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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Auburn Collectibles

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

"LEGO City Undercover" copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

"LEGO City Undercover" copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

All good stories have to start somewhere, and for Chase McCain, it's in Auburn. This small section of LEGO City is deceptive, as there's a ton to find and do, much more than the time spent here would suggest. This article will help you track down the many sights of Auburn, using all the powers accumulated by the end of the game (including the Rex Fury costume, of course).



  • On the pier where Chase started his journey is a Vehicle Time Trial on a boat. Completing this Time Trial will earn you the Brawn collectible and a Gold Brick. (You may also wind up collecting several of the Super Bricks on the mooring posts sticking out of the water along the beach.)
  • On the next pier over is a crane you can climb. At the very top is a Docks Crane Driver collectible.
  • Across from this section of the pier is a container. Inside the container is a Red Color Swapper. Run further down the pier, away from the bridge in the distance, to find two more containers you can bust open. One has a dynamite vending machine, the other a Super Brick.
  • Between this dock and the dock where you chased the clowns is a shiny anchor. Blow it up with dynamite to get a Super Brick.
  • Beside the anchor is a Super Build point for a Call-in Point. 8,000 bricks for a Gold Brick and the Dragger collectible.
  • A short distance from the clown dock is a maze of cargo containers. Hit the timer just in the entrance to set off a line of studs winding around the maze. Get them all in the time limit to acquire the Tow Truck Driver collectible.
  • A quick jaunt towards the pier from here is a cage you can unlock to get the Clown Robber Max outfit.
  • Behind the building you had to access to open up the pier is a Super Brick on a rock. Jet over to it.
  • At the end of the pier is a Super Brick on a container.
  • Climb to the top of the ship where you chased the clown to find the Sarah Horner collectible.
  • Past the maze and far to the left you'll wind up under a bridge. There's a Super Brick atop a container here.
  • Climb up onto the tunnel under the bridge. (Don't bother trying to get in—despite how it looks, this thing is forever closed.) You'll find boulders on the grass up here. Bash through them to find a Boulder, which will add to your count and get you a Gold Brick in the process. You can also check the side of the tunnel for a door to bash open. Inside is a Super Brick.


  • Way back on the other side of the port is a stretch of beach leading towards Cherry Tree Hills. There are several Super Bricks on the mooring posts out here. Shortly before you reach the beach you'll see several skids of bananas on the concrete; shoot the three that are silver with a Yellow Color Gun to get the Samson Crow collectible.
  • If you use your Red Color Gun on the five buoys floating in the water by these mooring posts (one of them is back at the piers) you'll reveal the Hot Tub McCreedy collectible.
  • There's a Super Brick atop a small boardwalk along here.
  • There's a flaming BBQ along here. Put it out to add to your BBQ Fires Extinguished count and earn a Gold Brick.
  • There are several boxes littering the beach. Bust up and reassemble four of them to earn the Garage Worker collectible.

Seaside Street

This section deals with the first street up from the beach and the piers.

  • There's a Disguise Booth to assemble at the first major intersection. Doing so will unlock the Dock Worker collectible and earn you a Gold Brick.
  • Beside Professor Kowalski's building is a Stunt Ramp Super Build. Constructing it will earn you the Race Car Driver collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Behind Kowalski's lab is a crate you can pry open to find a Blue Color Swapper. You can use it to get to the Super Brick on the roof (or just fly up). Drop off of the roof and you'll find a door you can pry open for another Super Brick.
  • Beside Kowalski's lab is a small factory. At the rear are five boxes of cherries, one of which is silver. Colour it red to get one of three. If you don't have a Red Color Gun, get one from the Red Color Swapper inside the nearby garage, which you'll have to break into.
  • Break into the door on the opposite side of the factory to find a way up to the roof. There's a Super Brick on one side, a Jet Pack point that will lead you to a bunch of studs, and a Scan Point that will take you to a valve. Use the valve to access a building across the street. (For organization's sake we'll come back to it later.)
  • You can get at the next building over through a blocked door on the ground level. On the roof, you'll find a Helipad Super Build that will fetch you the Hera collectible and a Gold Brick. Also here is a space crate that will beam in parts for a catapult that will get you onto a nearby water tower. Use the Scan Point up here to ID a Vehicle Robber in the factory you just explored. Chase him down for the Sphinx collectible and a Gold Brick. (And, uh, make your way back to Auburn. You're probably quite a distance away by now.)
  • At the rear of the building is a Super Brick in a locked room.
  • Blow open the gate to access (or find a way to jet into) the next building, across the street. By the front door is a fuse box that will open the nearby garage and net you a Super Brick. Use the roof of this building to get to the next one over.
  • Check the right side of this multi-storey building to find the Deborah Graham collectible behind a gas tank. Break into the door here to open up the garage. Extinguish the fires inside and use the jump points here and beyond to find an Auburn Chimney Super Build near the top. Float up to the top of the Chimney for the Hazmat Guy collectible. Building it will get you a Gold Brick. Further up is a door containing a Super Brick, and if you get up to the top of the building you'll find a Chicken Glide point to the next warehouse over. Slide along it to find a Free Run icon and a pig you can ride to a nearby Pig Cannon. Completing both will net you Gold Bricks, and the Free Run will net you a Docks Foreman collectible to boot.
  • Return to the warehouse you just ran across and check the rear of it for flowers to water. Another Gold Brick! Also back here is another box of cherries to turn red.
  • Climb beneath the platform where you found the pig to get the Louie Mitchell collectible.


You've already seen a lot of 'em, and you're about to see a few more. This section deals with the next line of buildings up, starting with the base of the bridge.

