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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Downtown Collectibles

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Every city worth its salt has to have a Downtown, and LEGO City's Downtown is every inch a metropolitan wonderland. Overlooking the prestigious Albatross Island and home to one of Chase McCain's best pieces of police work ever (theft of an enormous emerald), Downtown is understandably filled to the brim with collectibles. Time to snag 'em all! (Assuming you have every outfit!)


This section covers everything within easy reach of the roads that stretch through this area.

  • At the first major intersection after you leave Festival Square is a Call-in Point Super Build that will get you the Earwig collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • To the side of the outside lane overlooking the waterfront is a Metro station. Assemble the Train Station kiosk at the bottom of the stairs for a Gold Brick.

Outer Buildings

This section will cover the buildings stretching from the Downtown-Festival Square border and up to the waterfront. It excludes the cluster of buildings surrounding the Bank.

  • On the left side of the street, down from the stretch of inaccessible and plain building lobbies, is a wall you can climb. At the top is the Mime collectible.
  • If you didn't complete it before, you can now Free Run across the collection of buildings where you once saved Forrest Blackwell. Completing it will get you the Ninja collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • About halfway along this course is a Coffee Break spot that will earn you a Gold Brick.
  • Now that you have the Jet Pack you can more safely grab the Super Bricks sitting in the open up here, as well.
  • On one side of the building with the jazz posters in this cluster of five is a door you can bust into for a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. It's a fairly straightforward ride; just watch out for the occasional attempt at blockades. You'll get the Bearer collectible and a Gold Brick for completing the challenge.

Inner Court

This section covers the outside of the Bank and the buildings across from it.

  • To the left of the Bank's main entrance is a smaller entrance with a Super Brick on its awning.
  • Across from the main entrance, beside the special assignment waypoint, is a pile of rocks. Under them is a boulder. Mash it for a Gold Brick.
  • Keep running along the front of the Bank to reach a small stretch of side doors, none of which you can enter from the ground. At the end is a drill point that will get you onto the balconies above the doors. You can break into doors here for several Super Bricks and a Red Brick. Keep climbing to find another Super Brick in a niche and a cat hiding on a ledge across two catapults. Save it for a Gold Brick.
  • Against these buildings, just before you enter the tunnel before Kings Court, is a box with flowers to water. Do so for a Gold Brick.
  • Above the tunnel to Kings Court is a long stretch of wall jumps. Use it to get up to a rooftop with three Super Bricks. Head back to where you came up and look down at the buildings to your right. There's a pig on an awning far below. Chicken Glide down onto the awning to get at it. Deliver it to the nearest Pig Cannon, in Kings Court, for a Gold Brick.
  • To the right of the wall jumps is a door you can break into. Inside is a vault containing a Super Brick. Run around this building to the right and you'll find a Super Brick on the entrance and the Jo Chakley collectible at the back-right corner of the building.
  • Now for the outlying buildings. Return to the stretch of doors you pried open for Super Bricks and check the building opposite, with the red pot out front. Use the pot to get at a door with a Super Brick and a window you can bust open to get at a teleporter. It will take you above a Super Brick you can get at by dropping down. Across the roof is a space crate that will beam in an alien you can catch for a Gold Brick. Also here is a Chicken Glide spot that will take you to a Super Brick. (Also to the pig you found earlier, but the other route was faster.) All that done, check the base of the building on the opposite side for an ATM to bust up for a Gold Brick.
  • The building across the street from this has a Super Brick on its awning.
  • Beside the building with the lion banners is a drill point that will get you to the roof of the building next door. Climb the billboard up here to find a Chicken Glide that takes you to the top of the Bank. Up here is the Cacey collectible. Jet to your right to find a way to the roof where a fuse box awaits. It will activate a Drill Thrill challenge. Complete it for a Gold Brick. Hop down and return to the building you got onto to find two Super Bricks out front on the awning.
  • Inside the last building here is a ton of Color Swappers and a dynamite vending machine. Use the Gold Color Swapper (second from the end of the right line of machines) to get the appropriate colour for painting the giant bull statue outside the Bank. Painting it will get you the Minotaur collectible.
  • One of the roofs in this area can only be accessed with a helicopter. Drop onto the Crash Mat and climb the billboard up here to find a Chicken Glide spot. Use it to get to an adjacent building where you'll find a Scan Point on a billboard that will activate a Vehicle Robber challenge. This is a tricky race, as the thief is incredibly fast and takes quite a twisty route. Try to ram him against a barrier and keep him wedged to do the damage to the car—it gets away too easily to rely on just straight ramming. Complete it to get the Narym collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Return to the same rooftop after stopping the car. Slide down the zipline to your right to find a Super Brick and another billboard. Keep travelling along to get to the top of the glass building with all of the Color Swappers to find the Weather Girl collectible and a Districts Cleared flag. Raising it will get you a Gold Brick.


This section covers the grassy sections across the street from the buildings.

  • Near the Pig Cannon is a BBQ fire. Extinguish it for a Gold Brick.
  • There's a water pit between the grass and the walkways. Hop into it for a Super Brick.
  • On a pier by the water is a Silver Statue. Take it out for another Gold Brick.
  • There's a red pot on the outside edge of the building where you were once cornered and attacked by Sentinels. Up here is a pig you can fire off for a Gold Brick, a teleporter that will take you to a Super Brick, more Super Bricks between the central buildings and a Chicken Glide spot that will take you to a Scan Point atop a statue. Check it to ID a gang in the Science Museum across the street. Hunt down the waypoint and beat up the gang for a Gold Brick.
  • The statue you just landed on requires two colours. Paint the head yellow and the shirt red for the Artist collectible.
  • Back in the middle of the building where you fought the Sentinels is a box only Rex Fury can pull apart. Do so to find the pieces for a warp pipe. This warp pipe will take you to Lady Liberty Island, a secret area with its own set of collectibles. We'll come back to it another time.
  • Near the road by the statue is a Disguise Booth box. Assemble it to get the Hugh Hunter collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • At the end of the stretch of park beside the small circus area is a Scan Point. Follow it to a Super Brick.
  • Head down to the waterfront to find a series of climbable structures you can hop across to get to a Super Brick.
  • You can assemble a Fabulous Ferris Wheel in the small circus area on the waterfront for a Gold Brick. Use the jumps here to fly between the Ferris Wheel's spokes to get the Ringmaster collectible. This is easier to do with a motorcycle than it is with a car.
  • There are Super Bricks on the awnings of the two stores that comprise this area's jumps.
  • Across from the circus is a water pit. Hop into it and wander along the thin walkways raised out of the water in here to get at three Super Bricks.
  • Beside the water pit is a Tick Tock Trial. Complete it for the Drakonas collectible and a Gold Brick. This is an irritatingly difficult trial, as you have to aim your car perfectly straight across jumps to avoid screwing up. Take it slow so you can line your car up properly and make good jumps.
  • Near the Time Trial is a Call-in Point Super Build that will get you the Patrollo collectible and a Gold Brick when constructed.
  • Last up are several posts spread through Downtown that need to be colour-swapped. One is at the base of the building where you pried open all the doors to get at Super Bricks, around the corner from the Bank; the second is in the park, near a statue of a man on a horse; the third is outside a smaller bank amidst the line of buildings down from the border with Festival Square. All three must be coloured yellow. Snag the lot for the Traffic Cop collectible.