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"Icarus" Beer and Wine Guide

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Bottled Drinks in Icarus

While you're hunting for raw meat and cooking it over a campfire just minutes into Icarus, eventually you may reach such a civilized point that you'll be using your own kitchen to make jam or even beer! These higher tier foods come with better buffs than simple meat or foraged berries. However, they also come with more complexity. These foods are difficult to reach and potentially expensive to create.

Unlocking Beer and Wine

Beer and wine can be found in the tier three section of the tech tree after unlocking the kitchen bench. They provide the same buff just with different ingredients, so it may be wise to only unlock one of them as they cannot stack. Also take note that the kitchen bench requires:

  • Refined wood
  • Copper nail
  • Epoxy
  • Iron ingots

While you'll certainly need most of those ingredients somewhere for nearly any endeavor, the refined wood comes from the tier two carpentry bench. The kitchen bench does also have a few additional default items to craft such as pickled carrots or pastries, so even if the beer buff doesn't interest you, the others can also be good.

Finding the Ingredients

After doing all the steps necessary to unlock and craft beer and wine, you'll need need to gather the necessary ingredients. This is notably more easy than reaching this stage, so don't worry.

  • Beer requires wheat, yeast, and a beer bottle
  • Wine requires wild berries, reed flower, and a wine bottle

Wheat, yeast, wild berries, and reed flowers can all be found in the forest. Wild berries are very common, but the other ingredients are a bit more uncommon. Yeast and wheat can be found randomly around the forest just simply not as common. Reed flowers appear to grow near water. Also, I highly recommend using a sickle to harvest, especially for wheat. Beyond beer, you can also make bread with it, so it's quite valuable. You will harvest significantly more if you use a sickle when doing so.

Getting the bottles is a bit trickier as you'll need a to unlock the glassworking bench and both bottles from the tech tree. You'll then need to craft the glassworking bench at the machining bench and gather glass to craft the bottles. Glass is made by placing silica ore in a concrete furnace or higher. Fortunately, silica ore can be found scattered around the map fairly commonly, unlike many other ores.

When you have the bottles and other ingredients, simply craft up your beer and/or wine and there you go! Do take note that while berry jam takes a jar and is re-usable, the beer and wine bottles are single use, so you'll need to craft new ones when you are done. Fortunately these bottles do not require iron like the jar does.

The Beef Buff

After you consume your beer or wine, you'll be granted the beer buff. This is of course assuming you haven't filled all three spaces in your stomach with other food. The beer buff is a significant buff to your stamina, granting:

  • +100% stamina regeneration
  • +125 maximum stamina
  • Lasts for 900 seconds or 15 minutes

This makes it great for farming or mining efforts, but a little less great for adventuring the wilderness where you may run into dangerous wild animals unless you're simply traversing the map in a safer area like the forest. In fact this is a wonderful buff for transferring resources from a smaller outpost base back to a main base.

Final Thoughts

I'm personally fairly pleased with the amount of food content in the game and find it amusing beer and wine is a choice. Food items are a major source of strength in your ability to progress so the fact there is a diversity of food items ranging in difficulty to achieve and craft adds a layer to the game I find enjoyable. That being said I do wish there were a bit more to work with in some cases as the kitchen bench doesn't really have as many options as I would find exciting. In particular there is a lack of health oriented food items. Regardless, happy to work with what's there, and look forward to it expanding in the future.