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"Min Hero: Tower of Sages" Walkthrough

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"Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

"Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

Level 1-1

You begin your quest in the Tower of Sages in a room full of pedestals. Proceed straight north through this small room and into the next, a larger room filled with greenery. Follow the path to the north-west to find the Grand Sage.

The Grand Sage is your first step to wielding Minions, the monsters of the game. He will ask you a question which will set the standard for your Minions: How did you get your Minions? 'I rescued them' will gift your Titans with a slightly higher attack. 'They were a gift' grants them slightly more health. 'I'm not telling you' adds more speed. Choose according to your play style.

Continue north past the Grand Sage to find the first combat room. You must defeat three students to collect keys which will allow you to progress to a Minor Sage. Speak to the first student to engage in battle.


  • Sapent x 2, level 4

This is an easy enough combat. Have your Ticub and Zapig focus on one opponent at a time until you've brought them both down. Don't worry about reducing attack strength—they won't last long enough to do significant damage if you bring them down with Zapig's flame attacks.

Winning will earn you a Key and some money. You can also re-battle this student for more experience. Note that your minions will be restored to full health after the battle, regardless of the wounds they sustained during the fight, by a healing stone in the next chamber.

Continue north. In the next forested area, you'll find the second student off to the right of the central tree.


  • Chimilla x 2, level 5

Another straightforward combat, and you won't have to worry about being poisoned. Fire is your friend once again. Beat the student for some money and another Key.

North of here is a larger corridor. Follow it to the west to find the third student.


  • Sapent, level 6
  • Chirpla, level 6

Another straightforward fight. Chirpla's a speedy little devil and will probably go first, but it will go down rather easily to a physical attack or one of Zapig's electrical attacks. Beating her earns you some money and the last Key.

The door you need to unlock is back the way you came, but before you head there, continue west through the next door. In the adjacent room, you'll find a hooded man who will give you a Map of the current floor. That collected, head for the door with the three locks. You'll find the Minor Sage waiting inside.

Minor Sage

  • Chirpla, level 7
  • Betehorn, level 7

Your first major battle is a bit tougher than the students you faced before since the Sage's Betehorn isn't weak to the elements of your existing Minions. Focus your strongest non-elemental attacks on it first. The Chirpla is an afterthought. Beating the Minor Sage will earn you a piece of the Sage Seal of Courage, a Key and some gold. By now, you should also have enough gold stars to afford skill points for your character; choose as you wish.

Use the Key on the door to the north. Inside is a hatchery that's full of eggs. Approach one and you'll receive your very own Sapent. Woo. The Sapent can make short work of the Betehorn, if you want to harvest experience from the Minor Sage.

Continue north through the hatchery. Ahead is another room where you'll find a hub of sorts where you can do a number of things.

  • In here is a salesman. He carries some tier-one gems you can currently afford and some higher-tier gems that are way too expensive. Buy as you see fit. Each monster has four gem slots; two of them are locked from the get-go, though you can unlock them by visiting So Good games via the link. Good deal, really.
  • Also here is a man who will hold your excess Minions past the five Minion limit. You'll deal with him soon.
  • A Gem Crafter here can combine gems. You need to have two Sage Seals to deal with him.
  • On the left side of the room is an enormous egg containing a Titan. You'll get at this someday.

That's all for now. Continue north and out of this door once you're done looking around to exit 1-1.

"Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

"Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

The pattern beyond here should become familiar quickly. More students to beat and Keys to collect to reach the end of the area. Onward!


  • Sapent x 2, level 8
  • Archick, level 8

The only tricky part of this battle is the newly-introduced shield barrier, which will render Minions invulnerable at random. Workaround it and fry your enemies.

Beyond here is a split in the path. To the left and right are two more students.

Student (left)

  • Chimilla x 2, level 8
  • Tremole, level 8

Easy enough. Chimillas die by fire; the Tremole is vulnerable to plant attacks.

Student (right)

  • Chirpla, level 9
  • Sapent, level 9
  • Archick, level 9

You've fought these guys before. Fight accordingly. Go south through this area to find a sage with a Map for the area.

Use the three keys to get to the next Minor Sage battle beyond the locked door.

Minor Sage

  • Betehorn, level 10
  • Tremole, level 10
  • Sapent, level 10

Plant is your friend here. Not much else to say, really, if you're keeping up with your levels. Beat this guy for the second hunk of the Sage Seal of Courage. Beyond here is another Hatchery; one of these lucky eggs will fork over a Tremole. Past here is another hub and after that, the end of the level.

Level 1-3

The journey continues! Nothing has changed, aside from the levels and the Minions.

Student (top-left)

  • Sealo, level 11
  • Sapent x 3, level 11

This fight serves as an intro to water Minions. Electric and plant attacks will save the day. On the left of this room is a path to a Map-bearing monk.

