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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Bringing Home the Bacon

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Well, this stinks. Chase may have saved Natalia, but Chief Dunby is furious over the disappearance of Chan. He's ordered Chase to report to Sheriff Huckleberry over in Bluebell National Park, the least-crime-ridden place in LEGO City. Someone new is on the Rex Fury case…

Drive over to Bluebell National Park. Good ol' Frank will be waiting, and despite his best attempts he just can't make Bluebell National Park interesting. Duke will give you an assignment: round up the pigs at a local farm. Oh lord. Hop on a horse and head to the waypoint.

Your assignment is tougher than it sounds. Mountain pigs are on the loose and Chase has to catch 'em. He needs a new outfit to get the job done, and there are tasks that need doing before he can get said outfit.


Follow These Steps

  • Fix up the tractor. Easy enough.
  • Follow the Scan Point's path to find an oil can to refuel the tractor. It's buried beside a barn.
  • Take the tractor into the nearby field. Plow over the four plots of corn to find a key.
  • Take the key back to the garage and open it up to the get Chase McCain (Farmer) outfit. You can now use this outfit on red pots to create vines you can climb.
  • Test this new ability out on the barn across from the garage to reach the roof.
  • Activate the Chicken Glide panel at the top and, when you jump, you'll not only be able to glide by hitting B again, you'll get a bit of a boost by flying through the ring that appeared.
  • Use it and another Chicken Glide spot to reach a second red pot, which will get you to the Audio Scan Point.
  • Use it to scan a stable in the adjacent yard to find the first pig, then use the Chicken Glide spot nearby to create a series of boosts to the stable's roof. Once you get to it, ride the pig back to the pen.
  • One down. Head back to the field you plowed to find the second Scan Point, atop a haystack.
  • Direct your scanner at the next field over.
  • The pig is here, but it's asleep.
  • Use the Scan Point to find a buried valve that you can attach to the water pipe.
  • A leak in the line will wake up the pig. Hop on and guide it back to the pen.
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That's two. When you get back Farmer Hayes will tell you that Frank ran off to a nearby castle, one you may have seen before. Get on your horse and ride on up to find Frank waiting by a red pot. Ascend the castle through the small obstacle course.

The pig is at the top, and it wants an apple and a banana before it will even wake up. Naturally.

  • The apple is pretty easy. Check the locked door here for a spot where you can water the ground as a Farmer. This will create a tree covered in apples. Grab one and put it in the pig's trough on the lower level.
  • The banana isn't even in the castle. Check the far wall, up the side of the castle's tower, for a red pot you can use to climb to the top. Use the Chicken Glide spot here to fly to the tunnel over the train tracks. Water the spot you find here to get a banana. Then use the teleporter to return to the castle.
  • (While you're on the tower, look to the adjacent, smaller tower that ends in a pointed roof. There's a The Monster collectible on it. Use your chicken to hop and glide over to the roof and slide down to grab it.)
  • The pig is now awake. Ride it to the Pig Cannon and launch it back to the farm. Piece of cake, eh? That’s it for the farm, too, as Vinne Pappalardo calls you up for a job. You have to steal a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the Museum. Swanky… and dangerous.
  • (Farmer Hayes will also call you back as soon as the chapter comes to a close. It appears that his pigs have run off… again… and they're all over LEGO City. He wants you to track them down and use Pig Cannons to launch them back home. Sounds… reasonable…?)

© 2013 Matt Bird

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