"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Silver Statue Locations

Updated on May 23, 2019
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LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City belongs to Rex Fury, and there's no better sign of that than the massive Silver Statues of the brute found in almost every district of the game. They're big, they're garish, and they're begging to be blown up, if only because you earn a Gold Brick for each explosion. This article covers the locations of all seventeen Silver Statues in LEGO City Undercover.

Cherry Tree Hills

Overlooking Cherry Tree Hills is an enormous tower that you can teleport onto. Near the base of this tower is a set of stairs leading to the top of a lesser, but still fairly impressive, view of LEGO City. The Silver Statue is set atop this lofty peak.


Despite being found on the Auburn Bay Bridge, the Silver Statue sitting atop the Auburn border with the bridge belongs to the district for which it is named. Check the sandstone supports on the Auburn side of the bridge and you'll find the Statue atop one of them.

Fort Meadows

Near the train tunnel in Fort Meadows is a line of cottages. One of these cottages has a Chicken Glide spot on top of it that will spirit you over to the top of the train tunnel leading out of Fort Meadows. The Silver Statue is up here.

Bluebell National Park

The first statue you're likely to deal with is near Bluebell Mine in this district. After you have the Miner outfit, check the rocky, explodable slope to the right of the Mine that leads to the top of the train tunnel. The Silver Statue is sitting up here.

Heritage Bridge

There are large stone slabs on either side of the Heritage Bridge that serves as dividers for the two lanes of traffic. The stone slab on the Festival Square side is the home of a Silver Statue.


Like much of LEGO City, Pagoda overlooks a massive bay. Along the waterfront, set behind a tree near the north end of the district, is a Silver Statue atop a small set of stairs.

Bright Lights Plaza

If you look along the sides of the massive Disco Plaza that runs down the middle of Bright Lights Plaza, you'll see the Silver Statue inside a glass enclosure that's locked tight. Hunt around here for a Scan Point that will lead you to a key to open up the enclosure and get at the Statue.

Crescent Park

The northern half of Crescent Park is dominated by a giant gazebo. On the gazebo's platform is a teleporter you can use to reach the roof of the structure. The Silver Statue waits for you up here.


Rex Fury has garishly planted his latest Silver Statue right in front of the Museum. It's hard to miss.

LEGO City Airport

Out front of the terminal is a series of roads that loop around back to the highway. The northernmost of these loops has a Silver Statue planted right in the middle, in a small grassy area.


By far the most noteworthy structure in Fresco is the enormous, leaning corkscrew building near the tunnel to Paradise Sands. Across the street from it, less prominent but still praiseable, is a Silver Statue.

Paradise Sands

In the north of Paradise Sands is the Herbert Hotel, the same place where you spied on Vinne and Rex Fury. The Silver Statue of the district sits just behind the sign above the entrance to the hotel.

Kings Court

Not far from the massive Blackwell Tower is the smaller-but-still-impressive City Hall. Check the right side of it to find a red pot that can get you onto the roof with. The Silver Statue watches over the district from there.


Roughly half of this metropolitan wonderland is a nice, clear park overlooking the water. The Silver Statue is sitting out in the open in this waterside area, on a pier.

Albatross Prison

On your return trip to Albatross Prison, once you can teleport, you'll discover that there's a rear exercise yard. Climb to the top of this section via a building at the side of the yard and you'll find the Silver Statue high atop the prison's roof.

Apollo Island

While visiting the island you can climb on top of the Space Centre and find a great number of activities and collectibles. Among them is a Silver Statue.

Lady Liberty Island

At the base of Lady Liberty there are four sets of stairs, and between the stairs are small platforms. The last Silver Statue sits upon one of these easy-to-find supports.

Wipe out every shimmering example of Rex Fury's ugly countenance in LEGO City and you'll immediately be awarded a nice prize: the Mine Foreman collectible, as well as a Gold Brick. Not bad. (Though you probably would have done it for free. Stupid Rex Fury.)


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