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LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough: Kings Court Collectibles

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LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Dominated by the ominous Blackwell Tower, Kings Court is a small, wealthy district with plenty to offer to the rigorous explorer. This article will cover the many collectibles of Kings Court; hopefully you have all the outfits necessary to snag the lot.

Outlying Buildings

This section will cover the buildings that comprise the interior border of Kings Court, starting from the Downtown border.

  • There's a theatre by the water with a drill point out front. Use it to get to the roof where you'll find a fuse box and a Drill Thrill challenge. Complete it for a Gold Brick. At the side of this building is also a dynamite vending machine.
  • Beside the road and across from the theatre is a silver phone booth. You need to make it red. There are three more to convert around Kings Court.
  • On the opposite side of the road is an ATM to bust up for a Gold Brick and, by the guardrail, a pipe to climb. There's a Super Brick at the top.
  • Atop the Herbert Hotel sign is a Super Brick and a ladder leading to another Super Brick.
  • Atop a small store across from Blackwell Tower is a Super Brick. There's another, similar awning further down, and even further down is a drill point that leads up to a cat to rescue for a Gold Brick.
  • On the sidewalk near the border with Fresco is a second telephone booth.


  • Before you get onto the docks, you'll find a large, gated building on the border with Fresco. Blow into the parking lot with dynamite to find a pipe leading to the top of the garage. Up here is a Vehicle Robbery Challenge that will net you the Downforce collectible and a Gold Brick when completed.
  • There's a Ferry Super Build available at the Apollo Island docks. Construct it for the Sevila collectible and a Gold Brick as well as a Ferry Route. In the building on this dock is the Cal Wainright collectible; on the roof is a space crate that will call down an alien worth a Gold Brick for capture, and hovering above the building is the Drew Calhoun collectible.
  • Along the road by the docks is a Call-in Point Super Build that will earn you the Bristler collectible and a Gold Brick when built.
  • At the end of the docks on the upper level of the walkways is another phone booth to turn red.
LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover

City Hall

This section covers the large, distinctly political building in the middle of Kings Court as well as the garden out front.

  • In the right garden south of the stairs up to the building is a boulder. Mash it for a Gold Brick.
  • On the left side of City Hall is a cannon that will spit a Bullet Bill at you if you get too close. The Bullet Bill will tag your every move. Guide it to the building where you did the Vehicle Robbery Challenge and you'll find a cage with a Bullet Bill flag on top. Guide the Bullet Bill into the cage (run around the outside of it until the Bill rams into the cage) to destroy the enclosure. Inside is the Mayor Gleeson collectible. (Be careful. The cannon is still active after you destroy the cage.)
  • Across from the cannon on the side of the street is a Train Station and a Disguise Booth. Both give you Gold Bricks when assembled, and the Disguise Both will get you the Horace Cone collectible.
  • On the right side of City Hall is a red pot that will get you to the roof. Up top are six Super Bricks (four of them are about steam vents), the Farmer Bales collectible, a Silver Statue and a pig. These latter two will earn you Gold Bricks.

Western Buildings

This section covers the small line of buildings across the street from the political building.

  • In the midst of the intersection of roads between these two sections is a small grassy spot with a statue of three silver bricks. They need to be turned red, yellow and blue. Get all three for the Dr. Whatsit collectible.
  • There's a small building across the street from this statue that you can climb to get onto the roofs of the larger adjoining buildings. Make your way up to a catapult that will launch you to the next building over; descend the bricks below for two Super Bricks before proceeding to the roof. At the end of the line is an Emergency Crash Mat Super Build that will get you the Kowalski's Shifter collectible and a Gold Brick, a Vehicle Robber Scan Point that will earn you the Arbalest collectible and a Gold Brick, and a pig that will, again, get you a Gold Brick.
  • Look around the base of these buildings for the last telephone booth, which will earn you the Doorlock Holmes collectible. It's on the right side of the buildings, by the road.
  • There's a pole to climb at the base of the red-bricked building. It leads to a door containing flowers, a coffee break spot, the Graduate collectible and a Red Color Swapper. Two of the four will get you Gold Bricks.
  • At the end of the line, against the right side of the art gallery, is a Yellow Color Swapper. At the rear of the building is a Tick Tock Trial. This is a fairly tricky one; go light on the gas when making blind turns. Completing it will get you the Taxicab collectible and a Gold Brick.
LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover

Blackwell Tower

There are statues at the tower's four corners, one of which has the Royal Guard collectible hovering over its head. Use the bubble generator and the Jet Pack beside it to hop onto the statue's head.

Final Buildings

This section covers the court of buildings to the right of Blackwell Tower.

  • Behind Wheatley's Bakery is a dynamite vending machine and a red pot. Use the latter to find a teleporter that will take you to the aforementioned guard statue if you didn't have the Jet Pack for fetching the collectible.
  • You can climb the fence of Tinebury Restaurant to find a way onto the roof. There's a Super Brick on the lower roof, a Scan Point for IDing a gang that will earn you a Gold Brick on the upper roof, and a zipline to the next building over. Up here is a Rex Fury pull point containing a Red Brick and a Super Brick. Climb down the pole to the right to find the front of Jenny's Diner; drop to the lower roof for a Super Brick. Get back to the upper roof, and at the top of a short climb, you'll find a Free Run medallion and a Districts Conquered flag. Completing both is worthy of Gold Bricks, and the Free Run will get you the Street Skater collectible. Make your way along the Free Run course after completion (or during, if you feel swift) to find another Super Brick on one of the far buildings.
  • In the court in the midst of the buildings is a BBQ fire. Put it out for the last Gold Brick of the district.