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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Gang Locations

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Those fiendish gangs! They seek to cause mischief in LEGO City, and only Chase McCain can set them to rights. He has to find them first, though, and that means tracking down the proper Audio Scan Points to overhear the details of their would-be mischief. This article covers the locations of the gang Scan Points in LEGO City Undercover, and how to get to them.

Cherry Tree Hills

There's a court of residential buildings in Cherry Tree Hills that surrounds a basketball court. You'll find the Scan Point you want atop one of these buildings, not far from an elusive Power Star collectible.


Check the middle row of factories in Auburn. Near a coffee break spot is a teleporter that will take you to a lofty perch. The Scan Point is up here.

Fort Meadows

Enter the Hayes' Farm from the Bluebell National Park entrance and check the haystacks to the left. The Scan Point here will point you to a nearby barn with another loutish gang.

Bluebell National Park

The park is cut roughly in half by a waterfall. Use the rocks jutting out of the water to reach a Scan Point in the midst of the rushing rapids. It will ID a gang at the restaurant on the larger side of the falls.

Festival Square

Beside the line of floats, notably the one of the crocodile, is a large building sitting on its own. Climb the building and you'll eventually find your way to the top of the crocodile snout. The Scan Point is up here.



Pagoda's watery edge has a few stone monuments. You can get on top of one of them, just after the bridge from Festival Square, to find a Scan Point.

Bright Lights Plaza

There's a building at the border of Pagoda and Bright Lights Plaza (though most of it is technically in Pagoda) that you can climb via a drill point. On the very edge of the border is a Scan Point that counts for Bright Lights Plaza.

Crescent Park

Near Crescent Park's waterfall is a tea house. Overlooking this teahouse is a small series of bluffs. A Scan Point atop these bluffs will find the gang for you, loitering in the teahouse. How cultured.


Roughly in the middle of Uptown is a string of small stores, one of which is a bakery. You can climb onto the bakery to access to rest of the rooftops. Check along this path to eventually find the Scan Point.

LEGO City Airport

Out front of the Airport's terminal are three glass shelters. You can use a red pot to get on top of them. One of them bears a Scan Point.


There's a line of waterfront warehouses on the edge of Fresco's border with Kings Court. Use the drill point at one end to reach the rooftops, then make your way to the right. Near the end of the roofs is a Scan Point.


Paradise Sands

Remember when you had to climb onto the hotels to spy on Vinnie? Return to them again, either via the Chicken Glide on the Honey Hotel or by jetting up from the ground to the buildings in the south. The Scan Point is atop these hotels.

Kings Court

Near the border with Fresco is a small court of buildings. You can climb the fence of the Tinebury Restaurant to find a way onto the rooftops. The Scan Point is up here.


Near the waterfront is a large building with a courtyard where you previously fought a group of Sentinels. Climb onto the building and you'll find a Chicken Glide point to a nearby statue of an artist. The Scan Point is on the statue. (Try not to touch the control stick when you land. It's very easy to run right off of the statue.)

Albatross Prison

Return to Albatross Prison after getting the Spaceman outfit and you'll be able to teleport into its rear yard from the beach. At the very back of the prison is a large watchtower you can climb, and at its top is a zipline to a nearby water tower. The Scan Point is up here.

Apollo Island

Remember the special assignment start for Apollo Island? There are wall jumps near here that will get you to the roof of the Space Centre. Somewhere up here is a Scan Point.

Busting all of these brutal gangs will earn you a special prize for your efforts: the Marion Dunby collectible. Yay! Now you can look like an insufferable fool!