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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Hot Property

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

"LEGO City Undercover" copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

"LEGO City Undercover" copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase is getting closer to the truth. He can practically taste the conclusion. He's not there yet, though, and to make the final sprint towards the madman behind everything Chase has to get Vinnie Pappalardo a boat. Off to the Fire Department to steal something else! (Isn't Chase kinda the worst criminal in LEGO City at this point?)

The Fire Station is in Festival Square, so it's faster to zip to the police station and go from there. Check the side alley and a fireman will usher you in to join the department as part of the Hot Property special assignment. Yeesh, that was easy.

First up: get yourself a uniform. Hit the switch beside the first garage to open it up. Inside a box, you'll find a space crate. Assemble it and solve the puzzle to create the pieces for a Red Color Swapper in the third garage. Use your Color Gun to blast paint onto the middle garage and open it up. Inside is a cabinet with the Chase McCain (Fireman) outfit.


Time to test out your abilities. First, use Y to put out the fire. Grab the Axe left behind by your smarmy teacher and use it to bash open the door. Grab the valve inside and use it on the out-of-control fire hydrant down the yard. Leave this yard and enter the adjacent yard to find the waypoint.

(Before you go too far, extinguish the fire in the barrel the firemen are dancing around to find the Ramon Lopez-Delgado collectible. Now that you have both sides of the yard unlocked you can shoot all of the fire alarms set above the walls and garages to get a Police Badge Piece.)

Perform the trampoline minigame, then use the water cannons to put out the nine fires on the practice building. Take the parts from the door that opens and use them on the green spot to build a ladder. Climb up and make your way through the building to rescue, uh, 'Admiral Pompom' from atop the structure. The only curveball is at the top, where you have to find a controller for an RC car full of explosives under some debris and guide it through a gap in the wall to blow up another heap of debris on the other side. Head inside after you've saved the cat.

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You now have to find a way to steal the Boathouse Key by getting the Fire Chief out of his office. There's lots to do in here.

  • Start by hacking through the door a bit north of where you came in. You'll find a Red Brick inside.
  • Pry open the lockers for studs.
  • Bash up piles of presents for a Police Shield Piece. Three are downstairs; one's in the left office; the last is in the chief's office.
  • If you use the workout machines beside the spraying game you'll get the Charlotte Hannon collectible.

Now for the Fire Chief. Play the spray game on the bottom floor and inflate all of the balloons to draw the man's ire away from his office. Bust up the furniture near the chief's office to find a Scan Spot that will lead you to a key. Use the key to enter the left office and destroy the presents. You can reassemble them into a trampoline. Use it to get up to the light fixtures, and hop along them (as well as Chicken Gliding on the last one) to reach the ceiling of his office. Steal the key from the vault and head back to the entrance, using it on the lock beside the entrance to open up a hole in the floor. Jump down.


You're now in the Fire Station's basement, not far from the docks. Use your extinguisher to put out the barrel fire here to get one of three, then bash the hat rack in the top-right corner to find a Scan Spot. Follow it to the icebox and steal the valve inside. Use it to raise the lift you're on. Hop along the flagpoles to the opposite side. You'll get blown off the platform soon enough.

Extinguish the fire down here for two of three then bust through the crate to get a space crate. Assemble and solve it to create a dynamite vending machine. Crowbar through to the previous area and use the dynamite on the cell to get at a Red Color Swapper. Use it to blast the green light in the second room and stop the fans. Go back up the lift and hop across using Chicken Glide.

Two of Vinnie's men are here, and they're stuck with the boat. Use your extinguisher on the last fire to get a Police Shield Piece, then bash up the blue and white shelves to make a catapult. This will take you to another platform. Blast the green light to turn off the electric current on the door penning in the two goons, hit the switch to create a series of studs that will lead you to another Police Shield Piece, and get back to dry land. Pry open the door and hop on the boat's water cannon.

After using the cannon to fill up a water tank to your left and open the gate you'll be home free, with another Gold Brick for your trouble. Vinnie will thank Chase for all his help, and head off to arrange a meeting with his buyer. Sounds perfect—only Natalia calls in at just that moment with troubling news. Looks like she's being kidnapped again. Yaaaay.


Time for another lesson! This section will take you back to the fire department for some more items now that you have all of the necessary outfits. (Sadly, you have to complete your fire training again.)

  • There's a crate only your Rex Fury outfit can bust through in the second half of the training yard. Inside is the Extender collectible.
  • Once you get into the 'burning' building via the ladder you have to construct you'll find another Rex Fury crate straight ahead. It holds a valve to attach to a lift in a garage. Get on the car once it's lowered to get the Fire Tracker collectible.

Grab the lot along with enough studs for the LEGO City Hero to get two additional Gold Bricks, as well. Woo!

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