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"Icarus" Storms Guide

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Storms in Icarus

Storms are a major threat in the world of Icarus. They occur randomly throughout your experience and with fairly short warning. If you don't find shelter in time, you risk being hurt or killed by storm exposure. Even if you find shelter, it can still be destroyed by storms if you don't have the right materials. However, they are survivable and fairly easy to deal with when you understand how they work and what is necessary to manage them.

Storm Exposure

In every type of storm you will begin accumulating storm exposure if you are not sheltered from it. This storm exposure goes through various stages as it fills up, inflicting a negative debuff on you as it fills.

Light Exposure

Just briefly being in the storm will trigger a light exposure, inflicting -20% movement speed to your character. This isn't threatening, just mildly inconvenient.

Medium Exposure

Staying out in the storm a bit longer will lead to you experiencing the medium exposure debuff. This is where things start to get serious. You will face -40% movement speed and -10% experience gained. At this point, you need to be near shelter as you don't have much time before heavy exposure and you're already moving very slowly.

Heavy Exposure

At this point you are in trouble and better be looking at shelter. The heavy exposure debuff inflicts -60% movement speed, -25% experience gained, and deals consistent damage to you over time. Many early storms may not last long enough to fully kill you, but even if it doesn't, you may be a simple fall or wolf attack away from death. You must avoid heavy exposure.

Heavy Exposure Screenshot


Storm Types You Will Experience

While all storms feature a storm exposure risk, they do otherwise have different threats that come with it. They will often damage your buildings and any unsheltered deployables such as boxes. Some storms you may face include:

  • Light rain
  • Medium rain
  • Winds
  • Severe wind
  • Medium sand
  • Flash storm
  • Arctic Winds

Any storm poses significant risk to a thatch structure. Wood structures are more durable but still take damage and need to be repaired during a storm. Though more durable, they are still flammable though, so a flash storm that brings lightning is very scary and you need to have a fire whacker on hand. Stone structures start to resist storms, being inflammable and resistant to damage from rain and wind. Currently the game has not released any storm types that are threatening to stone and higher tier materials such as concrete.

Additionally it's important to note that storms occur across the whole map at the same time. The type may vary, for example you may be in a medium rain storm and then traverse into the desert biome and it will be a sand storm there. This is important because any base on the map that can take storm damage will during this time. That means you cannot leave lower tier bases hanging around that could be destroyed by storms as they won't last long without you repairing them. You'll need to use caves or stone structures if you want to set up operating bases around the map.

Ensuring Safety from the Storm

In order to avoid storm exposure and having your stuff destroyed, you will need to surround yourself with shelter. The sheltered area doesn't have to entirely be enclosed by walls and a roof, for example you don't need to have a door for parts of your base to be sheltered. However, near the door won't be sheltered and animals can come in and attack so of course you should complete your shelter.

Additionally, caves do count as shelter and can make decent bases. For more info you can check out my full guide. While the cave debuff reduces your stamina and you can get pneumonia, you will at least be out of a storm. Caves are often a good means of shelter when you are out exploring when a storm hits.

Final Thoughts

Though tedious and restrictive when it comes to exploration, the storms do represent a real threat that must be dealt with that offers a unique challenge in the game in a way that animals or other types of PvE cannot. It's not much more than a nuisance while you are focusing on building up in one area, but presents significant challenges as you plan to expand outward. You'll need to be mindful of places to take shelter, particularly caves, and may even consider small stone resupply bases to minimize the need for long trips back and forth while exploring or mining ore.