LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough: Fresco Collectibles

Updated on February 10, 2017
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Home of Vinnie Pappalardo, Fresco is a nice Italian district full of twisting streets and hidden collectibles. It's hard to find everything in here, but the search is worth the effort. This article addresses all of the collectibles of Fresco, assuming you have all of the outfits needed to collect the lot.


This section covers everything found on the streets of Fresco, starting from the Kings Court border.

  • Within sight of the border is a Call-in Point Super Build. Construct it for the Squeaky collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Drop into the area filled with trees at the Kings Court border. Beside a set of stairs is a pile of rocks, under which is a boulder. Trash it for a Gold Brick.
  • Across the street from Pappalardo's is a disguise Booth. Assemble it for the Gangster collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • At the base of the enormous corkscrew structure is a Train Station. Get it up and running for a Gold Brick. Run to the top of the structure to find a Power Star, a Districts Conquered flag worth a Gold Brick, a space crate that beams in a teleporter and a bunch of Super Bricks. The teleporter will get you back up to the top without having to hoof it again.
  • Just outside the tunnel to Paradise Sands is a Call-in Point Super Build. Set it up for the Crater collectible and a Gold Brick. Across the street from here is a Silver Statue, also worth a Gold Brick when destroyed. You can reassemble the statue into a massive ball; hop on top and roll it to the empty bowl in front of Pappalardo's. More on this as you get more balls.


  • There's a small side road through the tunnel to Paradise Sands that leads to several dingy storage sheds. You can get on top of these sheds to find Super Bricks. A tightrope from one of these buildings leads to two more Super Bricks.
  • In the field next to the corkscrew tower is a statue with a second silver ball to roll to Pappalardo's. Unhinging it from the base of the statue will get you the Soccer Player collectible. Also here is a bunch of rocks sheltering a boulder to mash for a Gold Brick.
  • At the corner of the nicer stretch of the waterfront is a Stunt Ramp Super Build. Set it up for the Mikey Spoilers collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Not far from Kings Court is a dock extending out into the water. Out here you can find a Tick Tock Trial (Squadmobile collectible and a Gold Brick - be careful with this challenge, there are a ton of tight turns), a Vehicle Robbery Challenge (Falchion GT and a Gold Brick) and a Vehicle Robber challenge (Transter and a Gold Brick).
  • There's a line of waterfront factories on the edge of the Kings Court border. Grab the Super Brick from the rear niche in the first building, then use the drill point to get to its roof. Beneath a catapult ahead is a Super Brick in a locked room. Grab it and launch to the opposite building. The Lucky Pete collectible is in the room at the end of the line, and on top of that another catapult. Use it to reach a Scan Point to find a gang. Break up the Fresco Felon Fracas for a Gold Brick.
  • At the base of these factories is a Tick Tock Trial. This is a long, difficult trial; be light on the brakes to get through it, and keep your truck as straight as you can. Complete it for the Muncher collectible and a Gold Brick.


This section covers the canals and the buildings running alongside the canals that weren't covered in the Docks section.

  • Across the street from Pappalardo's is a red pot on the edge of one of the buildings. Climb it to get to a teleporter that will take you to the roof. Run to the right to find the Bryrony Muska collectible in a small shelter, and past the Crash Mat over the next fence a Super Brick atop a thin walkway. Another path along these rooftops leads to the buildings on the opposite side of the canal; at the far right end is a cat you can rescue for a Gold Brick.
  • Across the Oceanside building with the Octan sign is another row of buildings. Beside one is a red pot you can use to get onto the rooftop of the building at the opposite end. Make your way along the rooftops to find a Super Brick on the initial framework, two more Super Bricks down a ladder two buildings over and a Free Run medallion in a small tower. Complete the Free Run for the Snowboarder Guy collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • The stretch of buildings on the opposite side of the canal has another red pot that will get you onto a balcony. Break into the door up here to find a Blue Color Swapper you can use on the silver wall to jump onto the roof where you can find the Paulie Blindfolds collectible. A teleporter up here will take you to the next line of buildings over; run to the building overlooking Pappalardo's to beam in the third silver ball via a space crate. Getting all three in the bowl will reveal the Carlo Jerome collectible. Colour two of the scoops pink and brown for the Vinnie Tracksuit collectible. Return to the previous rooftop via the teleporter and keep going right to find the Salvatore Calzone collectible in a shelter, a Super Brick on a ledge and the parts to a catapult. (If you have the Jet Pack this catapult is superfluous.)
  • By a ramp at the end of the canal on the Kings Court side is a coffee break spot. Take a break for a Gold Brick.


This article covers the things you'll find around the restaurant's roof, as well as a few other things in Fresco. What you probably missed last time was the pig on the roof, which you can deliver to a Pig Cannon for a Gold Brick. Note the Pink and Brown Color Swappers at the base of the building, used for the nearby ice cream sculpture.

Border Neighbourhood

This last section covers the stretch of buildings along the inner edge of Fresco, running from the Kings Court border to the Paradise Sands border.

  • Down the street from the Kings Court border is a grey, gothic building you can climb. At the top is the Sentinel Channard collectible. Drop down to the left from the balcony where you found the collectible and run along the walkway to find a room containing a Rex Fury pull point. Yank the statue off the wall to find the Forrest Blackwell Tuxedo collectible.
  • Halfway through Fresco the outside line of buildings turns into an alleyway. At the mouth of the alley is an ATM to bust for a Gold Brick.
  • The first building across from the ATM has a Super Brick in its lobby. Use a pipe at the side of this lobby to get to the roof. There's a flowers box at the top of the pipe, worth a Gold Brick, and if you check beside the green house up here you'll find a Super Brick. Get to the teleporter atop the green house to get at the Red Brick inside. There's another Super Brick in the top-right corner of this rooftop, a space crate here will beam in an alien to catch for a Gold Brick, and a zipline will take you to the next building over. There's a fuse box over here that will activate a Drill Thrill challenge for a Gold Brick, and a catapult on the right side will take you to the last roof in this row. There's a Super Brick and the Tony One-Time collectible up here.
  • Next to the lobby back on the ground is a door to break into. Inside is a dynamite vending machine and a Super Brick. Keep going down the front stretch of the buildings to find an ice cream shop with two Super Bricks inside.
  • Hop down into the alley and check the left side of the street for stairs. At the top is a BBQ fire to put out for a Gold Brick. Near the end of the alley is another set of stairs leading to a Super Brick.

All done? Not quite. The last collectible is very well hidden. Get a helicopter and fly it to the Helipad on the cliffs leading up to Blackwell's Mansion. Make your way along the cliff edges to get over the fence, then head down the stairs back to the Helipad. You can hop over one of the fences courtesy of a grab point to find a rock. In the rock is the Tim Welch collectible.


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    The pig 

    7 months ago

    Thank you! I have been trying to find the alien and found it because of this article.


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