Student (bottom-left)

  • Sapent, level 11
  • Tatail x 3, level 11

New enemies, not difficult enemies. Beat 'em up with your strongest attacks.

Student (right)

  • Elecat, level 12
  • Slime x 3, level 12

The Elecat is the greatest threat and can be wiped out relatively easily with ground moves. The rest are fairly ho-hum foes.

Minor Sage

  • Sealo, level 13
  • Sapent, level 13
  • Tremole, level 13
  • Chirpla, level 13

This fight is only tricky by virtue of the fact that two foes and two allies are going to be covered by shields, leaving your remaining Minions quite exposed. Use your most powerful attacks to bring enemies down one at a time rather than splitting your attacks and targeting weaknesses specifically.

Beyond this guy, the usual: a Hatchery. Grab yourself a Chirpla and continue up the tower.

Level Boss: Grass Sage

Now that you have the pieces of the Sage Seal of Courage, you need somebody to combine them into a single seal. Boss battle time!

  • Rexabee, level 15
  • Tremole, level 15
  • Cobrapent, level 15
  • Shrumpy, level 15
  • Chirpla, level 15

Thought the game was a bit easy? That's about to change. The Grass Sage's team is fairly tough, consisting of a wide variety of different types. Your first target should always be the Shrumpy, as it buffs the rest of the team and is generally very annoying. Rexabee comes next. The rest are standard fare—go with whichever are currently unguarded.

Upon beating the Grass Sage, you'll receive the full Sage Seal of Courage. Take your prize and go back the way you came. Section two of the tower lies ahead!

(As the Grass Sage notes, you can now find treasure chests full of gold scattered throughout the dungeon. You now have a reason to explore the maps.)

"Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

"Min Hero: Tower of Sages"

Stage 2-1

Student (left)

  • Vudu x 2, level 16
  • Octaleaf, level 16
  • Tatail x 2, level 16

You've entered a land of fire, though there's still a fair mix of baddies in this one. Take out the Vudus first, Tatails second, and the Octaleaf last.

Student (right)

  • Wormif x 2, level 16
  • Octaleaf, level 16
  • Octagrass, level 16

So much for fire. The Octaleaf and Octagrass are both plants and should be eliminated post-haste. The Wormifs will go under with plant or water.

Student (top)

  • Octaleaf x 2, level 16
  • Vudu x 2, level 16
  • Betehorn, level 16

The Vudus take precedence, with the Betehorn coming in second. Octaleafs are dangerous, but they don't seem to do as much as the other two types of Minions. Ahead and to the right of this final student is the Map-bearer.

Minor Sage

  • Vudu x 2, level 18
  • Octaleaf x 2, level 18
  • Cubble, level 18

The only new entry is the Cubble, and it's not quite dangerous enough to overshadow those Vudus. Wipe them out before taking on anything else.

Stage 2-2


  • Tadcoal x 3, level 19
  • Octagrass, level 19
  • Cubble, level 19

Beating this student isn't that difficult. getting three stars is another matter. Take out the Cubbles first and foremost, then the Octagrass, then the super-slow Cubble. This round introduces background spells that will hurt your team occasionally, and here they wreak havoc with your team. Teammates with lots of HP are preferable if you want to max out your stars.

Student (right)

  • Pumcin x 3, level 20
  • Leeru x 2, level 20

Oooo, demons and undead. Novel. You probably won't have holy attacks at this point, so focus on water and normal attacks to bring these creatures down. They're not that tough. Past this student, you'll find a sage with a Map.

Student (left)

  • Betehorn, level 20
  • Kittyvile x 2, level 20
  • Tadcoal, level 20
  • Kleptoon, level 20

This is a motley assortment, here. None of them are especially dangerous. The Tadcoa and Betehorn can go first to cut down on offensive power.

Minor Sage

  • Chameleon, level 21
  • Volcanoad, level 21
  • Kittyvile, level 21
  • Tadcoal, level 21
  • Tremole, level 21

Not a tough fight, but it can be a bit tricky to get three stars. I found it easiest to kill the Kittyvile first, which will deflect damage over to the Tremole but still take out the cat. The Volcanoad is pretty tough, so take it out next with fire attacks. The rest can fall in order.

Completing 2-2 unlocks the bonus map in section one.

Bonus Stage One


  • Sapent, level 20
  • Shrumpy, level 20
  • Shrumpy, level 20
  • Rexabee, level 20
  • Betehorn, level 20

Fire does fairly well here. Not much else to say.

Student (top-right)

  • Foramare, level 21
  • Sealo x 2, level 21
  • Tremole, level 21
  • Archick, level 21

As a new arrival, the Foramare may be a tempting target, but the Sealos are the greatest threat. They have an annoying propensity for healing and doing a lot of damage. Wipe these two out first with electric or plant attacks. (After finishing this student off, head right through the next door to find a guy with a Map.)

