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"Icarus" Snow Biome Guide

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Entering the Snow Biome

Unsurprisingly, the snow biome is cold and dangerous. You can't simply stroll into it. You'll immediately begin to receive various debuffs for being cold, become frostbitten, or begin taking consistent damage if you get cold enough. You'll need warmer gear than just your standard envirosuit. Fur gear is a good option, offering a decent bit of cold resistance and protection that will be useful for the fights you'll face. Even that won't prevent you from getting cold during the night, but it will allow you to enter the snow biome to get at what it has to offer.

Food, Water, & Oxygen

The snow biome is quite barren, featuring no natural plants to use as food, and no liquid water. It's wise to bring food in with you, being mindful to bring multiple types to stack buffs. Otherwise you'll need to hunt animals and cook meat for food. However, it is wiser to bring the materials to make a fire in with you as wood is quite scarce.

Water is also a challenge due to the lack of running water in the biome. Similar to food, it's wise to bring your own water in with you. Another option could be a large amount of berries as they offer a decent amount of hydration. Alternatively, you can find ice all over the ground. If you put it in a campfire along with a storage container for water, you will melt the ice into drinkable water.

Oxygen may also be an issue for you if you don't bring any in. While you can still find oxite, it is less common. This may be less of an issue if you are just venturing around the snow, but attempting to live in the area would be much more challenging.

Generally speaking, the primary survival resources are more difficult to come by. It's wise to ensure you have ample supplies or may want to consider setting up a supply building just outside the snow where you enter to gather and store the necessary materials to survive.

You can find ice on the ground all over the place

You can find ice on the ground all over the place

Put ice with a water storage container in a fire to melt it and full up your container

Put ice with a water storage container in a fire to melt it and full up your container

Dealing With the Cold

Depending on how cold you get, you will receive various debuffs including:

  • Cold (-25% maximum stamina & stamina regeneration, +20% food consumption, -10% water consumption)
  • Frosty, which lasts for a brief period of time if you get too cold, and can lead to you getting frostbitten. (-15% movement speed, -10% stamina regeneration)
  • Frostbite, which can only be healed with a heat bandage (+50% food consumption, -50% movement speed, -25% maximum stamina)

Beyond this, you will actually start taking damage if you get too cold. You need to enter the snow biome with additional cold resistance. As mentioned above, the fur gear is a good option totaling 23% cold resistance. It prevents you from getting cold during the day, but it won't protect you from cold during storms or at night.

I recommend additional steps beyond just warm gear. Take a handful of heat bandages as well as some pre-crafted campfires with a bit of extra wood. That way you can heal off any frostbite. You will also have the resources to stop in a cave to warm up with a fire, and can melt some ice for extra water.


Dangerous Animals

The snow features a handful of dangerous animals and clearly represents a major threat to step into.

  • Snow wolves are very common, and they can come in fairly large groups.
  • Polar bears become more common as you get deeper into the biome, and they are more dangerous than regular bears.
  • Mammoths are the apex predator of the biome, and they are incredibly dangerous and have a lot of health. They are ideally fought with groups of players.

Every animal you encounter in the snow is a threat, no more fleeing dear or raccoons. You have to be on guard the entire time as animals can be just below snow bluffs or they may even spawn dangerously close to you.

Final Thoughts

A dangerous and somewhat barren area, the snow biome can be a fun but anxious adventure. Caves are found more easily due to the better visibility, though it's not necessarily easier to farm ore in the snow than other areas as it seems there aren't necessarily more caves or more nodes in them. Overall the reasons to go into the snow are currently fairly limited apart from a few things you can get from the animals there you cannot get elsewhere.