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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Dirty Work

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

"LEGO City Undercover" copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

"LEGO City Undercover" copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase is in with Vinnie Pappalardo's gang, and the crime boss immediately has a new job for Chase: use the Color Gun he just boosted off of a truck to rob the LEGO City Bank of the Bell Pepper Emerald. Sounds like . . . fun . . .

Follow the green studs to the LEGO City Bank in Downtown. You can't just walk in the front door, so pry open the manhole cover in the city square nearby and hop into the Sewers. This will open up the Dirty Work special assignment, a lovely trip beneath LEGO City. You now have the Color Gun available as a projectile weapon when in your Robber outfit, so have fun shooting things up.

Start by checking the wall to the left of the ladder to find a hidden door you can pry open. Inside is a valve you can install on a machine down the next set of stairs to open up a small sewer cover. Wade inside to find a key you can use on the fence up and to your right.

Hop down into the water in the next section and swim to the far right. You'll find climbable bars that will get you up to a purple stud, among other normal studs. Swim back to the left, get back on land, and head back right along the walkways. Jump over the steam pipes, pull down the levers along the way to get rid of the steam, and beat up the workers at the far end. Use the switch here to bring down a Color Swapper which you can use to turn the Color Gun's shots from purple to green. Blast the light at the other end of the room with green paint to open the door beside it.


Grab the crate of blocks inside and take them back to the Color Swapper. You can use these blocks to finish the ladder up to the top of the nearby sewer tunnel. Pry open the door here and keep running into a new area.

Beat up the two workers in here, then hop in the water. Swim to the left until you see sewage seeping into the water. Remain on the edges of it and check the niche under the platform here for the Gotland collectible. Return to the left side of the area and beat up the green canister near the stairs to find a Scan Point. Follow it to find dynamite. Use the dynamite on the shiny pipe near the water's edge. Assemble the bricks that fly out to get an air mattress. Use the mattress to float over the sewage ahead.

Hop off at the next platform. Beat up the guy at the top of the stairs and run left to a door. Crank it open to find a valve. Use the valve on the machinery to the right of the slide spot to open up a waterspout. Hop on the spout and it will shoot you up to a higher level. Run all the way left along the catwalk and crank open the door you find to get a Red Brick. You'll also find some dynamite by the door. Use it on the next door, back the way you came, to find a Red Color Swapper.


Run back to where you came up and bash through the rocks in front of the green light. Blast it with the Color Gun to lower a bridge to your right. Use the bridge to get at a pipe you can shimmy along to get to a ladder. Check to the right of the ladder to find a purple stud in a small tunnel before heading up the ladder.

Use the Grapple Gun in the next room to open up the vents and jump up into them to get some dynamite. Use it on the shiny equipment in the top-right of the room to blow open the ventilation system. Pry it open and run inside.

Now you're in the vault. Crank open the safe to the right of where you come out to find a ton of LEGO pieces. Assemble them into a Silver Color Swapper and use your Color Gun on the reflective dish in the middle of the room to make it silver. Push it forward to redirect the bottom laser beam. Run forward and use the Grapple Gun on the nearby grapple point to lug another dish into place after also turning it silver. This will shut down the laser system and give you access to the vault.

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(Before proceeding, check this area for four smaller safes, three on the left wall and one on the right. Open all four for a Police Shield Piece.)


Pick up the crate left behind by the stack of bars the laser blew up and carry them to the top right corner of the area. Assemble them into a Blue Color Swapper and use your Color Gun to blast the plain white wall to your left. You can now climb it. Get on top and use the computer to open the way to a safe to your right. Open it to get a ton of pieces you can assemble into a Green Color Swapper.

Blast the light up here to turn it green and open the three locks on the upper floor. Use the three valves on the wall cranks and complete the small start-and-stop minigame three times. With that done the vault will open, granting you access to the mighty Bell Pepper Emerald… though taking it will set off an alarm and bring security guards running in to stop you. Beat the up and go through the door they used to enter.

You're now in the Bank's lobby. Beat up the three remaining guards, then have a look around. You need something heavy-duty to get out, and the Relocator Super Build in here is probably what you need. It also requires 30,000 bricks. Steep. Check around this area for opportunities to collect lots of bricks.

  • On the walls near where you come out are two wall murals you can yank down and reassemble into numbers. These, along with a big X nearby, spell out a combination code for three tumblers on the left wall. Use the combination X, III and VII in that order to get at a key. Use this key to get into a back office containing a Super Brick. Grab some dynamite while you're back here.
  • Use said dynamite on the right statue in the lobby. It will blow up, and its head will carve open the remaining back office. There are two Super Bricks back here, one in each safe.
  • While you're here, there's a floor buffer sitting in the bottom-left corner of the room. You can use it to clean five smudge stains spread throughout the room. Buff out all five to earn a Police Shield Piece.

After you're done cleaning out the joint, assemble the Relocator. Chase will jump in and haul butt out of there. One Gold Brick later your mission will be complete! Way to be a great criminal, officer.


. . . except now you have to escape. You have to drive the Relocator through the city, dodging police on a merry chase to the emerald's drop-off point. Beating off the cops is easy enough, as the Relocator can demolish virtually any car head-on (though rear-ending civilians doesn't work so well). It's getting to the end in three minutes that's a bit tricky. Pay very close attention to the trail of green studs here, especially at the beginning. Be careful when you hit the second bridge near the end, as well—you need to go between the massive barricades, not through, to reach the waypoint. Jet boosting is essential to making it to the end in time.

Once the emerald's delivered the Chief will angrily call in and give Chase a new assignment: get dirt on Chan's gang. She'll upgrade your communicator so it can now take pictures. Off to Pagoda to do some spy work.


Come back to LEGO City Bank after you've gotten every outfit in the game and you'll have more to glean from this lovely little assignment. This includes one of the Rex Fury variant outfits as your Robber avatar.

  • There's a teleporter on a small island in the water when you first appear in the sewers. Use it to get to the Intergalactic Girl collectible.
  • In the next path of water over from the teleporter is a Rex Fury crate to destroy. Under it is an RC Boat course activation point. Complete the little course to get a Police Shield Piece.
  • In the second area in the sewers is a fuse box. Use it to get at a ton of studs.
  • On the far right side of this area is a crate you can bust open as Rex Fury. Inside is a Yellow Color Swapper. You can use this to paint the four silver ducks in this part of the sewers (three on the lower section, one near the exit ladder on the second floor) for a Police Shield Piece.
  • There's a drill point in the third sewer area. Under it is the Relocator collectible.
  • You can water a box of flowers on the upper level of the second sewer area for studs.
  • There's a space crate in the lobby of the bank. It zips in a teleporter that will take you to the second floor. There's a Brown Color Swapper up here. Use it on the central statue along the upper walkway. Continue along the walkway to find a fuse box that activates a Blue Color Swapper. Use it on the base of the statue to open the two adjacent rooms. One has the Bank Manager collectible; the other has a scepter.
  • Hop down to the bottom floor with the scepter and put it on the indicated stand. Bash up the glass cases in the middle of the lobby to find a spear. Put it on the opposite stand to get a bunch of studs.

Getting all four Police Shield Pieces will get you a Gold Brick, as will getting enough studs for LEGO City Hero status. Woo!

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