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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: One Small Job for Chan

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase has gotten in good with Vinnie Pappalardo's gang, which means he doesn't need Chan Chuang anymore. The car thief still plagues LEGO City, though, and the Chief wants incriminating pictures of Chan's top men. Time for some recon photography.

Head to the waypoint in Pagoda and you'll unlock Surveillance Photography. Chase's mission is to photograph Chan's men at a noodle bar near his scrap yard. Check the right side of the street for a small shop you can break into to find a Red Color Swapper and a Super Brick. Change your gun's colour and run to the opposite side of the street. Climb onto the rooftop using the pipe here (you got up here to perform another recon job earlier in the game) and fire at the green button across the street, sitting on the wall above the store marquees. Hitting it will shut down the air conditioner that will push you down. Return to the other side of the street, hop on the low, green stall roof, and make your way to the catapult to your right. It will fling you up onto one of the structures outside the scrap yard.

Zero in on the audio source in the noodle shack to get locations for the three different crimes. Chase can't get them all at once… or can he? The pagoda in the park might help. Grapple your way to the top of the structure and have a look around for the three goons you have to photograph.

  • The first is of two guys on the second-storey balcony of the Pharmacy. It's just across the street and has a sign shaped like a mortar and pestle out front.
  • The second is two more guys, they're in the alley where you first met Chan.
  • The third is of a group of guys outside Chan's Limo Company. The shot isn't close enough, so when you take it the first time, you'll have to go down and get a closer shot. Be prepared to fight five guys after getting the picture a second time.
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After the Chief phones in with new orders, you'll gain access to Camera Mode, allowing you to take snapshots of anything and everything. Test out snapshots to jump to a new chapter, and Chan will call you with a job offer. He wants you to head to the Crescent Park Warf. Whistle down a car and head to the waypoint. Once there, you'll unlock Boats as Chan orders you to Apollo Island. Hop in his boat… but be sure to fish off of the pier first to get the Fisherman collectible. The path of the boat will take you through the innards of the City; resist the urge to hop out constantly and collect stuff. Come back when you're better-prepared to get everything that's down here.


Once you arrive at Apollo Island, Chan will reveal that he wants a moon buggy. Alrighty then. Get off the boat and make your way inland. Start by checking the roof of the left building here, where you'll find a Super Brick. Use the control panel at the far fence to get inside the perimeter and hop in one of the six-wheelers ahead to zip to the Space Center at the far end of the island.

Break in the front door of the Space Center (does nobody care about a guy who's clearly a burglar?) and bash up the boxes inside. Reform them to create a cabinet from which you can grab the Chase McCain (Astronaut) outfit. Put it on and run to the left side of the Space Center. Assemble the space crate here and complete the simple matching minigame to teleport in some blocks to complete the wall jumps to your left. If you haven't already, use the Blue Color Swapper where you found the Astronaut outfit to change your Color Gun and blast at the wall jump to make it useable. Hop up to the roof.

(If you're going for collectibles, continue along the left wall to find a dynamite vending machine hidden beside some stairs. Grab some and you can use it on the Silver Statue atop the Space Center. This will net you a Gold Brick.)

To the left of where you come up, past a flagpole, is a grapple point. Use it to get to a Teleporter, which you can assemble and use to zip into the Space Center. Prepare to get Astronaughty as Chase McCain infiltrates no less than a space shuttle!

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