Quest for Infamy Walkthrough, Act One - Part Five: The Crypt Key and the Puzzle Board

Updated on October 16, 2014
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Poor, poor Roehm. He's gone from a momentary passerby in Volksville to a pawn in a game that's far too big for him. Yet for all that he's doing rather well for himself, having gathered the four pieces of the Killington Seal and cobbled them together to form their completed sigil. This isn't enough to get into the Killington tomb, however, for once the Seal is installed in the cemetery it also requires a key. A bloody, stupid, blasted key. The hard work is just never done...

Crypt Key

- Pop open the Letter you found with the Dead Piece of the Killington Seal. It says that the key is 'below the fertile ground', and tells you to look for the sign of the Centai. This sign is a triangle with three eyes. Hum.

- Head east of Volksville until you see a man picking apples in an orchard. To the right of the fence is a small well. Approach it during the day and you can climb down, into the well.

- On your left is the mark of the Centai. Put the Necklace on and walk into the wall. This will reveal a Puzzle Board. Solve the Puzzle and the key is yours.

The Puzzle Board challenge in Quest for Infamy.
The Puzzle Board challenge in Quest for Infamy.

The Puzzle Board

Oh, frustration! The Puzzle Board is an insidious challenge that will tax even the smartest of players. It plays similar to Checkers in that you need to 'take' the playing pieces by leapfrogging one over another, either diagonally or horizontally. You must have only one piece left by the time you run out of moves. If a piece can't hop over another piece, it cannot move. This seems easy enough at first when there are lots of pieces, but as you whittle down the number of pieces your options dwindle. You'll probably spend a fair amount of time on the Puzzle Board.

Stumped? Here are some tips to help you stumble through:

- Keep your pieces bunched together. Try not to leave one stranded on its own. You'll have a devil of a time getting it back together with the other pieces.

- Three in a row is typically bad, especially as the board narrows. Always try to keep your pieces in tighter packs composed of clusters rather than lines.

- Work your way toward the center, and work around the center of the board. This will help ensure that your pieces don't wind up stranded. If possible, keep one piece in the center-most peg on the third row at all times.

- Try to move your pieces away from the corners, and keep them away.

- Move away from the top of the board and make your way down. It's too difficult to maneuver your pieces on the top row.

Having trouble? There's an easier solution than fumbling about in the dark, or attempting to use your brain. Head to Tyr and speak to Garyeth in the Library after trying out the Puzzle Board. Speak to him about Puzzles and he'll give you the Puzzle Book, which contains a handy legend that will allow you to trounce the game. You can use the Book on the pedestal to solve it without having to so much as look at the Puzzle Board again, though solving the Puzzle Board manually is the only way to get an associated achievement, Puzzles Are Hard!

Roehm fighting a ghoulish opponent in Quest for Infamy.
Roehm fighting a ghoulish opponent in Quest for Infamy.

Either way, you'll receive the Crypt Key. Take it to the graveyard, then take a right from the entrance. On your left on the next screen is a large mausoleum. Place the Killington Seal on the conspicuous shield-shaped wedge in the front door, then use the Crypt Key on the Seal.

Wander inside. A sarcophagus sits in the middle of this glorious room, guarded by four statues. The sarcophagus and the statues all have golden equipment that can be moved to reflect a ray of light streaming in from above. You need to adjust the gloves on the sarcophagus to stream light onto the shield, adjust the shield to hit the axe, adjust the axe to hit the staff, and then adjust the staff to hit the bow. Fiddle with the box until the light hits the Killington seal on the wall to the right.

A cut scene follows. Once it runs its course you'll have to face off against a monster. He's about average, as far as encounters go, and you can handle this as you would any other fight: hack with your best attack move, use your special ability whenever it charges up, and block to restore your health if it sags too much. Winning will bring Act One to an end as you're discovered doing some rather disgraceful things by juuuuust the wrong person.


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