"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Lady Liberty Island Collectibles

Updated on February 19, 2020
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"LEGO City Undercover"
"LEGO City Undercover" | Source

Lady Liberty Island is an enigma. You'll see signs for it on street corners and posters, and occasionally, when looking out to see, you may catch a glimpse of its iconic statue in the distance. Grab a boat or a helicopter and you can even head out for a visit. These will not get you to the island proper, though, as there's only one proper route out to Lady Liberty Island. This article will tell you how to get there and reveal all there is to be found.

To get to Lady Liberty Island you must first have the Rex Fury outfit unlocked for your Robber, which means beating the game. After completing the final mission and grabbing the Rex Fury outfit while falling from space you can use it to open crates with orange handles. Go to Downtown and look for the building along the waterfront where you fought a group of Sentinels. A crate with orange handles is in here. Bust it up to gain access to a warp pipe that will take you to the island.

Now? You explore. Onward!

Surrounding Grass

  • At the base of the statue, straight ahead of where you come out of the warp pipe, is a BBQ fire. Douse it for a Gold Brick.
  • There are benches lining the railings of the walkways. Bust them up and you'll find four that you can assemble into viewfinders. Get all four to reveal the Explorer collectible.
  • At the end of the pier is a Ferry Super Build. Set it up for a new ferry route, the Cobrakan collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Up from the pier is a small booth containing the Ellie Phillips collectible. Outside this booth is an ATM, a coffee break spot and a Disguise Booth that will get you the Security Supervisor collectible. All three will earn you a Gold Brick. There's also a dynamite vending machine here.
  • At the base of a set of stairs up to the statue is a box of flowers. Water it for a Gold Brick.
  • To the right of the booth along the walkway is a Tick Tock Trial. Completing it will earn you the Redeemer collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Along the walkway, near the Pig Cannon, is a space crate. Open it up for an alien capture and an easy Gold Brick. Also by the Pig Cannon is a Brown Color Swapper. Use it to blast the four silver trees spread around the area and turn them brown. Getting all four will net you the Troublemaker Tim collectible.
  • In a small clearing is a pole, at the base of which is a fuse box that will activate a Drill Thrill challenge. Finish it off for a Gold Brick.

Lady Liberty

  • On one of the side niches of the statue's base is a boulder you can bash up for a Gold Brick.
  • On another niche is a Silver Statue. Mash it for another Gold Brick.
  • On yet another niche is a pig. Ride it to the Pig Cannon for a Gold Brick.
  • Climb any of the sets of stairs and you'll see the Demolition Dummy collectible floating just out of reach at the top. Jet up to grab it.
  • Climb the pole above the fuse box that activates the Drill Thrill challenge. At the top is a zipline to a higher level of the statue's base. Edge around the sides of the base to find a teleporter. Use it to reach the top of the statue. Extinguish the torch, hop onto it, and use the zipline to find both a Red Brick and, on the roof of the ferry, a Free Run medallion and a cat you can save for a Gold Brick. Complete the Free Run for the Hockey Player collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Climb back up the pole (yes, again) and bypass the teleporter. Keep shimmying around the base to get to the feet of the statue. Here you'll find a Districts Conquered flag that can be raised for a Gold Brick.


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