LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough: Bluebell National Park Collectibles

Updated on June 9, 2018
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

One of the major locations in the backstory of LEGO City Undercover, Bluebell National Park has a lot of ground to cover if you want all of the collectibles. We'll start at its most notable landmark and work our way around from there. This article assumes you have every outfit in your repertoire.

(Some past articles have looked at Bluebell National Park's collectibles. )

Police Station

There's a Disguise Booth out front of the station. Setting it up will get you the Ranger Barber collectible and a Gold Brick.

  • Jet up to the roof of the station to find a break-in point. It leads down to a Red Color Swapper and the Ranger Lewis collectible. You'll also find two bent antennae up here; straighten them with your Grapple Gun for the Karate Champ collectible.
  • Jet from the top of the police station to the lookout tower near the dock to find a Super Brick.
  • There's an ATM to bust up at the side of the station for a Gold Brick.
  • Near the ATM is a rock overlooking the property. Bash through the fence here to find a Helipad Super Build at the top of some stairs. It will get you the Skybringer collectible and a Gold Brick. There's also a Yellow Color Swapper up here.
  • There's a Super Brick atop the rear garage, and another atop the watchtower.
  • Down by the dock is a Tick Tock Trial involving a boat. Race around Blackwell Bridge and into Uptown to receive the Oldster collectible and a Gold Brick. And, uh, find a way back to the police station.
  • Running up to the rear of the police station is a rough road. Bash the rocks along here to find a Super Brick. Check the right side of the road for a small campsite with another Super Brick hanging above a tree stump.

Hydroelectric Plant

This section covers everything near the plant. You can find it behind the police station (look for the giant watery reservoir on your map).

  • There's a Super Brick at the top of a tree near the train tracks that run near the plant.
  • Hidden behind a bunch of rocks near this tree is a boulder. Bash it for a Gold Brick.
  • You can break into a door on the left side of the plant to find another Super Brick.
  • Climb your way to the top of the left side of the plant. Up here are pieces to assemble into a teleporter that will take you to the top of the dam. A boarded door will lead you to a Nintendo question block; a Scan Point near the teleporter will lead you to dynamite; the dynamite can be used to get to a Free Run medallion near a catapult that will launch you off of the dam; a drill point will lead you to the same, as well as a Districts Conquered flag and a Gold Brick; a Chicken Glide spot will lead you to a pig and a Gold Brick; and one final locked door opens up an Orange Color Swapper. If you dare to use the catapult here to fly off of the dam you'll also find a Super Brick on your way down.
  • There's a cat at the gate of the right side of the plant. It will earn you a Gold Brick.
  • Crank open the door along the bottom of the right side to find a dynamite vending machine. Use it to get at the Blue Color Swapper in the previous enclosure, and use your altered Color Gun on the silver wall jump ahead to reach the higher level.
  • Complete the Free Run to the top of the dam to get the Brickett collectible and a Gold Brick. Make sure you blast the wall jump before starting the Free Run to make the most of your time.

Bluebell Mine

This section covers a series of collectibles found near the entrance to the Mine. More collectibles in this area can be found in this article.

  • Atop the shack with the fuse box, not far from the hydroelectric plant, is the Bill Derby collectible. Tinker with the fuse box to open up a Drill Thrill challenge which, when completed, will earn you a Gold Brick.
  • Atop the entrance to the Mine is a Super Brick.
  • On the way up to the Silver Statue, set into a niche in the rock wall, is a coffee break spot. Use it for a Gold Brick.
  • Beside the train tracks is a shed you need to break in with Rex Fury. Inside is the Rex Fury Bare Chest collectible. (Just in case Rex with shirt isn't scintillating enough.) Behind this shed is a Super Brick.
  • In the trees near the Mine is a Tick Tock Trial. It's not that difficult, but your Tracker has absolutely terrible cornering, and there are a few abrupt corners on the track. Be light on the gas throughout the course. Completing it successfully will earn you the Tracker collectible and a Gold Brick.


There are several tents clustered across the road from the Bluebell Mine. This section focuses on the forests in this area.

  • The fire in the midst of the tents can be extinguished for a Super Brick.
  • Have a look at the sleeping bear. It wants an orange fish before it will move. Head to the police station's dock to find a Scan Point to a key for the watchtower. At the top of the tower is a box of parts. Take them to the green patch at the base of the tower to assemble a fishing pole which you can use to net an orange fish. Take the fish to the bear and it will vacate the unassembled tent. Put the tent together and you'll discover it needs a colour. Turn the already-assembled silver tent here purple, then turn the one you just created orange (you may recall the Orange Color Swapper atop the dam) to get the Ben Moseley collectible.
  • (This is jumping back a bit, but after you unlock the watchtower you'll also make a Scan Point appear on its roof. Use it to check out the garage across the police station's lot to see a vehicle robber in the act. Catch him for the Tracker collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Bust up piles of rocks beside the campsite for Super Bricks.
  • Jet up to the lone tent on the rise by the road. There's a Bluebell Tree Super Build to construct which will earn you a Super Brick. Use the Grapple Gun to yank down the ladder to find the Forestman collectible at the top.
  • On the rough road by the campsite there's a jump to a Super Brick. A car or your Jet Pack can get you to it.

