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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Cat Locations

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.


Cats; they need rescuing in LEGO City. Who better to do the job than Chase McCain, friend to felines everywhere? This article will cover all seventeen of the cat rescue spots in LEGO City Undercover. Each one you successfully rescue will get you a Gold Brick, and getting all seventeen will earn you a special prize.

Cherry Tree Hills

While exploring Cherry Tree Hills you'll come to a rich section of town with large, ritzy homes, up a hill from the Police Station. If you climb onto the rooftops of the house closest to the Police Station you'll find a path to adjacent buildings. The cat is up here.


On the edge of Auburn, near the Auburn Bay Bridge, is a large gas station called Hank's. The cat is on one of the roofs in this area.

Fort Meadows

Not far from the train tracks in Fort Meadows is a line of cottages atop a small rise in the land. The cat is in a tree that you can reach by climbing on top of one of these cottages.

Bluebell National Park

Behind the Police Station in Bluebell National Park is a large hydroelectric plant with buildings on both sides of a large body of water. The right side of the plant is surrounded by fencing. The cat is on this fence.

Festival Square

There's a long line of stores running from Festival Square's border with Downtown to its border with Pagoda. Closer to the border to Pagoda is a two-tiered outdoor restaurant with large awnings. You can get to this cat via one of the awnings.


While chasing Natalia in Pagoda you'll have to slide from the top of Chan's Limo Service to an adjacent set of buildings. The cat is waiting on one of these buildings.


Bright Lights Plaza

There are two buildings across from the theatre in the northern half of Bright Lights Plaza. You can scale the second of these buildings to find a number of collectibles on the roof, including one of the cats.

Crescent Park

Off to the side of the giant gazebo in Crescent Park is a low-set stone monument. The cat is sitting atop the monument.


In the heart of Uptown's stores is one particularly noticeable toy store. If you have a Green Color Gun you can use it to blast the lights above the twin rockets on the front sign. This will push them into motion and give you a path up to the roof of the store. The cat is up here.

LEGO City Airport

The cat is hiding on the front of the airport's main terminal. Get up on the building to find it hiding in one of the letters on the sign.


A number of Fresco's buildings are set along a short canal, and you can get on top of virtually every one of these buildings. There's a cat waiting up here for a rescue.

Paradise Sands

At the north ends of Paradise Sands is the Orion theme park, on the side of the beach. You can find this cat atop the entrance of the park, near the Orion's Rockets Super Build.


Kings Court

Like most urban areas in LEGO City Undercover, Kings Court has a line of storefronts on its inner borders. Across from Blackwell Tower is a store with an awning you can climb to get to another cat.


Surrounding the LEGO City Bank is a series of awnings. Beside one of the awnings is a drill point that will get you to higher ground. Past a pair of catapults is the cat.

Albatross Prison

In the small court where you fought a group of prisoners for a basketball is a drill point that will get you to a higher ledge. Explore the rooftops in this area (notably by yanking an air conditioner off of a wall) to find the prison's cat.

Apollo Island

Not far from the start point for Apollo Island's special assignment is a set of wall jumps. Use them to get to a lower roof of the Space Centre and you'll find the cat.

Lady Liberty Island

You'll find this final cat as you climb the Lady Liberty statue. Piece of cake.

Ahhh, a job well done. And what do you get for saving the innumerable felines of LEGO City? The Cornelius Burns collectible. Not half bad.

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