How to Survive Longer in Enter the Gungeon

Updated on December 15, 2017
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Enter the Gungeon is a huge favorite of Eric's and he loves to write about the game. He wants to share advice and strategy with others.

Enter the Gungeon is not an easy game to beat. You have to fight many enemies and difficult bosses. This article will teach you tips to survive longer and beat the game more often.

Know Your Enemies

One of the first steps to taking less damage is knowing what each enemy does. It is hard to avoid getting shot If you are not sure what is coming. Every enemy in the game has a pattern of some kind. It is important to pick what targets are the most important. Some enemies are much more annoying than others.

There are many factors to consider when deciding what enemy to go after first. Some enemies shoot bullets at nothing in particular. Others try to shoot directly at you. Usually, the ones that chase you are much more dangerous. I tend to go after the most aggressive enemies first.

There are certain enemies that make others stronger. Going after these ones first is a good idea when possible. Of course, everything is situational. Depending on the layout of the room and where everything is you may do things differently.

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Be Defensive

The next important thing to remember to be defensive. You can not win the game if you die. You may be thinking that is obvious. But there is more to it than saying it and knowing it. You need to do things to help in your survival. There are hordes of enemies to battle. It is important to do what you can to avoid damage.

Take your time when fighting enemies. There is no time limit when clearing rooms. I try to take on enemies one at a time. Always have an area to fall back to or use as cover. Also, remember to use blanks. Use blanks when you are surrounded or get cornered. Don't forget to flip tables and use them as cover.

Advice on Buying Items

I always buy certain items when I see them in stores. For example, the game has various heart containers. Heart containers increase your life points by one. Having extra life points is huge, and I focus on buying these. Before bosses, I sometimes spend my currency on blanks, health, and armor. It depends on the floor and how much currency I currently have. For the later floors, I do this most of the time. Especially the floor four bosses.

Use active items often. If you start as the pilot or find certain passive items, you can hold two active items. If you have two active items, don't forget to switch between them.

Advice on Using Chests

I open chests every chance I can. I know some people avoid opening the normal chests and wait to find rarer ones. I sometimes do this later on in a run, but early on I open whatever I can get. Some of the less rare items and guns are still helpful. Getting what I can in the present beats waiting for good things in the future. I tend to try to get as many items with passive benefits as I can. The bonuses stack and become helpful the more you have.

Before destroying a chest wait and see if you find a key on the floor. Killing bosses is a way to find keys. You can buy keys from the store as well. Don't forget about using the lockpick when you play as the pilot. If the lockpick fails to open a chest, it destroys the lock, and the chest is now permanently stuck closed.

Destroying chests sometimes is the best option. You will most likely get junk when destroying chests. Sometimes you get lucky and get a gun or an item when you destroy a chest. If you do decide to destroy a chest make sure you do not stand too close. Chests sometimes explode when destroyed. If a chest has a fuse, it will explode when the fuse runs out.

Before approaching a chest look at it for a few seconds. If the chest moves it is a mimic. Mimics can catch players off-guard. Killing mimics gets you an item just like you opened a chest.

The different chests you can find in the game.
The different chests you can find in the game. | Source

Know Your Guns

It is also important to have an idea of what each gun does. Certain guns are useful for different things. Some guns are great at clearing rooms but not so good at fighting bosses. Sometimes getting enough ammo for your guns is hard. A good strategy is to keep using a gun if you like it. Don't worry about reloading and using every gun you find. Sometimes I can clear the second and third floor using one decent gun. Remember to use any ammo you find right away. The Resource Rat always steals ammo if you leave it alone for too long.


Understanding how the characters are different from each will help you survive longer. Each Character has unique starting items and guns.

Overview of Character Strategy

The Pilot
Find a gun to use instead of the starter pistol.
Open as many chests as possible.
Spend in-game currency on small things you need.
The Marine
Find a gun you want to use most of the time.
Prioritize using ammo crates on that gun.
Take advantage of the supply drop to keep using your favorite gun.
Find an active item to use after supply drop is gone.
The Convict
Shoot the budget revolver fast and spam shots at enemies.
If you take damage keep on shooting and hope the extra damage buff helps.
Find an item to replace her Molotov cocktail.
The Hunter
Take advantage of her decent starting pistol.
Use the crossbow early on.
Use the extra items her dog finds for you.
Be alert when the dog finds mimics.

How to Play the Pilot

The Pilot is the jack of all trades character. He starts with decent items and has room to hold two active items. Having two active items helps in the later game. The Pilot buys cheaper items in stores. You can buy more ammo, armor, and blanks. The one negative of this character is that his starting laser is pretty unimpressive. The laser is very inaccurate.

The Pilot starts with a lockpick. The lockpick has a chance to unlock chests and certain doors. The more items you get, the better chances of improving your characters stats. Drop the lockpick if you find a better active item. You do not need the lockpick as much when you get to the final levels of the game.

How to Play the Marine

The Marine is an offensive based character. He has a good starting gun, and the extra ammo allows you take advantage of decent guns you find. The Marine has a starting item that improves his accuracy with all guns. The Marine is an average character with any real weakness.

The supply drop allows you get one free ammo crate whenever you want. Extra ammo is very helpful early game. If I find a gun I like a lot, I will get the free ammo crate to keep on using it. Using a decent gun makes the first few floors much easier. My strategy is to save the supply drop until I need it or I find another active item.

The Marine starts with one piece of armor each floor. Chances are I am going to get shot or hit at least once on a floor. So this helps there. Another plus of the Marine is that his starting pistol also is decent. It can hold its own for the first few floors If you are very unlucky and do not find any guns or run out of ammo.

How to Play the Convict

The Convict is an interesting character. She starts with some offensive based items, and she has an item that increases your damage when you get hurt. With the Enraging Photo, every time you get hurt your damage goes up for a slight period of time. The damage boost is useful in challenging rooms and boss fights. The Enraging Photo works great with other similar items.

She starts with a Molotov cocktail. The Molotov cocktail is a useful active item in the early levels. I use it to clear bigger rooms. The Molotov cocktail is helpful on some bosses, but it depends. Some bosses are resistant to fire. The Molotov cocktail a nice item but I do tend to replace it often.

She starts with a sawed-off shotgun. This gun is useful early on. It is nice to have an alternative gun to switch to. You need to get very close to enemies to do the most damage. The gun often misses past this range. I tend to either sell this gun or toss it in a Muncher. It is not as good on the later floors.

The biggest negative with her is that her starting pistol is not too great. It has a nice rate of fire and a fast reload time. But it is inaccurate and does weak damage. I tend to rely on the sawed-off shotgun more on the early floors.

How to Play the Hunter

The Hunter is a nice all around character with little weakness. She does not start with an active item. If you want an active item, you will have to find one. Her starting pistol is one of my favorites. It is very good on early floors.

She has a dog that finds extra items after clearing rooms. The dog will bark at chests that are mimics. Mimics can catch new players off-guard. So always knowing when a chest is a Mimic helps a lot.

She starts with a crossbow. The crossbow does decent damage, and it is very useful for early levels. The crossbow is useful for early boss fights. Depending on what guns I find on a run, I may even continue to use the crossbow on later floors.

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Remember to Focus on Survival

Lastly, I want to restate again that this is a game of survival. You need to do everything possible to make this easier. Keep practicing floors and learning what enemies do. Learn to play the characters. You will eventually beat the game.

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