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LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough: Cherry Tree Hills Collectibles

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LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

All the Cherry Tree Hills Collectibles in LEGO City Undercover

It may be the first place you really get to explore in LEGO City, but Cherry Tree Hills, like most sections of the city, can't be fully explored until you beat the game. There are a lot of little things to pick up here and there before you can call your stay here complete. This list will cover all the collectibles in Cherry Tree Hills that you won't get during the storyline (or in one of the other sections of this walkthrough).

Police Station

  • Up the stairs from the front of the Police Station is a boarded door. Knock through it to find a Blue Color Swapper. Use it on the wall to the left so you can scale to the top of the Station. On the larger roof you'll find a Helipad Super Build which will net you the Responder collectible and a Gold Brick. You'll also find a Super Brick at the highest point of the roof.
  • Break into the two cells beside the Color Swapper to find the grubby Grubster collectible and a Red Brick.
  • Behind the Station is an overhead train track. Jet up one of the struts beneath the track and climb along the underside to reach the tops of the garages. Not only will you find studs aplenty up here, you can head left to find a radio tower. There's a Super Brick underneath the base if you check the left side of the tower, and if you jet past the satellite dish and climb the rest of the way to the top you'll find another Super Brick.
  • Down by the harbour there's a door you can bust into with an axe to find a Super Brick.
  • There's a Time Trial, the Tick Tock Trial, available just outside the rear gate of the Station (look for a green and yellow car). Complete this trial to earn a Gold Brick and the Lantos collectible.
  • Out front is a Disguise Booth to assemble. Do so for the Maintenance Worker collectible and a Gold Brick. You can thereafter use this booth to change your outfits.


  • To the left of the Police Station (if you're proceeding from the rear of the Station) is a park full of blocks. Bust them up and reassemble them into jungle gym equipment to get a Super Brick. One of the blocks requires dynamite, which you can get at the donut shop across the street.
  • There's another, larger park to the right of the Police Station. You'll find a 15,000 brick Super Build for a Wishing Fountain here. Making it will earn you a Gold Brick and the Ice Skater collectible.
  • Break open rocks on the other side of the Train Station to find a Super Block. You want the two blocks sitting beside a sidewalk, not the bundle sitting out in the open.
  • On the very edge of the park, just before you find Heritage Bridge, you'll see a building you can climb. At the top is a Super Block.
  • There are also five gumball machines that need to be assembled, packed as they are in conspicuous, dark crates. One is near the Bridge; one is on the opposite side of the Train Station; one is by the dynamite vending machine; one is in a small underpass by the Station; the last is inside the Station's lobby, which you'll have to blow open with dynamite. Get them all for the Street Racer collectible.

Train Station

  • Bounce off of the umbrellas at the Train Station near the previously-mentioned park to find a teleporter on the roof. It leads to a distance archway where you can find the Taxi Driver collectible.
  • Crack open the door of the top floor of the Train Station. Inside is a safe containing the Train Driver Bill collectible.

High Rises

Beside the Heritage Bridge is a line of High Rises, notably the one where you did the Some Assaults special assignment. This section refers to that line of buildings.

  • There's a teleporter atop the entrance of the Security City Bank. It will take you inside one of the other buildings, where you'll find the Dave Something collectible.
  • There's a Green Color Swapper at the front door of the Herbert Hotel, the second building from the Bridge. Use it to paint the three silver trees surrounding the first building in the line green. You'll get the Troublemaker Phil collectible as a reward.
  • There's a super crate at the end of this line of buildings, in a small clearing with picnic tables. Activate it to reveal an alien (!!!) that you must catch and cuff. Doing this will earn you one… alien… and a Gold Brick. (Yes, aliens are a collectible, if you haven't seen them anywhere else by now.)
  • Across the street from the high rises is a large auto shop. There's nothing inside, but you can land on the roof with a helicopter to find a Super Brick and a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. Complete it for the Valkyrie collectible and a Gold Brick.
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This one refers to the massive hill on the edge of Cherry Tree Hills. You can find it at the end of the line of the previously-mentioned High Rises.