Student (bottom-right)

  • Cactilla, level 22
  • Eldrest, level 22
  • Holymantis, level 22
  • Kleptoon x 2, level 22

If you get the chance, take out the Holymantis first. Its healing moves are very annoying. The Kleptoons are a pain but die easily enough, so they come next. Finish off the remainder once they're gone.

Minor Sage

  • Foramare, level 22
  • Tenasauras, level 22
  • Holymantis, level 22
  • Cobrapent, level 22

The numbers are in your favor, but their Tenasauras is a painful customer. Wipe it out first, and the rest of the group will fall. Again, take out the Holymantis early before it can heal and buff the bad guys.

Stage 2-3

Student (left)

  • Vudu x 2, level 22
  • Wormif x 2, level 22
  • Volcanoad, level 22

The Wormifs are a bit dangerous, but, as usual, the glass cannon Vudus should be your primary target. Not too difficult overall.

Student (top)

  • Chameleon x 2, level 22
  • Electroboar x 2, level 22
  • Vudu, level 22

The Chameleons and the Electroboars are roughly half-and-half on the threat scale, though the Chameleons tip the scale a bit by virtue of their toughness. Ice or din attacks are your best bets. Beyond this battle, in the top-left corner of the area, you'll find a Map.

Student (bottom)

  • Volcanoad, level 23
  • Octatree, level 23
  • Blazebar, level 23
  • Cubble, level 23
  • Wormif, level 23

There's a lot of deflection going on in this battle, but none of the baddies seem too intent on causing you, specifically, a ton of damage. Keep your Minions healthy and focus on elemental weaknesses. Water is generally great here.

Minor Sage

  • Octagrass x 2, level 24
  • Wormif, level 24
  • Rottar, level 24
  • Cubble, level 24

Your first few hits are going to get redirected to the back two Minions (the Rottar and the Cubble), so plan your attacks accordingly with some watery strikes. Fire's a great fallback after the rest of the enemies are cleared.

Level Boss: Fire Sage

  • Smouldor, level 26
  • Electroboar, level 26
  • Hudu, level 26
  • Rottar, level 26
  • Chameleon, level 26

There's a bit of deflection here, but for the most part, it's a straight-on battle. Water remains a staple of your offense, and dino works wonders on most of the enemies. This Sage is easier than the last boss you had to face, in general, though he's still trickier than the average combatant.

Beating the Fire Sage will unlock gem combining in the hubs between stages. Combining three gems will result in one stronger gem, and since your Minions have limited gem slots, this is definitely worth doing.

Stage 3-1


  • Gigaslime x 3, level 27
  • Ant-8r x 2, level 27

This is not a terrible introduction to this new section of the game. Robots are vulnerable to water and electricity, which you likely have; Gigaslimes just need to be chipped down.


  • Shoktail x 2, level 27
  • Emperun, level 27
  • Kleptoon x 2, level 27

Killing the Emperun is essential to a three-star victory here, as it redirects damage on other targets too much for effective takedowns. Blast it with a harsh water attack, then go for the rest of the baddies. Shoktails first, Kleptoons second.


  • Gigaslime x 2, level 28
  • Emperun x 2, level 28
  • Armordilla, level 28

As with the Shoktail in the previous fight, the Armordilla redistributes damage in this battle. Aim for it first with a power fire, water of electrical attack, then shred the rest. Head south of this battle to find the Map for the level.

Minor Sage

  • Foramare, level 29
  • Armordilla, level 29
  • Gigaslime, level 29
  • Ant-8r, level 29

Yet again, an Armordilla rains on your parade. Eliminate it the same way you did the previous one, then lay on the damage to the Ant-8r in kind. The Foramare is vulnerable to ice, flying or lightning, and the Gigaslimes will have to be brought down by demons or the undead, if not through sheer attrition.

Stage 3-2

Student (right)

  • Houndler x 2, level 31
  • Hydravolt, level 31
  • Armordilla, level 31
  • Emperun, level 31

There's a bit of a mix here, and most of them are fairly slow—though strong. The Houndlers are your first priority, as they can hit everyone at once for a decent amount of damage. Despite how they look, these guys can be hurt by water, though earth is the better choice. Once the battle is done, check the top-right of the room for a teleporter which will zip you to a few random chests.

Student (left)

  • Houndler x 2, level 30
  • Gigaslime x 2, level 30
  • Armordillo, level 30

This fight is unusual in that the first few Minions defeated will be replaced by Vudus (the bad guys) and Betehorns (your team). Water is consequently quite handy here, as is demon for the Gigaslimes and earth for the Houndlers. Having one Betehorn on your team if you have nothing else effective against fire is actually rather handy.

