LEGO City Undercover Walkthrough, Part Twenty-Nine: Fly Me to the Moon

Updated on August 27, 2016
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

This is it. Chase McCain is not only in space, he's headed to the moon. Forrest Blackwell has his own little private utopia set up there, and he probably thinks he's safe from justice. Prove him wrong, Chase!

After a lengthy cut scene Chase will gain access to Blackwell's Moonbase, or, at least, the outskirts. You have a long trip to find the guy and take him down. Start by crushing the crates and machines at the starting point. One will count as one of four; another will explode into pieces you can assemble into a button. Use the button to raise the lift beside you.

There's a Jet Pack spot here, but before you use it climb the pole beside the inactive Red Color Swapper. It will take you to a fuse box you can tinker with to activate the Color Swapper. Use your Color Gun on the light just below where you started to unlock the Ben Sharples collectible. Now you can jet over to the opposite platform.

Beat up the thug around the next corner and keep jetting to the far right. Use the switch to lower the elevator, toss the thug off of it, and head to the top. There's another machine to bust up here and one crate hides dynamite. Use it to blow open the dome, and bash the plant inside to find a drill spot hiding a spout of water. Use it to rise to another catwalk.

To the right is a platform with a bunch of thugs you can lob off the cliff. Bash the machine in the top-right corner and jet over to the platform on your right. The last machine is here, earning you a Police Shield Piece, as is a space crate that will zap down a slew of parts and a crate containing pieces for a Green Color Swapper. Use it to enter the dome in the north. Grab the box of pieces in here and carry them to the jumble of parts in the middle of the platform to assemble a Moon Buggy.

Roll the Buggy onto the large red button on the left side of the platform to create a bridge, then use your Color Gun on the opposite side to open up the elevator. Drive the Buggy onto the lift to rise to a new level. Hop off and jet up to the control station to your right, breaking through the door to get inside. Flip the switch to make a button appear near the lift. Hop out and roll the Buggy onto the button to create a path to Blackwell Tower. Rocket. Whatever.

You come out in a cargo bay. There are a few things you can do here.

  • On the right side of the room there's a vault containing studs. It also counts as one of two. Open the vault on the opposite side of the bay for a Police Shield Piece.
  • There's a Red Color Swapper on the left wall. Use it, you'll need the colour in a second.
  • One the left side, protected by a large barrier, is a massive mech suit called a Megafig. Tinker with the fuse box to make a green light appear, and shoot it with the Color Gun to bring down the laser barrier. This will also open up a puzzle on a nearby wall. Use the Megafig to operate the puzzle, You need to redirect the flow of the energy so it goes to the blue output on the right, not the white one on the top. If you look closely, the layout you need is printed on the diagram in front of the switch you need to hit to start the puzzle. Handy!

Completing the puzzle will send the rocket blasting back to LEGO City. Blackwell isn't happy about this, and he sends in his ultimate lackey to take Chase down once and for all: none other than Rex Fury, atop that dinosaur Chase snatched from the Museum. Time for a boss fight!

The battle isn't too bad. Rex will walk around and roar at you, occasionally use his bot's tail if you get too close. To beat him you have to pick up the containers in the arena and toss them at him. This will stun him and give you a chance to out-strength him twice. Do this and Chase will fling the T-Rex into one of the energy tanks. Do this three times and he's out. Just don't get too close when Rex isn't stunned or he'll beat you back and do damage.

The ship won't be doing so well after this, and what remains will be plummeting back to Earth. Beat up a few suicidal thugs and Rex will show up to finish the job, despite this being entirely the wrong time.

This might be another boss battle, but there are a few things to get in the area before you start fighting Rex and his thugs.

  • There are three crates scattered about here. Bash them all for a Police Shield Piece.
  • There's a skull of a dinosaur (probably the robot) sitting off to the right side of the arena. Bash it to get the Rex's Tempest collectible.
  • If you're feeling very gutsy, you can wander across a thin blue walkway in the bottom-left corner of the arena to find a purple stud. This is almost certainly not worth the risk, however.

On to Rex. The crazed criminal floats in a bubble in the middle of the arena, and his men will chase you all over the place. Your first job is to grab a thug using A, overpower him, and fling him at Rex. This will short out the shield and bring Rex down to fight personally. Fling another enemy at him to stun him, and use A on Rex himself to take him down another notch of health. You can also counter Rex's attack with X to damage him. Do this and he'll go back to his bubble for another round. The level will come apart and be more dangerous as you go along, but the strategy stays the same throughout the fight. Beat him out of the bubble, beat him up on the ground.

After Rex goes down Chase will be sent spiralling back to Earth. This is the falling section to end all falling sections, though it's not difficult. Speed up and slow down as appropriate to avoid the flying debris. The only thing to really watch out for on the way down is the Rex Fury collectible in one of the stud rings. Rex is the only one who can pull those danged orange handles you've seen in almost every level of the game. The collectible will appear shortly after you get clear of the bulk of the debris and Earth begins to loom large, so keep your eyes peeled. You're on a timer, so keep an eye on it and dive faster whenever you're on a straightaway.

Make it safely to the command module and the credits will roll. Yay! Game complete! You'll receive a Gold Brick for your troubles… and you'll probably realize that you have a lot to go. You may have saved the day, but now you have to get all the collectibles. Mission start!


As usual, you can't really complete this assignment without beating the game. It's especially silly here, because you need to unlock the Rex Fury outfit and use it in your Robber slot to get everything - and the Rex Fury outfit is found in this level. C'est la vie…

  • There are three blocks with handles only Rex can twist: one at the very beginning of the stage, another by the large elevator for the Moon Buggy, and the last at the top of the elevator.
  • After trashing the third box you'll get pieces for a red light. Turn it green to open up the adjacent dome, which contains a Red Brick.
  • The last Rex Fury box is on the far right side of the loading area inside Blackwell Tower. It contains the Payload collectible.

As with the other levels, you'll get two more Gold Bricks for completing everything, which includes snagging enough studs to be a LEGO City Hero. Woo!

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