LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough: Crescent Park Collectibles

Updated on January 20, 2017
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

You might spend almost no time in Crescent Park. You might not even realize it exists independent of the other sections of LEGO City. It's there, though, and there's a fair amount of stuff to find in this idyllic little corner of suburban life. This article covers the locations of all of Crescent Park's collectibles on the assumption that you have all of the outfits at your disposal.


It's easy to miss much of Crescent Park because a big section of it is underground, running all the way from Bright Lights Plaza to Uptown.

  • Halfway through the tunnel is an underground parking lot with a view of the bay. Check the left side of the parking lot for bricks you can climb to get to the Otto Hornfels collectible, hanging in front of a poster of a shark. A drill point by the window will take you to a Super Brick, a button here will bring out a Nintendo homage, and four posts can be painted yellow for the Paramedic collectible. You can find the Yellow Color Swapper in the park above.

Southern Park

This section covers the portion of Crescent Park south of the middle bridge, bordering Bright Lights Plaza.

  • There's a fuse box on the back of a stone wall near the roadway under Crescent Park. It will activate a Drill Thrill challenge you can complete for a Gold Brick. You can jet from the top of the wall the fuse box is built into, as well as one on the opposite side of the entrance of the park, to find Super Bricks.
  • There's a garage beside a huge tree a short distance from the entrance of the park. Break into the top of the garage to find a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. This car is quite unwieldy, and crazy on turns. Be careful manoeuvring your way to Cherry Tree Hills. Complete this challenge for the T.R.E.V. collectible.
  • Across the sidewalk from the tree is a cluster of smaller bamboo trees. Destroy the LEGO tree outside the grove to find a Scan Point that will lead you inside, to a Super Brick.
  • Climb the ladder beside the garage to find a tree house at the top of the tree. Up here are two Super Bricks, the Patty Hayes collectible and the Districts Conquered flag for this region, which earns you a Gold Brick when raised.
  • There's a café on the edge of the water just before you reach the bridge to the Northern Park. Out front, by a line of Color Swappers, is a Disguise Booth that will unlock the Waitress collectible and a Gold Brick when assembled. On the right side of the café is a dynamite vending machine and an ATM worth a Gold Brick. On the left side you'll find a silver ship wheel you can paint orange; there are two more on the top, side walls of the café, and getting all three will earn you the Sailor collectible. On the roof is a Super Brick, and if you drop down onto the back balcony you'll find flowers in a box to water for a Gold Brick.
  • To the side of the main café is a small serving booth with a teacup on top. You can take a coffee break at the rear of the booth for a Gold Brick, there's a Super Brick on the saucer, and if you drive a car off of the nearby cliff's stunt jump you'll find the Chef collectible floating over the cup.
  • Also on this rocky ridge is a Scan Point. Use it to ID a gang in the café. Track them down and beat them up for a Gold Brick.
  • Loop around the cliffs to the south of the bridge to find a Super Brick hidden by the water. Hop into the water and check a short ways along the cliff to find a small cave containing a Red Brick.
  • Behind the waterfall is a space crate. Solve its puzzle to beam in an alien. Finish the alien off for a Gold Brick.
  • The bridge separating the two parks has some flowers that need to be coloured: two red, one yellow, one pink. All four are available back at the café. Get them all for the Nurse collectible. Check under the bridge for a Super Brick while you're here.

Northern Park

This section covers, well, the rest of the park.

  • The most notable landmark in this part of the park is a large gazebo surrounded by balloons. Three of the balloons are silver, and need to be painted red or yellow (one red, two yellow). Hit all three for the Carlo Cone collectible. Also on this platform is a teleporter that will take you to the roof; up here is the Maximilian Jarvik collectible and a Silver Statue to destroy for a Gold Brick.
  • To the right and up some steps from the platform is a stone monument with a cat on top. Save it for a Gold Brick.
  • Near the water up here is a ferry, and by the ferry three small sheds, each with a silver life preserver. Turn these red for the Lifeguard collectible.
  • On the small beach near the ferry are bundles of sandy rocks. Under them are pieces for sand castles Assemble them for the Musketeer collectible. Check the darker mound of rocks at the corner of the beach for a boulder; bash it up for a Gold Brick.
  • Across the park from the ferry is a Metro Station. Bust up the container here for pieces for a Train Station. Assemble it for a Gold Brick.
  • Near the border, before more stonewalls, is a bunch of play equipment. In the midst of it is a Free Run medallion that will take you through this small obstacle course. Complete it for the Skater collectible and a Gold Brick. Not far from here is a BBQ fire to extinguish for a Gold Brick, as well.
  • There's a huge stone archway separating Crescent Park and Uptown at the end of the park. Climb them on both sides to find two Super Bricks and a pig at the highest point. Deliver the pig to a Pig Cannon for a Gold Brick.
  • There are three birdhouses spread around the park that you need to assemble. The first is behind the garage in the south; the second is down from the monument where you found the cat; the last is by the climbing bricks at the far right side of the Uptown wall. Each requires you to blow up a LEGO tree beside the normal tree. This makes the Zookeeper collectible appear. (Directly over it is a Super Brick, as well.)


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