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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Bright Lights Plaza Collectibles

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LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Possibly the brightest section of LEGO City, which is quite a thing to say in a place like this, Bright Lights Plaza is woefully underused in the game's story for how neat it looks. Fortunately, there's plenty to track down in this extremely-Hollywood part of LEGO City. This guide will help you find every collectible in Bright Lights Plaza—assuming you have every outfit ready to go when you enter.

Collectibles on the Right Side of the Plaza

This section covers the strip of buildings on the right side of the Plaza, leading up to the open area at the end.

  • A building at the edge of Pagoda has a Scan Point that counts for Bright Lights Plaza. Use the drill point to get to the roof and scan the Plaza for gang audio. Get onto the ground and beat the snot out of the gang in the disco plaza for a Gold Brick. Get back onto this building and use the awnings of it and the buildings to the left to find a Super Brick. Keep running and climbing to find another Super Brick far above.
  • At the rear of Ellie's building, at the end of this row, is a door you can blow open with dynamite. Inside is a silver machine you can turn pink with a Pink Color Swapper from across the street, one of three, and a crate you can bust open and assemble into a water-cooler, one of five. You can also use the teleporter at the base of Ellie's building to find a Super Brick and another water cooler a few floors up.
  • At the top of Ellie's building is a BBQ fire. Extinguish it for a Gold Brick.
  • You can use the fuse box outside the Herbert Hotel to get into the lobby. Inside is a Yellow Color Swapper, a Super Brick and another water cooler.
  • The next building over is a bank. Out front is an ATM and a boulder. Both will get you a Gold Brick when destroyed.

Collectibles on the Left Side

This section covers everything to the left of the central plaza, including the docks.

  • There's a coffee break point on a small pier at the southern tip of this side of the street. Use it for a Gold Brick.
  • Out front of the stores is a Disguise Booth. Assemble it for the Paparazzo collectible.
  • At the end of the row of connected buildings is another silver machine to turn pink, not far from the Pink Color Swapper.

Collectibles in the Disco Plaza

Because you can't really call it anything else. This section covers everything in the middle of the two streets that divide Bright Lights Plaza.

  • Out front of the Plaza is a set of stairs you can use as a jump for a car. There's a Super Brick hidden under the lip of this jump.
  • Behind the large back column at the south end's ground floor is the James Curry collectible.
  • Along the left side of the plaza is an ATM to bust up for a Gold Brick, another Pink Color Swapper and an Autos shop you can bust open for a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. Complete the challenge for the Cetan collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Along the left side of the plaza is a dynamite vending machine and the last machine to turn pink, earning you the Eddie JoJo collectible. Around the corner from the front is a Silver Statue in a glass enclosure; use the Scan Point beside the enclosure to find the key, then blow up the statue for a Gold Brick. Beside here is a LEGO store you can blow open; trash the boxes inside to assemble various LEGO models and find the Lizard Man collectible. At the right side of the store is a ladder you can use to climb the store to get to the Chris Wyatt collectible and a Super Brick.
  • There's nothing on the second floor of the mall. Go through it and look on the north side's outer walkways, though, and you'll find a way up the building, across a tightrope and across the street. You can use this path along the awnings to get to four Super Bricks atop the toy store's sign and, around the corner, the Clockwork Robot collectible. Use the tightrope on the 'plain' side of the toy store to reach the rear of the buildings; walk along the catwalk to eventually find a Jet Pack spot that leads to the top of the theatre. Up here is a teleporter that will zip you into a nearby gym containing the Magician collectible, another water cooler, a Super Brick and a space crate that will beam in an alien. Zip back outside and catch the alien for a Gold Brick.
  • Make your way back up the LEGO building, but this time scale the R&J sign to the roof. On the top you'll find the Zombie collectible and a Free Run medallion. Hop on the catapult and you'll launch up to a pig. Take the pig down to the Pig Cannon by the water, then double back to the Free Run spot. Compete in it successfully for the Cheerleader collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Check the south side of the second floor. There's another path up the building at the feet of the giant disco dancer. It will take you to the top of his ball where you'll find the Disco Guy collectible.

Collectibles in the Northern Square

This section covers everything north of the plaza and surrounding the globe statue.

  • There's a Metro Station on the left side of the square. Set up the Train Station for a Gold Brick.
  • The building across from the theatre has nothing of interest, but the next building up has a red pot you can use to climb onto the awnings. Along here are numerous Super Bricks. Hop off the awnings at the end and bash the crate at the side of the building to find he pieces for a Green Color Swapper. At the front of the building is a drill point that will take you up to two more sets of awnings: to the left is a Super Brick, to the right is a path to the roof. Up here is a cat, a Drill Thrill challenge, a Nintendo Super Star, a Districts Conquered flag, a Super Brick and a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. Completing each of the challenges will get you a Gold Brick, and the robbery will get you the Gersemi collectible.
  • (Using the Green Color Swapper you can get into the Planetarium on the right side of Bright Lights Plaza. Inside is the last water cooler to assemble, earning you the Ray McLaughlin collectible.)
  • You can use your Green Color Gun to get inside the Hotel. There's a Super Brick in the lobby. Get on top of the glass entrance and you'll see that the L in HOTEL is silver. Make it yellow and the Pat Patterson collectible will appear below.
  • On the border of Bright Lights Plaza and Crescent Park there's a flower box to water. Do it for a Gold Brick.
  • On the road leading into Crosstown Tunnel is a Call-in Point Super Build. Construct it for the Chaser collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • In the middle of this section is a giant globe. If you shoot out the globe you'll see a collectible hovering in the air in what remains of the statue. You can use a car to jump through the middle of the statue's empty circle for the Spartan Warrior collectible.


Justice on April 12, 2018:

DJ~ at the very end of the east side bldgs (the circular one) there is a keypad door, that leads to the helipad.

Nova~ Along the West season de of the central building (the one you can jump through) there is a door just south of the ‘AUTOS’ sign.

Dj on October 08, 2017:

What about the helipad

Nova on May 27, 2017:

Not to helpful where is the vehicle robbery