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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough Part Eight: Kung Fool

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LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase McCain needs to know kung fu if he's to defeat Rex Fury once and for all, and his search for a sensei has brought him to the local Dojo. It won't be easy getting to Barry, martial arts master and plumber on the side, but if anybody can do it, it's Chase.

You'll begin your journey to Barry in the Dojo's courtyard. There's a Super Build of a Dragon in the middle of the courtyard requiring a hefty 40,000 bricks. You'll have to do some puzzling to get those bricks before you can get inside.

  • To the left of the ice sculpture is a moving ball puzzle. You need to gently move the controller to guide the ball into the indicated slot on the puzzle. Be patient and keep it slow. Take the firework that appears after you finish the puzzle and stick it in one of the four baskets on the edges of the Super Build to get a Super Brick.
The Local Dojo

The Local Dojo

  • To the right of the entrance is a statue you can bash open to find a Scan Point. Follow the trail to the sandpit and you'll find another firework, and, by extension, another Super Brick. You'll also come across some dynamite.
  • Use the dynamite on the tallest of the three stepping stone platforms to the right of the entrance. You can now hop up to the roof. Bash the dragon statues along the edges and one will release a floating grapple point that you can use to get to the upper levels.
  • Pull the chain beside the giant dragon statue on the top floor to create a torch. Grab the torch and use it to light the pinwheels to the right of the central Dojo and the balloons to the left. Both will reveal fireworks you can use to get two more Super Bricks.
  • Grab another torch and hop down to the courtyard. Use it on the box in the upper-left corner to get the Karate Master collectible.
  • There are three practice dummies hidden in statues and boxes that Chase thinks are hat stands. Bash them open and assemble all three (one's on the left side of the courtyard, the other the right side, the last on the third floor and to the left of the dragon statue), then attack each. Getting all three will earn you a Police Shield Piece.
  • Last, check the top-left corner of the dojo's first roof. You'll find a purple stud worth a substantial amount in the shadow of the building.
  • While you're mucking about here, use the Grapple Gun to shoot down the paper lanterns hanging above the dojo's entrance. Hitting five specific ones will get you a Police Shield Piece.
Welcome to "Learn Kung Foo While You Sleep"

Welcome to "Learn Kung Foo While You Sleep"

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All that done, create the Dragon Super Build. It will melt the ice sculpture and reveal a key. Use this key on the front door to get inside the Dojo.

There's not a whole lot to see inside just yet. Run to the far end, grab the mallet from in front of the sculpture, and use it on the gong to the left. This will Barry out for a rumble . . . though he sends his students to do the work for him.

This is largely an instructional session for hand-to-hand combat. You need to get through five rounds of opponents, none of whom are terribly difficult.

  • The first lot requires you to use your usual throwing techniques. Hit 'em with Y.
  • The second requires countering only, with the X button. Let enemies creep up on you and hit X when it flashes on the screen.
  • The third is more throwing, though this time with the A button. Combine it with Y to heave enemies at one another, which is great for groups.
  • The fourth is also throwing, though these guys require some tapping of the A button before they succumb.
  • The fifth wave is whatever you like. Take 'em all down!

Beating up the bunch of them will earn you Barry's respect, as well as complete the level. You'll get a Police Shield Piece and another Gold Brick, and you'll unlock Advanced Combat (basically everything you just learned). Woo! Good thing, too - Frank's in trouble, and he needs your help pronto. To the rescue!


After you've beaten LEGO City Undercover (and possibly before!) you can return to the Dojo to find a slew of extra stuff to complete your collectible count.

  • Under a heap of boulders in the yard is a drill point. Bust through it to find the Roar collectible.
  • There are six blue pots on the main floor of the Dojo. Water all of them for a Police Shield Piece.
  • At the rear of the Dojo is a teleporter. It will take you up to Barry's perch. Check the left side of the area for bricks to convert into a trampoline that will launch you to the top of the room. Up here is a Gold Color Swapper. Use it to turn four states in the Dojo (two near Barry, two down on the ground floor) for a Police Shield Piece.
  • Bust up the furniture on the right side of this perch to find a handle. Take it to the waypoint that appears on the bottom floor to open a hatch in the wall. Inside is the Barry Smith collectible.
  • There's a small walkway attached to the wall near Barry's feet. Along this are four portraits, each corresponding to one of your outfits. Use these as a guide for adjusting the four cubes flanking Barry. From left to right, spin them to these pictures: Pick, Watering Can, Stethoscope and Drill. This will get you a Red Brick.
  • On the platform with the portraits is a box hiding dynamite. Use it to blow up the shiny wall on the main floor to find the Hairdryer collectible.

Collect all of the Police Shield Pieces and enough studs to get two additional Gold Bricks.

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