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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Boulder Locations

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Typically found in heaps of LEGO rocks, the boulders of LEGO City Undercover are surprisingly easy to miss. Though they stand out on their own, the boulders are usually masked by their duller brethren, and thus can be bypassed without a second thought unless you're feeling especially diligent. This article will help you track down the many boulders of LEGO City, and the Gold Bricks you get for busting up each one.

Cherry Tree Hills

Run through the train tunnels between Cherry Tree Hills and Auburn, through the mountains. The first boulder is along the tracks.


Get underneath Auburn Bay Bridge. Atop a tunnel is a grassy field littered with destroyable rocks. The boulder waits amongst them.

Auburn Bay Bridge

The very bottom of the bridge, down by the water, has little of note. That said, there's a boulder waiting on the base of one of the supports.

Fort Meadows

On the roadside and a short ways down from the gas station is a cave you can blow open with dynamite. Among the many things you can find in here is a boulder.

Bluebell National Park

Check along the train tracks near the hydroelectric plant. By one of the trees is a boulder.

Overlooking Fort Meadows' Crabby Cove (the beach, basically) is a cliff edge lined with trees. Just before you emerge from the trees, you'll find a pile of rocks with a boulder amongst them.


Blackwell Bridge

Grab a boat (it's by far the easiest way to do this) and zip around the supports of the bridge. You can climb up into several of them. The boulder is in one of the supports.

Festival Square

Head to Mercy Hearts Hospital and check out the parking lot. Check the grass at the edge of the parking lot to find a pile of rocks containing the boulder.


Not far from Chan's Limo Service is a central park surrounded by a stone wall. Near the pagoda off to one side is a pile of rocks with a boulder.

Bright Lights Plaza

Check the edges of the northern half of Bright Lights Plaza. There's a bank near Ellie's building (the high rise with the Helipad on top) with a boulder out front.

Crescent Park

There's a ferry station not far from the border with Uptown, and beside the station is a beach. Scour the beach for a darker pile of rocks. The boulder hides beneath its less-colourful kin.


Have a look for the coffee shop by the harbour in Uptown. Near here is a small field with several heaps of rocks. The boulder is under the heap closest to the coffee shop.

LEGO City Airport

Across the street from the front of the terminal is the underside of the large concrete highway ramp that stretches from one side of LEGO City Airport to the other. Have a look at the underside, near the supports, for the boulder.


Near Fresco's border with Kings Court is a grassy, tree-filled path that splits the road in two. Drop down into it and look for a heap of rocks.

Near the giant tunnel to Paradise Sands is a massive corkscrew tower, and near the base is a statue of a football (soccer) player. There are a few rocks around here; in one of the heaps is a boulder.


Paradise Sands

In the north of Paradise Sands is a small amusement park. Hop off of the boardwalk and check underneath, on the beach, to find a heap of rocks containing a boulder.

Kings Court

Have a look at the gardens out front of City Hall. There's a boulder amid the rocks and greenery.


Head back to the Bank and check the small park where you can begin the Bank's special assignment. There's a pile of rocks to break apart to find a boulder.

Grand Canal

Grab a boat and steer your way into the canal. Down one of the two tunnels, you'll find a boulder.

Albatross Prison

When you first visit Albatross Island you can explore the beaches beyond the walls of the jail. Among the things you'll find here with which you cannot immediately interact is a boulder.

Apollo Island

On the right side of Apollo Island is a massive airstrip. At the end of it is a Stunt Ramp you can build and use to get onto a small island off to the side of Apollo Island. The boulder is here.

Lady Liberty Island

Ahh, lovely Lady Liberty Island. Everything is so easy to find here. Check the base of the statue, near the sets of stairs, to find the boulder in one of the small niches.

Bash up all 22 of the boulders for a nice little prize: the Barney Greenschist collectible. Go miners!