  • There's a Metro Station built into the base of the bridge. Immediately inside you'll find the path heading in two directions, and straight ahead is a dynamite vending machine and an ATM Machine that will give you a Gold Brick for breaking it up as a Robber. Bust up the green boxes here to activate the Train Station for this area and get a Gold Brick.
  • Just up from the Metro Station is a small home. On its roof is a Super Brick which you can get via a zipline from the adjacent roadway. At its base is a block only Rex Furzy can bust open. Behind it is a Vehicle Robbery Challenge that will net you Rex's Riot and a Gold Brick for successful completion.
  • Down this street, past a red brick warehouse of little description or use, are two big chemical vats. There's a Super Brick hidden between them.
  • Beside the vats is a blue building. Climb up on it to find three Super Bricks, one on a lower level and two on one higher. You can jet up to a higher platform attached to this roof and make your way to a Jet Pack spot that will lead you to another Super Brick. Jump to the lower vat from this platform to find another Super Brick, and jet up to the higher vat for the Henrik Kowalski collectible.
  • Return to the platform and head to the roof to the south. At the bottom of the slope is a pool you can fill. Drop to the ground to the left of the roof to find the last box of cherries. This will make the Violet de Burgh collectible appear by the docks.
  • Get onto the building next to this (there's an easy-to-spot path if you check the front of the building facing the water) to find a Super Brick in a boarded door. Further left is a coffee break spot that will earn you a Gold Brick, and even further left is a teleporter that will zip you up to a Scan Point. Focus on the right-most audio source to spark a gang gathering on the beach. Rush over and beat up the thugs to get a Gold Brick and a bump to your Gangs Arrested count. Return to the coffee break spot and climb your way to the top of the twin cement steam towers; the steam at the top will propel you to the Lance Linberger collectible.
  • Head back a block and check out the building with the car sign and the telephone number. There's a Super Brick on its roof, and if you break through the top window you'll drop into a garage with a vault containing another Super Brick.
  • Jet up to the smokestacks on the next building over to find the Allie Jaeschke collectible above the tallest one. Drop down onto the dingy-looking warehouse to your left and put out the fire by the front door to get to a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. Complete this challenge to get the Enberg collectible and a Gold Brick. (You're now in Fresco. Have fun getting back to Auburn!)
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Cliffside Buildings

This last row is jammed up against the cliffs on the inside of Auburn.

  • There's a small, green trash bin on the Auburn and Cherry Tree Hill border. Bash it to find a Scan Point that leads to a Red Brick.
  • There's a Call-In Point Super Build on the left side of the road between Auburn and Cherry Tree Hills. Construct it for a Gold Brick and the . . . I got distracted here, so I'm not sure what you get for constructing this one. (Anybody care to chime in? Please?)
  • There's a grapple point that will get you to the roof of the next building. To the left of where you get up is a window you can break through to find the Chris Parry collectible. To the right is a ladder that will lead you to the roof. Follow the Scan Point up here to find parts for an RC Car you can drive around inside an enclosure to hit some buttons. Hitting both buttons will make a time trial event appear where you have to get all of the studs in the cage with the RC Car. Getting them all will net you a Super Brick. (Given the terrible nature of the RC controls, if you don't need the bricks, getting this Super Brick is not recommended. Really, don't bother. It's so annoying.)
  • Behind this building is a plant you can water, complete with Gold Brick. Atop it is a teleporter that will zip you to a water tower across the street. Also up here is a Jet Pack point that will take you to a nearby crate with two Super Bricks and the Bobby Hammer collectible.
  • Using the storage crates you can reach a nearby water tank with a fuse box on top. Use the fuse box to drain the water out of the tank, revealing the Sky Glide Super Build. Construct it for a Gold Brick, then hop into the jetstream to ride up to the Mechanic collectible.
  • In the yard at the bottom of the big, rusty warehouse ahead is a Super Brick.
  • Across the bridge between the warehouse and the next building, you'll find a fire. Put it out to get across. To the right when you cross is a fuse box button that will activate a Drill Thrill challenge (with a Gold Brick prize for completion) and a cat on a billboard that needs rescuing (again for a Gold Brick). To the left is a teleporter that leads to a catapult.
  • Drop down in front of Hank's (the building you're on) to find a Super Brick inside a garage and the Stephen Rhodes collectible in the gas station itself. Check under the stunt ramp near the road to find a space crate that will spark an alien chase. Hunt the creep down for a Gold Brick.

Auburn Bay Bridge

Most of the bridge is its own entity and will be dealt with in its own article. There are a few things involving the bridge and Auburn itself, however.

  • There are massive stone supports on the bridge as you drive up to it. The first one on the right has a Silver Statue on top. Blow it up for a Gold Brick.
  • Climb up the second support on the right to find a Super Brick and a Chicken Glide spot on the top. It will take you to a distant rooftop with three more Super Bricks.
  • Climb up the third support on the right to find another Chicken Glide spot. It will take you to a nearby tower crane where you'll find two Super Bricks. On the end of this crane, a Jet Pack spot to get to the next tower crane over, where you'll find a flag that will add to your Districts Conquered count (and net you another Gold Brick). Be very careful walking along these cranes—the camera swings wildly.

(Almost done this district. Still a few things to find.)


zane on May 22, 2013:

thx it helped a lot. but how to get on the crane in the first picture???????????????????????

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on April 09, 2013:

Scratch what I said in here. When I first found the tunnel I thought with absolute certainty that I'd be going through it at some point, or at least coming out of it from the other side. Just forgot to edit out that part in this article. As far as I know you can never go inside that tunnel.

Chris on April 09, 2013:

I've beaten the game but never come across that blue gate. I do see it though how how do I open it???

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