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"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough, Act One: Brigand Horse Quest

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Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

So you've decided to become a Brigand. A wise choice! Brigands enjoy a hefty amount of health, are good with physical combat, and get the support of the burly Kurdt. But helping Kurdt comes with a price, namely in being forced to help him out. On this first day, you need to aid Kurdt in locating a horse that has gone afoul.

This is, as far as I know, a side quest that you do not have to complete to finish the game. The prize you earn for doing so is quite handy, however, and I highly recommend seeing it through before your day during Act One runs its course.

Act One - Brigand

  • After a happy night's sleep, head downstairs to the lobby of the Inn. Kessel will have a note reminding you that you need to meet Kurdt to the west of town, by the canoe launching area. Sit down and have some breakfast at the table on the right, if you wish; otherwise, head out of the Inn. Kessel will remind you about a Town's Market on the way out.
  • Head towards the main gate. A lengthy cut scene with the weirdo disciples of Taargh will bar your way for a bit before they're kicked out of town. Talk to everyone near the gate, and if you want an update on what's new in the town, wander around and chat with the townsfolk. You'll find a few strangers near the cemetery, and speaking to Niels will earn you a possibly-important tidbit - namely, that he'll trade you a Saddle for a Hammer. Good to know.
Roehm explores a farm east of Volksville in Quest for Infamy.

Roehm explores a farm east of Volksville in Quest for Infamy.

  • Leave Volksville and head west, then north towards the forest. You'll find that the bridge to the west has been repaired. Head across and you'll find Kurdt waiting on the next screen to the west.
  • Kurdt has some trouble. His prize horse, Mastadon, has gotten loose. He wants you to go looking for the rascal before Mastadon gets into trouble. He recommends looking either to the north... oooor the east. Helpful.
  • Before looking for Mastadon, slip back to the east. In order to catch the horse you'll need a Saddle. To get said Saddle, you'll need to bring Niels a Hammer - and you can find one in the fishing shack to the right of the repaired bridge. You need to Look while standing inside the shack to notice the Hammer.
  • Ready to look for the horse? Not yet. Second, you need an Apple. Head to the east side of town, where the execution took place. You'll find a man here who sells Apples. Offer him your Coin Purse to buy one for your goods.
  • Now? Nope, not yet! You still need one more thing: a Bridle. Head east out of Volksville along the southern path, then, after crossing the first bridge, head north into the woods. You'll find a path leading to a farm on your right. Check the stable past the first set of fields. Inside you'll find the Bridle hanging on the wall to your right, as well as a Crowbar. Keep looking around and you can also find a Saw on the right side and a Rough Hessian Sack.
  • Head back to the west and enter the forest to the north. Look for the screen with the corpse where you found the Helm for an earlier quest, then keep heading east until you hit a dead end. Mastadon is waiting here.
  • Unfortunately, the horse is not having anything of you, and needs to be calmed down. Use the Apple to calm Mastadon, then use either the Bridle or the Saddle on the horse. This will immediately prompt a cut scene that will see you shunted off to Kurdt...
  • ... and after Kurdt thanks you for your hard work on his behalf, he'll give you instructions to meet him south of the log on this screen tomorrow. He'll also give you a Map of Lonaria, which will allow you to instantly jump to certain points on the map when used, and you'll earn the Horse Lover achievement. Sweet digs!
Roehm returns Kurdt's horse, Mastadon, to his rightful owner in Quest for Infamy.

Roehm returns Kurdt's horse, Mastadon, to his rightful owner in Quest for Infamy.

Having trouble getting all that done in time? Try this quick route. It will help cut down on your traveling. I recommend getting used to the layout of the town to quicken your pace, so you don't accidentally go thr wrong direction.

  • After leaving the Inn, go out to the courtyard, watch the cut scene, go to town square for the Apple, then leave Volksville.
  • Travel to the canoe shed and check inside for the Hammer.
  • Slip west one screen to receive the quest.
  • Return to town and hand the Hammer off to Niels for the Saddle.
  • Leave town to the east and head to the farm. Grab the Bridle.
  • Make for Mastadon in the woods, to the north. You have everything you need to grab him, probably with time to spare.