  • At the end of the road is a great jump you can take out and over Cherry Tree Hills.
  • Beside the jump is a Scan Point. It will lead you to the Detective collectible.
  • Also beside the jump is a giant billboard. Climb up the ladder attached to the side to find a Super Brick.
  • There's a giant tower at the top of the hill. Use your Jet Pack to get up to the teleporter. It will zap you to the top of the tower. Hit the four buttons along the outer rim to activate a wind machine inside, and hop on the wind to get the Anchorman collectible. Also up here is a flag you can raise for your Districts Conquered count and earn a Gold Brick.
  • Off to the side from the tower is a set of stairs leading up to a Silver Statue. Get dynamite from the base of the tower to blow it up and earn a Gold Brick. (You can use Chicken Glide from the Statue to get to the tower's upper sections, as well, though that's unnecessary with a Jet Pack.)

Residential Area

This section will cover all of the homes bordering Auburn and in the middle of the district, as well as a few outlying buildings.

  • At the base of the hill is a small post office drop off point. Water the red pot here to reach the roof, where you'll find a pig. Ride the pig to the Pig Cannon in the park opposite the Train Station and send it on its way for a Gold Brick.
  • Up the hill from the post office is what appears to be a political office. Climb the pipe on the left side of the building to the roof, where you'll find a Chicken Glide point. It will lead you to a roof several houses down where you'll find a Super Brick.
  • Check the back yards on both sides of the street when you come down for lots of studs. On the opposite side you'll also find a Flowers Watered point which will earn you a Gold Brick.
  • On the border between Cherry Tree Hills and Auburn is a Super Build, the Hillside House, worth 30,000 bricks. Make it to get a Gold Brick and the Sleepyhead collectible. Use the fuse box near the garage to find a shiny sports car to drive around whenever you like.
  • Across the street from the political office, heading back towards district central, is a line of six houses. The upper three houses can be scaled with the Grapple Gun to get to a Super Brick at the end of a short system of ziplines. The next house on the other corner has another Super Brick at the top of a pipe.
  • Get back onto the ziplines and you can use them to get to the roofs of the houses. Jet over to the opposite set of houses and you can explore the rooftops. Atop the white-bricked building opposite Jenny's Diner is a big yellow crate you can bust open for a nice Nintendo homage that counts as one of five.
  • Jet to the next building to your right to find a Scan Point. Check around and you'll find some would-be criminals who want to mess up the basketball court. Zipline down to the waypoint that appears before time runs out, then beat up the gang in the court. One will run; chase him and bring him down. You'll earn one for Gangs Arrested and net yourself a Gold Brick.
  • One more building down from this last you'll find a Super Brick and a space crate. The space crate only gets you up to the apartment you've already been on… but from this angle you'll notice another Super Brick atop this building's garage, a short drop down.
  • Look around the fronts of the buildings opposite the ones you've been investigating. You can find some wall jumps that lead to the roofs. Atop the first roof is a plant you can grow to get to the next roof over. Mess up the music equipment here to make a trampoline that will take you up to the Rapper collectible above. Ignore the rest of the rooftops here, they take you places you've already been. (If you need dynamite to get up here, there's a store named '500' across the street from the jump point that you can enter via teleporter. There's a vending machine inside.)
  • Down the street there's a set of three buildings on a corner, just down from a winding garden path up to the rich section of Cherry Tree Hills. Climb the red building by getting into the back yard. From here you can get to the two adjacent buildings. Zipline across the street to reach one; you can use this roof to get to the next one over, climb past the tennis court, and reach the Free Run collectible on the other side. This unlocks a Free Run course across the adjacent buildings that will earn you the Baseball Player collectible and a Gold Brick after completion. Also up here is a drill point, and under it a Scan Point. Check the garage on the other side of the road below to catch a criminal, and pursue him on his riding mower to take him down. Getting him will earn you the Grassman collectible, a Gold Brick, and a Vehicle Robbers arrest.
  • To the right of the tennis court is another drill point, this containing the Tennis Player collectible.
  • The back yard of the building where the Free Run begins has a BBQ fire in progress. Put it out for a Gold Brick.
  • Speaking of the Free Run point, the roof on which you find it has a door containing a Super Brick. You can also Chicken Glide to an opposite roof from here and blow open a door containing another Super Brick. Keep Chicken Gliding to the left to find a door to break open, a path north to another bustable door with a Super Brick, a space crate that turns into a catapult, and a pig you can ride to the Pig Cannon by the lakeside for a Gold Brick. Taking the catapult will ultimately lead you to two more Super Bricks. Check the right side of the next building over from the catapult, the top of a bank, for the Clown Robber Lou collectible.
  • Jet to the left of where the Free Run begins, to an opposite house. (It's a bit of a blind leap, but you can make it.) Atop this house is a Super Brick. Take the zipline near here down to a teleporter to zip into the nearby donut shop to find the Shaky Harry collectible.
  • At the far end of the residential district, opposite one of the parks and flush against the cliffs, are four houses. Starting at the top of the hill you can bust your way into the back yards and bounce down to the lowest backyard. A Scan Point here will lead you to a Super Brick.
  • Across from the Police Station and Train Station is a building labelled SHOP. Get inside via the revolving doors and you can bust up a crate and assemble a groom for the bridge mannequin in the window. This makes a Super Brick appear outside. There are two pieces of silver furniture in here; turn them red to find the George Fartarbensonbury collectible.
  • There's an ATM outside the SHOP, near the Police Station. Smash it to get a Gold Brick.
  • Scattered throughout the residential area are three mail boxes that need to be turned red. One is outside a house just up the hill beside the police station; another is by a building across the street from the post office; the last is against the brick wall surrounding the base of the large red auto shop near the high rises. Paint all three for the Mail Man collectible.

