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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Power Star Locations

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"LEGO City Undercover" copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

"LEGO City Undercover" copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Power Star Locations

As a Nintendo-only exclusive, LEGO City Undercover is a natural choice for easter eggs aplenty. And, as luck would have it, the game makes copious use of its NES pairing to jam Mario references into its many nooks and crannies whenever feasible. Among them are Power Stars—the big, beautiful, yellow symbols of invincibility that have helped Mario trounce foes for so many years.

Fortunately for LEGO City Undercover players, there are only five Power Stars to collect in the game. Unfortunately for those same players, they're quite difficult to find. This article will help you locate all five Power Stars with a minimal amount of fuss.

Cherry Tree Hills

The first Power Star you're likely to find in the game is atop the central residences of Cherry Tree Hills. Have a quick look around the neighborhood for a cluster of buildings surrounding a basketball court. There are numerous ways to get on top of these buildings; the closest route to your destination is against the wall that's opposite the giant auto dealership across the street. Make it to the roof and you'll find a plain, gold crate sitting on its own. Bust it up and you can reassemble the pieces into the first Power Star.



On your first major trip to Uptown you're tasked with climbing to the roof of the Museum via the Art Gallery. Make a return trip to the roof of the Museum (preferably via the Crash Mat and a helicopter of your choosing) and climb the tower opposite the one you used to enter the Museum. Up here is a teleporter that will zip you to a Chicken Glide spot that will send you all the way across Uptown to the library in the far distance. The Power Star is waiting for you atop the library's green dome.

Bright Lights Plaza

Make your way to the northern end of Bright Lights Plaza, past the major mall and adjacent to the globe statue in the middle. To the left of the globe is a large, red-bricked building that you can climb on top of. Make your way across the awnings and ziplines and poles to the roof to find the third Power Star crate.


This one's the easiest to find. Every time you enter Fresco you'll likely see the massive corkscrew tower in the north of the district, and if you check the base of the tower you'll find a path up the corkscrew to the top. Sitting in the middle of a cluster of columns is the Power Star. (It's also worth noting that this is an awesome spot for collecting a ton of studs, especially if you apply Red Brick multipliers.)


Paradise Sands

Take the road in the north of Paradise Sands up to the top of the cliffs, where the Observatory sits. There's not much of note up here . . . save for an outcropping behind the Observatory. Chicken Glide from the Observatory to the end of the outcropping to find a Chicken Glide spot that will take you over to the highest point of the nearby Orion amusement park. When you land you'll be beside the Power Star.

Manage to get all five Power Stars and you'll get a nice little prize for your efforts: the Pop Star collectible. Not quite appropriate for a Mario-themed challenge, but it counts towards that elusive 100 percent goal nevertheless.


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