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"LEGO City Undercover" Walkthrough: Vehicle Robbery Challenge Locations

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LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Shortly after you first enter Pagoda, you'll be introduced to the concept of Vehicle Robberies. In these daring getaways, you'll be tasked with guiding a stolen car from its former home to a shady garage somewhere else in LEGO City. Not exactly solid police work for Chase McCain, but, eh, he has to keep his cover somehow. Completing each Vehicle Robbery Challenge will get you a Gold Brick and a collectible. This article will help you find all of them.


On the Auburn Bay Bridge side of the district is a small shed set against the cliffs. Use your Rex Fury outfit to break into the door and you'll find the Vehicle Robbery Challenge waiting. Beating it will get you the Rex's Riot collectible.

There's a dingy-looking warehouse at the Cherry Tree Hills end of the central stretch of buildings in Auburn, across from Professor Kowalski's lab. Put out the fire out front and break in for the challenge. Complete it for the Enberg collectible.

Festival Square

Most of your time at Mercy Hearts Hospital is spent exploring the front and top of the building. Sweep around back, however, and you'll find a garage to pry open. Complete the challenge it sparks for the Panacea collectible.


In central Pagoda is a stretch of buildings near Chan's Limo Service. One of them, labeled Hank's, can be broken into for a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. Complete it for the Chan's Drakonas collectible.


Bright Lights Plaza

The center of Bright Lights Plaza is dominated by an enormous Disco Plaza. On one side of it is an Autos shop you can break into. Complete the challenge to get the Cetan collectible.

North of this massive plaza is a large clearing with a statue of a globe in the middle. There's a building off to the left side of this clearing whose rooftops you can reach via a drill point. Up here is a bust-in point that will lead you to a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. Complete it for the Gersemi collectible.

Crescent Park

Crescent Park's southern half has a massive tree with a house on top. At its base is a garage you can break into. Complete the challenge for the T.R.E.V. collectible.


There's a building opposite the Museum in Uptown with a garage you can easily break into. Complete the challenge contained within for the Smallisimo collectible.

LEGO City Airport

You can enter the Airport grounds via a hole in the fence along the main terminal's west wing. There are two small garages just inside the entrance, once of which you can break into. Complete the challenge for the Rugged collectible.



Though it's short, there's a stretch of docks along the water's edge in Fresco. On the largest pier is a garage to break into for a Vehicle Robbery Challenge. Complete it for the Falchion GT collectible.

Paradise Sands

Remember where you busted into a hotel to steal your first car? The next hotel down the stretch, opposite the giant party and the Train Station, is another garage to break into. Do so to get the Athena collectible.

Kings Court

On the border with Fresco is a large building with a shiny gate blocking in its parking lot. Get on top of the garage in this small parking lot to grab a car. Complete it for the Downforce collectible.


There's a cluster of five buildings in this district. One of them (it has jazz posters on it) has a garage you can bust into. Complete the challenge for the Bearer collectible.

Completing all of the Vehicle Robbery Challenges in LEGO City Undercover will earn you a quite appropriate reward: the Old Quaing collectible. He was the first guy to send you on a Vehicle Robbery Challenge, after all.