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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Vehicle Robber Locations

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Chase McCain is a bit of a hypocrite. If he's not stealing cars himself, he's busting other thugs for stealing cars. What's up with that, McCain? Worst cop ever. Nevertheless, you have a lot of grand theft auto to prevent in LEGO City Undercover, and you need to hunt down the proper Scan Points to bring these fiendish Vehicle Robbers to justice. This article will cover the locations of all of these Vehicle Robbers. Be prepared for some rough chases - these dudes never go down without a fight. (Though at least you always get a Gold Brick out of the deal.)

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Cherry Tree Hills

Atop some of the buildings in central Cherry Tree Hills (besides the richer district), you'll find a tennis court. Just past this tennis court is a drill point, and under it is the Scan Point you're looking for to ID a nearby Vehicle Robber. Snag him for the Grassman collectible.


Atop the row of buildings next to the beach and docks of Auburn is a Helipad. Right by here is a space crate that will beam in a catapult. Use it to get to a nearby water tower with the Scan Point. Chase down the thief for the Sphinx collectible.

Bluebell National Park

Across the street from the police station is a campsite with a sleeping bear. Check it out, then head to the dock by the police station. Right by the tower is a Scan Point that will lead you to a key. The key will unlock the watchtower - as well as make a Scan Point appear on its roof. Use this to catch a Vehicle Robber in the act for the Forestman collectible.

Festival Square

On the edge of Festival Square is a large tower festooned with crazy lights. Run to the top of the tower to find the Scan Point. Finish off the thief for the Inferno collectible.

Gotta Find Collectibles

Gotta Find Collectibles


Across from Chan's Limo Service, available via zipline, is a path across the buildings. On the upper-level catwalk of the first building is a Scan Point. It will net you the Tigerella collectible.


Near Uptown's toy store is a small bakery you can climb. Check along the rooftops for one much larger building across the street from the Museum. The Scan Point is up here. Complete the challenge for the Flare collectible.

LEGO City Airport

At the side of the main terminal is a large hangar you can walk through to enter the airfield. Check the sides of this hangar for a small room with a ladder to the roof. The Scan Point is up here. Stop the thief for the Shifter collectible.


Its canals aside, Fresco has a small stretch of docks on its waterfront. The Scan Point is on the largest of these piers. Complete it for the Transter collectible.

You'll find all the collectibles with this walkthrough!

You'll find all the collectibles with this walkthrough!

Paradise Sands

During your major trip to Paradise Sands during the game's story, you zipped down from the Honey Hotel to a line of buildings. You need to check this path again to find another Vehicle Robber Scan Point, on a small platform overlooking the Starfish Hotel. Stop the robber for the Lusca collectible.

Kings Court

Not far from City Hall is a statue of three bricks, set into an island in the midst of the roads. Across from this is a stretch of buildings. Climb onto the smallest one and make your way along them until you find the Scan Point. Trounce the Vehicle Robber for the Arbalest collectible.


One of the buildings in Downtown can only be accessed from the air. Drop onto the Crash Mat up here from a helicopter and have a look around for a billboard to climb. You can find a Scan Point on top. Take out the thief for the Narym collectible.

Stopped them all? Then you'll get an extra special prize for your due diligence: the Chuck Morrison collectible. Woo!