Rich Neighbourhood

This section covers the houses up the hill from the normal homes that border Auburn.

  • Aside from housing a ton of studs, the red brick house on this road has a Super Build on its roof, that of an Emergency Crash Mat for 10,000 bricks. It unlocks the Revolver collectible. You can also break open a crate here and assemble a satellite that counts as one of four.
  • The next house over has a Super Brick in its swimming pool. Climb to its roof to find another satellite dish and a drop to a coffee mug where you can take a coffee break. One of twenty! And a Gold Brick!
  • The next in the row, the beige house, has a Super Brick available via a pipe on the front. Bash through the door into the backyard to find a way up to the roof where a third satellite dish waits. You can Chicken Glide to two adjacent buildings from here, and on the second one you'll find a Cat you can rescue with a Fireman's fish. This will count towards Cats Rescued and earn you a Gold Brick. You can also tinker with the fuse box here to activate the nearby button, which will set off the Drill Thrill challenge. Drill through twenty-one drill spots to earn a Gold Brick.
  • The last and largest house in this set has a Scan Point out front of its garage. Follow it to dig up a key, and use the key on the garage to get at a Super Brick. Use the grapple point by the side door (which, by the way, you can use as a jump - awesome) to reach the roof, where you'll find another Super Brick. Drop down onto the garage (right side of the roof) to make the TV Reporter collectible appear.
  • There are three trees in this neighbourhood that can be bashed up and changed into dog houses. One is in front of the largest house; the second is in the back yard of the first, red brick house; the last is at the top of the hill from the police station leading up to the richer houses, in a large grassy space between two houses. Assemble all three for the Werewolf collectible. (Look in the back yards of the row of houses lining the hill to Auburn.)

Train Tunnels

  • Run through the tunnel leading to Auburn, by the Police Station. Halfway through you'll emerge from the tunnel and find an open section lined with junk. Bash up rocks on the left side of the tracks to find a Super Brick. Also here is a Boulder which will earn you a Gold Brick when destroyed.
  • Go through the tunnel leading to the Heritage Bridge and beyond to find the Louise Andrews collectible on the ceiling. Use your Jet Pack to get it.

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