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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Pig Locations

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

One of the more surreal collectibles in LEGO City Undercover is surely the pig. These porcine troublemakers have absconded from their home at the farm, running to perches across LEGO City. Chase McCain has to track them all down and send them home via a massive Pig Cannon, which are surprisingly numerous in the game. This article will help you track down all of the pigs in LEGO City Undercover in exchange for their Gold Brick prizes.

Cherry Tree Hills

Near the cliffs of Cherry Tree Hills, on the border with Auburn, is a small postal drop point. You can use a red pot to get to its roof and find the first pig.

A second pig waits on the higher residential rooftops of Cherry Tree Hills. Have a look around the rooftops of the buildings near the police station for a Free Run medallion. You can Chicken Glide to an opposite roof here; the pig is on this set of rooftops.

Heritage Bridge

Check the base of the arches on the Cherry Tree Hills side of the bridge. They'll gradually lead you to the top of the arches where the pig—and a Pig Cannon!—wait.


If you climb to the rooftops of the first line of buildings in Auburn (the line that begins with Kowalski's lab) you'll eventually make your way to the Auburn Chimney Super Build. Just past here you can crawl across the top of tall warehouses to a girder framework. The pig is on the far end of the framework.

Fort Meadows

Climb to the top of the Octan gas station. The pig is up here. Unlike every other district, you'll have to ride this pig back to the farm personally.

Bluebell National Park

Behind the police station is a large hydroelectric dam. Check the left side of the plant at the base of the dam to find a teleporter up to the top of the dam. The pig is up here.

Festival Square

Check the inner edge of Festival Square, namely the long line of stores, until you see a gym. Keep going until you find three inflatable pigs floating above your head. Get onto the grass below them and bash up the bricks here to create a trampoline that will get you onto the backs of the pigs. Use them to bounce to the top of the gym, where you'll find the pig.



In the north of Pagoda there are three gongs you need to ring with gong mallets. One of them will knock down a pig when rung.

On the right side of Pagoda, at the end of the border stores, is a drill point that will get you onto a rooftop. Up here is a catapult that will launch you to the opposite side of the street. A pig is on a roof over here.

Bright Lights Plaza

Climb to the second floor of the central mall and check the outer walkways. You can use the one on the north end to get to the upper climes of the mall. Make your way to the R&J sign and climb to the top to find the pig.

Crescent Park

On the border of Crescent Park and Uptown is a large stone wall. Climb onto the wall on the right end and make your way to the left to find the pig.


Get on top of the Museum (much easier on the second trip, as you can use a Crash Mat rather than the route from the Art Gallery) and check the white sculpting up here to find a zipline over to the top of the green dome. The pig is on top of the dome.

LEGO City Airport

Atop LEGO City Airport's terminal, accessible via the west wing at the rear of the terminal, is a Helipad. The pig is atop a billboard near this Helipad.


Atop the roof of Pappalardo's is a small shelter with a red pot at its side. Use the pot to get to the tip top of the ice cream parlour. The pig waits up here.

Paradise Sands

Grab a helicopter and make your way to Paradise Sands. One of the buildings has a pre-built Crash Mat. Use it to find the pig.


Kings Court

Have a look at City Hall, the large building with the flags out front. Use a red pot at the side of City Hall to get onto the roof. You'll find a pig waiting.

Across the street from City Hall (away from the water's edge) is a cluster of buildings. Climb onto the smallest and make your way up the line to find another pig.


Check Downtown's waterfront for the large enclosure where you fought off Sentinels earlier in the game. Use one of the red pots around the enclosure to get to the rooftops. The pig is up here.

There's a series of wall jumps above the tunnel between Downtown and Kings Court. Climb it and look back into Downtown. Far down and to the right, atop some store awnings, is a pig. You can Chicken Glide down to it from here. (This isn't the official way to get the pig, but it's quicker to pull off.)

Albatross Prison

Bust into the guard shack at the front of the prison, where you see your first sleeping guard. The pig is on the roof.

Apollo Island

Off to the side of the Space Centre is a lengthy airstrip and a massive hangar. Check the side of the hangar for a drill point that will take you to the roof. The pig is up here.

Lady Liberty Island

The last pig is a piece of cake. Check the small platforms set between the stairs at the base of the statue for the swine. Among other things.

Go to all this trouble and you'll get an extra prize for finding all twenty-two pigs: the Jethro Hayes collectible. There's no better reward for collecting all of the man's precious porkers.

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