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"LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough": Coffee Break Locations

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

"LEGO City Undercover"

"LEGO City Undercover"

Saving LEGO City from the machinations of vile Rex Fury is tough work, and a guy who works as hard as Chase McCain deserves a coffee break every now and then. Fortunately for him, LEGO City Undercover is willing to oblige with a bevy of coffee break spots scattered around the city. Dress up as a construction worker and get drinking, Chase! You need those Gold Bricks!

Cherry Tree Hills

Head into the ritzy rich area with the four mansions at the top of the hill leading down to the border with Auburn. The second mansion on the loop has a coffee breakpoint on its balcony.


Auburn is absolutely littered with warehouse and factories, and almost dead in the middle of the lot of them, between two buildings, is a coffee break.

Fort Meadows

Sitting alone in one of Fort Meadows' grassy fields is a large, rickety shelter full of collectibles and activities. You can pause for a coffee here.

The Hayes Farm in Fort Meadows also has a coffee break spot. Check the large field by the road, with the windmill, for a place to take a breather.

Bluebell National Park

Beside Bluebell Mine is a rocky hill that leads up to the top of the train tunnel. On the way up here, set into a wall niche, is a coffee break.

Festival Square

Across from the hospital and the park is a large building sitting by itself. There are a ton of collectibles around and on top of the building, including a coffee break spot. It's on the other side of a fence at the base of the building.


During your stay in Pagoda, you have to chase Natalia from Chan's Limo Service to some adjacent buildings. Have a look along the lower rooftops after you dismount the zipline from the Limo Service to find the coffee break spot.


Bright Lights Plaza

Have a look at the left side of the street, down by the docks. You'll find the coffee break spot before you reach the storefronts.

Crescent Park

Where else would you find a coffee break spot but at a teahouse? Have a look at the booth with the massive teacup built into its roof for the java.


There's a hotel not far from the toy store in Uptown. Have a look near it for the coffee break spot.

LEGO City Airport

Get to the rear of the Airport's main terminal and have a look at the west wing for a path up to the roof. Follow the roof to an intersection and take a right. Follow the path all the way to the top and you'll find the coffee break spot along the way.


Have a look along the canals of Fresco on the Kings Court end of the district. The coffee break spot is on a small boardwalk at the water's edge.

Grand Canal

Head through the underground tunnels of Fresco via a boat. The tunnel splits, and there are a bunch of collectibles down both paths. The left path has a coffee break spot.

Paradise Sands

Run along the fronts of the strip of hotels that line the road opposite the beaches of Paradise Sands. The coffee break spot is in front of one of them.


Kings Court

There's a small line of buildings across the street from Blackwell Tower that you can climb. Inside one of them, at the top of a pole, is a coffee break spot.


Return to the collection of buildings you had to climb to save Forrest Blackwell. About halfway through this course is a coffee break spot.

Albatross Prison

Head into the front yard of the prison and check the far side of the basketball court. On the other side of the fence, against the wall, is a coffee break spot.

Apollo Island

The right side of Apollo Island is dominated by a long airstrip. Along the airstrip are a few warehouses you can break into. Inside one of them is a coffee break spot.

Head to the Space Centre and have a look under the stairs that lead up to the special assignment. The coffee break spot is tucked under here.

Lady Liberty Island

Have a look around the base of the statue for a small booth that’s adjacent to the dock. The coffee break spot is built into this booth.

All done? Then you'll get a nice bonus for your constant laziness: the Albert Spindlerouter collectible. You did him proud.