Dojo Grounds

This section covers the stretch of forest around the sides of Barry's Dojo. We'll start with the forests near the bridge.

  • A little ways from the tent sites, when you first come within sight of the Dojo, is a small cottage. There are flowers to water and a Gold Brick to earn on its porch.
  • On a tree stump near the cottage is a Super Brick.
  • Not far from the stump is a natural set of stone stairs. These lead up to two Super Bricks, the Todd Greywacke collectible and a space crate that beams in an alien to catch for a Gold Brick.
  • There are a few boulder piles laying around the base of this stone formation. One contains a Super Brick; the other has pieces that can be assembled into a ball to ride. (The ball is just used to get up to the steps if you didn't have the Jet Pack already.) Also down here is a series of tents with a BBQ to extinguish for a Gold Brick. There's also one more Super Brick in a tree stump by the road.
  • The rest of this section deals with the other side of the forests surrounding the Dojo. You can use the jump over the waterfall to get to them.
  • Shortly after the jump you'll find a Scan Point. Follow it to a spot to water. This will make a flower stretching up to a Super Brick.
  • Overlooking the waterfall is another Scan Point. (Use the Jet Pack to reach it.) Scan the restaurant on the opposite side of the waterfall to find a gang up to no good. Jump back over the waterfall or ride around the falls to Bluebell Mine and put a stop to them to get a Gold Brick.
  • Near the cliffs overlooking Crabby Cove, just before you leave the trees, is a pile of rocks. Hack through them to find a boulder that you can demolish for a Gold Brick.
  • This last part of the Dojo section will take you back across the bridge to the Dojo itself (though not within the grounds, as that's a special assignment area).
  • On the edge of the road by the bridge is a Tick Tock Trial. This monster truck rally will take you over Blackwell Bridge and into Uptown. Not too tough. Completing it will earn you Chan's Ironback and a Gold Brick.
  • At the rear of the Dojo, after shimmying along the walls, you'll find a Nintendo-ish pipe. Water it to sprout a Piranha Plant. Lure the Plant into shooting a fireball at you as you stand in front of the rock formation in front of the back wall. Proper aiming will get it to burn through the web blocking the Trouserless Barry collectible.
  • On the stone path to the left of the Dojo is a red pot. Water it to reach a small shelter with a purple stud on top.

Railway and Roadside

On a stump overlooking the border over Bluebell and Fort Meadows is a Super Brick.

  • Not far from the hydroelectric plant is a bridge whose upper supports you can climb onto. Along the edges of the girders are four Super Bricks and the Sam Penn collectible. (If you look back at the railway tunnel in the direction of Fort Meadows you'll see what appears to be a Nintendo Wiggler on the top support. I don't know if you can get at it or not.)
  • There are three silver road signs along the main road through Bluebell National Park that should be yellow. Use the Yellow Color Swapper from the police station's Helipad to set them right and get the Snowboarded collectible.
  • You can find several Super Bricks in the furniture around the roadside restaurant that serves as a jump near the Dojo. Hop out to the middle of the waterfall from here and you can use a catapult to reach another Super Brick.

In addition to the above there are two other objects that must be addressed in various different parts of Bluebell.

First up are bird houses. You'll find one to assemble between the Mine and the hydroelectric dam. There's another by the bridge just before you reach the waterfall, on the curve in the road, and the last is near the set of natural stone steps. Construct all three for the Elf collectible.

Second are fires found in campsites. One is behind the police station; one is by the lone tent on the rise by the road; one is on the grounds across from Barry's Dojo, not far from the main road; one is at a campsite just down the road from the police station; the last is on the border with Fort Meadows. Get all five to make the Jesse Weingartner collectible appear.


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  • profile image


    4 months ago

    How do you get into the locked shed that has a safe in it that is closest to the mine?

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    One of the five fires you mentioned is actually the BBQ fire. The fifth fire I found was by a lone red tent near one of the road signs you have to color. Specifically, it's the middle sign.

  • MattWritesStuff profile imageAUTHOR

    Matt Bird 

    7 years ago from Canada

    These things got mentioned in previous sections of the walkthrough, actually. I think the ones you highlighted are in the section that covers the Dojo special assignment. One of the last things I'll do when I'm FINALLY finished is put links to the other articles in these ones. Thanks for the kudos!

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Seemed to be missing a super build across the bridge from the Dojo (obvious but still). And also hitting the 3 gongs alongside the Dojo for the Samurai Warrior collector. I think there might have been a third thing but I forget right now. Great job on these though, they're very helpful.


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