Student (bottom)

  • Ant-8r, level 31
  • Hydravolt, level 31
  • Armordillo, level 31

Hydravolts are your primary concern here. They're somewhat fast and hit REALLY hard ... but they seem to be exhausted by the second turn. Consequently, winning the battle is not difficult . . . but winning with three stars is. Either come back with a higher level later on or fight with speedy combatants who can outpace the Hydravolts. Be wary of the Hydravolt in the top-right corner, as it will reflect damage back at you. Head south of this battle to find the guy with the Map.

(Be warned! This student seems to glitch after the battle, placing your character in a spot where he or she cannot move. If this happens, you'll have to exit to the lobby and re-enter to proceed.)

Minor Sage

  • Hydravolt, level 32
  • Houndler x 2, level 32
  • Foarmare, level 32
  • Armordillo, level 32

This fight is pretty standard to the level, and if you've survived the other fights, you'll survive this. There are more replacement monsters dropped in on this fight, but the holy monsters you receive easily trump the demons on the other side.

Completing this stage will unlock the bonus stage of the second world.

Bonus Stage Two: Student (middle)

  • Harwing, level 31
  • Kleptoon, level 31
  • Titoro, level 31

The Titoro is by far the worst enemy you'll face here. Bring it down promptly or it will shower your team with a great deal of pain. Everything else is standard fare and easy to beat.

Student (top right)

  • Rottar x 2, level 32
  • Firox x 2, level 32
  • Wormif, level 32

A fairly straightforward battle. Water is your friend throughout. Stop the Firoxes before they buff everybody into invincibility. Also down this passage is the room with the Map holder.

Student (top left)

  • Electroboar x 3, level 32
  • Octagrass, level 32
  • Smouldor, level 32

Electroboars are a pain. They're defensively weak, but they have a penchant for ganging up on your characters. It's consequently rather tough to get three stars on this one. Fast characters, or those not vulnerable to fire or electricity, are preferable. Try to end this fight quickly—the enemy spell for the level reduces attack strength, and working past it is really irritating if you take too long.

Minor Sage

  • Firox, level 33
  • Titoro, level 33
  • Octagrass x 2, level 33
  • Smouldor, level 33

The pain, the pain of it all. Give these swift fighters any room, and they'll obliterate your team. Titoro must go first, with Firox and Smouldor going next. The Octagrasses aren't too bad, but they're annoying as backup. Speedy characters are essential here!

Stage 3-3

Student (left portal)

  • Ant-8r x 3, level 33
  • Amliflier, level 33
  • Armordillo, level 33

Robots, robots, robots, the fun never ends with robots. Electricity, fire and water are all great in this fight, which means bringing in a Foramare from the replacement Minions isn't a bad idea at all. Your energy will get sapped a lot in this fight, so choose your moves wisely.

Student (right portal)

  • Hudu x 2, level 34
  • Eruptoad, level 34
  • Blazebar, level 34

Four Minions to battle is a nice change of pace, but these fiery opponents can nevertheless prove quite painful. Fortunately, none of them are overwhelmingly fast. Wipe out the Hudus first and concentrate the rest of your firepower on the other two. With some decent moves choices (primarily water), you shouldn't have much trouble winning this fight. Continue south past here to find the Map.

Student (middle portal)

  • Quickapent x 2, level 34
  • Cactilla, level 34
  • Arcticowl, level 34
  • Sumole, level 34

Ah, shields, how we didn't miss ye. Wipe out the Arcticowl immediately, then chew up the rest of the team. Fire is your friend through most of this melee, save against the Sumole. Watch out for those Quickapents.

Minor Sage

  • Ant-8r, level 35
  • Amliflier, level 35
  • Armordillo, level 35

This battle is much tougher than it looks. Every time you defeat one of the three combatants it will be replaced by a Slime—and this will keep happening long after the robots run out. You need defensively-potent attackers in this one who can weather the long line of Slimes and dish out a fair amount of damage. Any all-hitting attacks will prove invaluable. Single-hit, high-power attackers with low defense should not be used here.

Boss Battle: Electric Sage

  • Megalatron, level 37
  • Cheecha, level 37
  • Ant-8r, level 37
  • Armordillo, level 37
  • Emperun, level 37

This is tricky but manageable. Water is generally your best bet here, as most of the enemies are weak to it—and that includes the replacement enemies who pop in as you bring down the Sage's team. It's a relatively straightforward battle, and the Sumoles on your side, which absorbs most of the damage, should make getting three stars fairly easy.

Beating this Electric Sage will earn you the third seal. You'll also unlock the ability to pick two eggs when in a Hatchery and choose the Minion you'd prefer. Handy.