep.

You can sell items by dropping them on the grate near it. This is a great way of getting rid of guns you don't want. You can also sell junk for a tiny bit of currency.

You Can Steal Items

If you feel like being naughty you can steal items in the game. There are multiple ways to do this. This often involves using items that turn you invisible or grab things very fast.

Stealing items gives your curse. Also if you get caught stealing an item that NPC will never sell you items again. So until the next run!

I often will never steal from the main store until the fourth floor. This is because after this floor there are no more standard stores. So if you steal something here and he leaves it does not matter anymore.

Information About Items

A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush

“A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” is an old proverb. It means it is better to appreciate and use what you have currently have. Instead of waiting for better things in the future.

Do not be afraid to buy cheap items that help you a lot early on in runs. You need to beat the early levels to survive to the harder ones.

Passive items are the best

Passive items are some of the best items you can get in the game. With enough passive item boosts, your character will be strong even with weak guns. I buy items that boost my character passively whenever I can.

Use Active Items Often

Use active items often. These items are no good if you never use them!

I used to think it would best save these items for "the right moment". I learned after hours of playing the game, the best time to use these items is right away. This allows you to use them the most often.

If you start as the pilot or find certain passive items, you can hold two active items. If you have two active items, don't forget to switch between them.

Learn About Items Using the Wiki

There are a lot of synergies between items. To get these helpful benefits, it is important to find many items. The Gamepedia wiki is a great place to learn about items and guns.

Advice on Using Chests

Open Chests Often

I open chests every chance I can. I know some people avoid opening brown chests and wait to find rarer ones. I sometimes do this later in a run, but early on, I open whatever I can get. Some of the less rare items and guns are still helpful.

Don't Be so Quick to Destroy Chests

Before destroying a chest, wait and see if you find a key on the floor. Killing bosses is a way to find keys. You can buy keys from the store as well.

Use the Lockpick

Don't forget about using the lockpick when you play as the pilot or find the item after unlocking it. If the lockpick fails to open a chest, it destroys the lock, and the chest is now permanently stuck closed.

If There are No Keys Destroy the Chest

Destroying chests sometimes is the best option. You will most likely get junk when destroying chests. Sometimes you get lucky and get a gun or an item when you destroy a chest.

Stand Back Before Shooting a Chest

If you do decide to destroy a chest, make sure you do not stand too close. Chests sometimes explode when destroyed.

Some Chests Have Fuses

If a chest has a fuse, it will explode when the fuse runs out. You can put the fuse out if you have some method of getting liquid on it.

The different chests you can find in the game.
The different chests you can find in the game. | Source
A blue chest.
A blue chest. | Source

Be Careful of Mimics

What Are Mimics?

Mimics are a common enemy in fantasy games. They often are creatures that pretend to be treasure that then attacks the players.

Enter the Gungeon has multiple times of Mimics, and they all very annoying. I am going to explain how to deal with them all.

About Chest Mimics

Before approaching a chest, look at it for a few seconds. If the chest moves, it is a mimic. The main way to detect a mimic is to notice the mouth move as it breathes. I mostly shoot the chests to be sure.

Better quality chests are stronger mimics.

Killing a Mimic gets you an item just like you opened a chest.

Boss Pedestal Mimics

Boss loot pedestals can also be mimics! These ones are partially steaky as this is often when I forget to check for them.

The main way to tell is to shoot the pedestal. Mimic pedestals have a different pattern and are a different size than normal.

Wall Mimics

Rarely a piece of the wall will be a mimic. It will detach and start to shoot and attack you. These mimics are hard to detect because of how random they are.

Mimic Gun

I have not seen this myself before, but there is a Mimic gun. Sometimes when picking up guns, they will turn into this gun.

The Mimic gun is an annoyance because you can't drop it until you do enough damage. At that point, you get the original gun you picked up back.

The Door Lord

The Door Lord is the most annoying Mimic of them all. The Door Lord is a very rare boss that can replace any Floor two, three, or four bosses.

There is about a 1.3% chance of this boss appearing. So don't feel too bad if you die the first time you see it. I did because the fight is hard.

Mimic Tooth Necklace

If you have the Mimic Tooth Necklace, every chest and item pedestal will be a Mimic. This can be a good or bad thing. It is good because you never need to use a key to get chest items ever again. It is bad because now you need to fight every chest.

Ring of Mimic Friendship

If you have the Ring of Mimic Friendship, there will be no mimics in a run at all.

What If You Have Both the Mimic Tooth Necklace and Ring of Mimic Friendship?

If you have both items then every chest will be unlocked and nothing will be a Mimic.

A mimic in Enter the Gungeon.
A mimic in Enter the Gungeon. | Source

Information About Guns

Keep on Using Good Guns When You Can

A good strategy is to keep using a gun if you like it. Don't worry about reloading and using every gun you find. Sometimes I can clear the second and third floor using one decent gun. Remember to use any ammo you find right away. The Resource Rat always steals ammo if you leave it alone for too long.

Two Ammo Crates

There are two types of ammo pickups in Enter the Gungeon. Red and Green. Red containers refill all your gun’s ammo a little. Green containers completely refill the current gun you are holding.

A green ammo container.
A green ammo container. | Source
A red ammo container.
A red ammo container. | Source

Never Leave Ammo or Guns Behind!

If you leave a drop in a room almost 100% of the time the Resource Rat will steal it from you.

You should always pick up ammo even if your gun is mostly still loaded. Always grab a gun. Even if you don't like it you might get a chance to sell it.


About the Pots and Items in the Game

These items will never have any drops for you. An NPC in the game even tells you and I thought that was funny.

Also rarely when something breaks pots, you will be attacked by a gun fairy. This is so rare I have a mild panic attack when it happens. Especially during boss fights.

© 2017 Eric Farmer


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      20 months ago

      Nice article, and I want an Article to Survive in LostX Dungeon, a game on mobile, a bit like enter the gungeon, but more difficult


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