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"No Man's Sky" NEXT: Hello Game's Redemption?

"No Man's Sky"

"No Man's Sky"

A Game Long Forgotten

In 2016, a game called No Man's Sky came out. It had beautiful visuals and an open and infinite world. Still, it was crushed by public criticism as many of the promises made were not fulfilled.

The gameplay was a repetitive loop that consisted of running out of resources constantly and shooting a laser gun at rocks and plants and then going out into empty space without any interesting objective. The story in this video game was non-existent, neither secondary nor primary missions.

No Man's Fix

But Hello Games does not give up so easily; they decided to continue adding content and fixing the one that was already there.

Now the reviews went from being very negative to very positive. Why? Throughout the years the developers really put work into the game, you can see the love they have for their product. Still, let us not forget when Sean Murray gave fake answers to specific questions. He himself created hype for a game that did not deserve it in that state.

Can we say that he redeemed himself? The answer is completely subjective since videogames are a form of art, and we cannot determine art as objectively good or bad.

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The Good Side

What was a beautiful space sandbox game is still a beautiful space sandbox game, and that is the problem. Having bought the game when it launched, I can say that the game has improved substantially since its early days.

The story that was not there before now is. There are a variety of missions to complete, both primary and secondary. With the addition of new factions and pirates, the game feels more populated.

"No Man's Sky"

"No Man's Sky"

The Bad Side

So, No Man's Sky finally fulfilled all expectations, right? No. The central gameplay is still the same repetitive loop: constantly running out of resources and firing a laser gun at rocks and plants, only now space is not empty.

You can get sucked in and play countless amounts of time, which is the problem since there were very few moments I felt my time was adequately rewarded or memorable. Optimization is still as bad as ever, so if your PC is not incredibly good, do not expect constant 60 fps (nor dream 144).

"No Man's Sky"

"No Man's Sky"


All in all, No Man's Sky is a game that has improved dramatically over time and if you like resource management or space exploration games, this is a game made for you.

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