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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Districts Conquered Flag Locations

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

There is no better way to proclaim your dominance over the landscape than to stick a flag in it, and LEGO City Undercover recognizes this idea with its Districts Conquered flags. These simple little things, raised by Chase McCain astronaut-style, can be found in each of the major districts—and each is on one of the highest points in said district. Needless to say, they aren't easy to reach. This article covers the locations of all of the flags for conquering districts in LEGO City Undercover. Each one will get you a Gold Brick, and raising all of them will earn you a special bonus.

Cherry Tree Hills

Overlooking Cherry Tree Hills is a large cliff with an awesome jump point that will send you flying into Auburn. Beside this jump is a large tower you can teleport to the top of. At the top, you'll find the first flag waiting for you.

Heritage Bridge

From the Cherry Tree Hills side of the bridge, run up the left side to the first archway. You'll find a path up to the top of the supports. The flag is planted up here.


Auburn's docks have a few massive cranes. Climb up onto the supports of the Auburn Bay Bridge and you'll find a Chicken Glide point that will take you over to one of these cranes, where the flag awaits.

Auburn Bay Bridge

Speaking of the bridge, you can climb to the top of its Auburn-side arches via climb points at the side of the bridge. Another flag is up here.

Fort Meadows

Fort Meadows isn't a terribly tall place, so its flag is atop the gas station where you created your first Super Build. Jet up to the roof to reach the flag.

Bluebell National Park

Behind Bluebell's Police Station is a large hydroelectric dam. If you climb the left side of the plant you'll find a teleporter that will zip you up to the top of the dam. The flag is up here.


Blackwell Bridge

On the Uptown side of the bridge, there are a few road signs to climb. Get on top of them to find the flag.

Festival Square

At the tip-top of Mercy Hearts Hospital, after a long session of wall climbing, you'll find the district's flag.


There are several buildings in Pagoda whose roofs you can only reach via a Crash Mat. Grab a helicopter from a Helipad and fly over to it. On one of these roofs is the district's flag.

Bright Lights Plaza

You might think that all of the important stuff in this district would be found in the massive central mall, but you'd be wrong. North of here and on the left side of the roundabout is an innocuous pair of buildings. Climb to the top of the second building to find a ton of collectibles, including the flag.

Crescent Park

Not far from the Bright Lights Plaza and Crescent Park border is a huge tree with a treehouse on top. The flag is on top of the treehouse.


On subsequent trips to Uptown you can use a helicopter to get to the top of the Museum, but scaling the Art Gallery one last time is worth the trouble. There's a zip line up here that will take you to an adjacent building. On its roof is the flag.

LEGO City Airport

Climb the main terminal of the Airport and you'll find a Super Build. Set it up and you'll find the flag on top of the Super Build.


Have a quick look at Fresco's skyline and you'll figure out where the flag waits almost immediately: the top of the massive corkscrew tower. (You'll also find a ton of studs up here, great for affording Red Bricks and other unlockables.)


Paradise Sands

Climb the Honey Hotel after getting a Jet Pack. Partway up you'll find a place to jet to the hotel's sign. Climb it and you'll find the flag on the tip-top of the tower.

Kings Court

Across the street from Blackwell Tower is a court of four buildings in a small cluster. Climb onto one from the bottom and you'll find jumps and walkways to all of them. The flag is on top of one of these buildings.


There's one rooftop in Downtown that's only reachable via a helicopter Crash Mat. Drop down onto it and you'll find a path to the glass building with all of the Color Swappers in its lobby. The flag is atop this building.

Albatross Prison

On return visits to the prison, you can use a teleporter down on the beach to reach the rear yard, behind the main building. Back here is a huge watch tower you can climb. The flag is at the top.

Apollo Island

Where else would the flag be but on top of the Space Centre? You'll need a combination of jetting and jumping to get to the roof.

Lady Liberty Island

To reach the feet of the Lady Liberty statue you'll have to climb a pole with a fuse box at its base. Do so and check around the feet for the final flag of the game.

Conquering all of the districts in LEGO City Island will net you a fancy prize for your diligence: the Rex Fury collectible. Not shirtless, not in space, just plain 'ol Rex. Sweet.

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