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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Auburn Bay Bridge Collectibles

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LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

They typically serve as means of conveyance and not much else, but the bridges in LEGO City have their share of treasures. The Auburn Bay Bridge is no exception. This article will cover the many and sundry riches of the bridge, assuming that the player has all of the outfits by this point in the game.

  • The Auburn Bay Bridge shares a few secrets with Auburn itself. This article covers those discoveries that count as belonging to Auburn.
  • The first metal support on the right side of the bridge has a wall you can climb if you look on the outside catwalk. If you follow the same path all the way to the top (it will toss you back and forth from one support to another), you'll find the DaMumbo collectible atop one support and a Free Run medallion atop the other. Complete the Free Run for the Fitness Instructor collectible and a Gold Brick. There's also a flag that will count towards Districts Conquered up here. Have your Jet Pack ready when making the climb - there's one spot where you have to cling to the underside of the catwalk, and the chances of falling due to bad camera angles is extremely high. If you do fall, you'll have just a few seconds to jet up to the platform before it's too late.
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  • You can drop from the middle of the second bar from the top to find a Super Brick.
  • If you check the zipline across the road at the bottom of the support you'll find a Red Brick. Get all the way across to find a Super Brick.
  • There are gaps in the bridge that lead to the railways underneath. At first glance these are empty and useless. Check the left side of the track from the Auburn border, however, and you'll find a series of platforms attached to the outside of the support. Climb the pole here to get back to the road. Descend the bricks and you'll wind up at the base of the support. Climb the bricks and you'll find a distinctly Nintendo-ish block down here, one of five.
  • Drop to the concrete base and you'll find a Boulder. Bashing it will also get you a Gold Brick.
  • Most of the Fort Meadows side of the Auburn Bay Bridge is devoid of items. Drop down to the concrete base, however, and you'll find a Super Brick sitting between the two supports.
  • Despite technically being in Fort Meadows, there's a Time Trial on the far end of the bridge that belongs to the Auburn Bay Bridge area. It's a surprisingly tricky one, as it forces you to double back several times on train tracks that are already difficult to navigate in a car. Be ready to make quick turns and watch out for trains. Completing this Time Trial will earn you the Wrath collectible and a Gold Brick.

All done! That wasn't so painful as many of the other areas, now was it?

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