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LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough: Paradise Sands Collectibles

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LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

All the Paradise Sands Collectibles in LEGO City Undercover

The playground of the rich and famous, Paradise Sands is filled to the brim with collectibles. Expect a lot of searching to get everything there is to find in this seaside sector of LEGO City. This article covers all of the collectibles of Paradise Sands—just make sure you have all of the outfits before you go searching.


  • In a parking lot on the Fresco border is a Stunt Ramp Super Build. Construct it for the Ice Fisherman collectible and a Gold Brick. Blast off of the Ramp to land atop the tunnel to Fresco; ride to the end of it and get out of your car to find a small structure with two Super Bricks.
  • Separating the beach from the road is a long, sandy sidewalk. Along this are three silver surfboards. Turn all three yellow to get the Surfer Girl collectible.
  • Not far from a Super Build down on the beach is a Disguise Booth on the sidewalk. Set it up for the Coastguard collectible and a Gold Brick. Across the street from the Disguise Booth is a Train Station to set up for a Gold Brick.
  • Near the tunnel to LEGO City Airport, on the side of the road, is a silver palm tree you need to turn brown. It's one of three.

Northern Buildings

This section covers the buildings along the LEGO City Airport border, north of the Crosstown Tunnel.

  • There's a Red Color Swapper on the upper walkway outside the yellow apartment building against the cliffs.
  • A short ways up from here is a small garden with silver flowers. You need to turn four of them into their proper colours: blue, pink, red and yellow. Get them all for the Hula Dancer collectible. There's also a palm tree to turn brown.
  • You can grapple up onto the awning of the building beside the garden. The Doorman collectible is up here. At the side of the building beside the Crosstown Tunnel is a BBQ fire to extinguish for a Gold Brick.
  • There's a hotel on this block with bright neon pink lights lining its walls. Also here are three flamingo statues - two at the front, one at the rear - that are silver. Paint them pink for the Rudolph Pianola collectible.
  • There's yet another Herbert Hotel here, the same place where you ended your chase to overhear Vinnie and Rex Fury, and atop the hotel's entrance is another Silver Statue. Blow it up for a Gold Brick. If you climb to the top of the Herbert Hotel you'll also find the space crate needed to beam in an alien. Catch it for a Gold Brick.

Southern Buildings

This section covers the line of hotels south of the Crosstown Tunnel.

  • At the corner of the Crosstown Tunnel road and the road running parallel to the front of the hotels is a building with pink and blue neon lights on its entrance. There's an awning to the side of these lights where you can find two Super Bricks.
  • You can break into one of the buildings by the Train Station for a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. Complete it for the Athena collectible and a Gold Brick. Against the hotel where you stole a car much earlier in the game is an ATM to destroy for a Gold Brick.
  • Not far from the pool is a hotel with a drill point out front. Use it to get to the roof to find the Rodney Baxter collectible. Drop back to the entrance and you can jet over the front door to find a Super Brick and Yellow and Pink Color Swappers.
  • Atop another awning further down the walk is the Becky Ballantine collectible. You'll have to jet from a nearby stall to get to it. Further down the walk is another awning with a Super Brick on top. Same rules apply. Around the corner from here, at the front of the next hotel, is a coffee break spot where you can relax for a Gold Brick.
  • At the side of the Honey Hotel is the last palm tree to turn from silver to brown, granting you the Troublemaker Tom collectible. Beside the hotel is a small, rocky waterfall; check the side of it to find a small cave underneath. Bash up the rocks here to find the Blubs collectible. Behind the hotel is a flower box you can water for a Gold Brick.
  • Climb up the Honey Hotel. Partway up you'll find a Jet Pack spot that will take you to the hotel's sign. Scale it to the roof to find a Free Run medallion and a Districts Conquered flag, worth a Gold Brick. Complete the Free Run for the Frank Poolside collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Climb to the top of the hotels to the same area you had to run through to spy on Vinnie and Rex Fury. Along the southern buildings you'll find a Scan Point that will lead to a gang takedown and a Gold Brick prize. Keep following the line of hotels and you'll find another Scan Point opposite the Starfish Hotel for a Vehicle Robber. Complete it for the Lusca collectible and a Gold Brick. One last hotel in this line has a pig atop it worth a Gold Brick; you'll need to use a helicopter and the Crash Mat up here to get to it.


This section covers the theme park in the north of Paradise Sands.

  • You can break into a door at the entrance to find a Brown Color Swapper. Climb atop the entrance via the stairs to find a cat and an Orion's Rockets Super Build Both will get you Gold Bricks, and if you ride Orion's Rockets you'll find the Crazy Scientist collectible.
  • Past the entrance is a boardwalk covered in attractions. To the right is a fuse box that will activate a Drill Thrill challenge. Complete it for a Gold Brick. Up ahead is a large swinging Viking ride; mess with the fuse box at its base to get it working and hop on to get the Viking collectible.
  • Hop off of the boardwalk and look under the theme park. Amid several sandy rocks is a boulder to bash up for a Gold Brick.
  • A Power Star box is high atop this amusement park, but you can't get to it from the ground. Head up to the observatory and look around the rear of the building to find a long promontory overlooking the park stretching away from the cliffs. Glide over to it to find a Chicken Glide spot you can use to get to the Power Star.


  • Check the map. In the water a ways out from Orion is a lone island belonging to Paradise Sands. Swim or sail out to it to find the Bluffbeard's Lighthouse Super Build. Construct it for a Gold Brick. You can break into the door at the base to get to the top and find the Captain Bluffbeard collectible.
  • Down the beach from Orion is the Super Sandcastle Super Build. Set it up to get a Gold Brick, then use the Grapple Gun on the gate. Inside is the Surfer collectible.
  • Along the beach you'll find a variety of surfing paraphernalia, including surfboards on racks. Three of them can be destroyed and reassembled into sand castles. This will get you the Beach Dude collectible.
  • Near the middle of the beach is a Loop De Loop Super Build. Set it up to get a Gold Brick and use it to find the Sweetie collectible at the top of the loop.
  • At the Fresco end of the beach, floating amid a small cluster of rocks jutting out of the water, is a boat that's subject to a Tick Tock Trial. Complete it for the Galleon collectible and a Gold Brick.

Scattered around Paradise Sands are also three juke boxes to assemble. One is on a balcony set into the first hotel along the main road of the district if you're coming from the north; the second is under an awning of a hotel next to the Crosstown Tunnel; the third is in a room atop the roof of the hotel with the first juke box. (You likely got the first one while running across these rooftops during the main story.) Getting all three will grant you the Maraca Man collectible.