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"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough, Act One: Kayanna

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Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Ahhh, what a productive first few days in Volksville. Not only has Roehm slain a dangerous beast and been inducted into the brotherhood of the Brigands/Rogues/Sorcerers, he's learned that a creepy cult is active in the lands surrounding Volksville. Oh, and he beat up the local bully. Good start, eh? But the good times can only last so long, and in this section of Quest for Infamy, Roehm will quickly get in over his head...


  • Wake up, head downstairs, and if you didn't do it yesterday, you can get breakfast from Ina. She'll leave a Plate behind that you can nick. When you come down you may or may not get a message asking you to go somewhere, depending on your class/what you got done yesterday.
  • Once outside, you'll get a reminder that Rayford wanted to see Roehm. You can find him in the Sheriff's office, as usual. He'll question you; be as forthright or flippant as you like. Talk to Rayford and Jan, then leave.
  • If you head to the Pub, you'll receive a nice welcome from three farmers. They'll pay for your tab for beating up Gorth. Enjoy a round... and if you think you may need it in the future, steal the Pint Glass.
  • If you come to the Pub at night you'll meet Japsworth, a drunken adventurer who'd like to get even drunker. Buy him Whiskey and he'll treat you to a tale of the Killington family. Buy him three Whiskeys (5 bly apiece) to hear the whole story. Buy him one more for an achievement!
The docks of Tyr in Quest for Infamy.

The docks of Tyr in Quest for Infamy.

After talking to Japsworth, you'll find the female cultists, Kayanna, outside. She'll spin you a tale, recommend you visit the Library of Tyr, keep the word 'CENTAI' in mind, give you 50 bly, and wander off. Okie dokie then.

You have the rest of the day to do as you please, which will largely involve quests that relate to your character class. Check out what's available below.


Assuming you made inroads with the Thieves of the valley yesterday, you'll find a note from Ian asking you to return to the Thieves Den. Head down and he'll tell you to meet with the head of the Order, whose office is behind Ian's table. Details regarding this quest can be found in this article.


Assuming you didn't manage to collect every spell component on the planet in a single day, you can continue to pick them up with help from this article. You can also undertake Prospero's quest to take down the necromancer in the dwarven mine, found in this article.


If you saved Kurdt's horse on the previous day (or, you know, whenever), he'll invite you into the Bandit's Den. There he'll ask you along on a job that will require hijacking a cart and stealing its most valuable of goods. More information on this quest can be found here.

  • You can also speak to each of the contacts above after your meeting with Kayanna for more information on what she might be on about.
  • Head to Tyr, and look on the east side of town for the Library. Speak to Garyeth inside (he's the guy in green, on the left) for information on the Killingtons, as well as the Centai. The others inside are less useful. Exhaust the dialogue options, then leave.
  • A self-flagellating man, one of the Morroi, will approach when you leave the library. Plot!
  • On your way out of Tyr, assuming you try to leave by the gate, you'll probably get pulled to the Mayor's Mansion. Enjoy the introduction, assuming you agree to meet with him.
  • Head back to Volksville and wait until the night. Kayanna will not be waiting at the Pub like she promised. Come back during the day the next day, though, and Kit in the Pub will pass on a message from her. She asks you to meet her in the north, past the 'trees that never sleep.'
  • Head to the Killington's ruined mansion to the north of Volksville. Once there, head east along the bottom edge of the first screen, near the former stairs into the mansion, to find a path leading into a more ethereal part of the forest.
  • Keep following the path through this area until you arrive at a pair of tree that you swear could be alive. Approach and they'll reveal themselves as Cardagas and Rhodomir.
Roehn speaks to Kayanna in Quest for Infamy. Whenever she shows up it's plot-important.

Roehn speaks to Kayanna in Quest for Infamy. Whenever she shows up it's plot-important.

Talk to Cardagas until he offers a Deal for passing. You'll have to find a Pine Cone to satisfy the old treant. You'll find it in the South Wood, which is... tricky to enter. There are three ways to get there:

  1. First, via a Map of Lonaria. Using one of these you can jump right down into the South Wood.
  2. Second, via a southbound path to the east of Volksville. It's normally blocked by a band of cruel hunters, regardless of the time of day. Approaching them will get you beaten up and robbed. You have to go hire a lady of ill-repute from the Red Door, down at the docks of Tyr, to get these dudes out of the way. They only appear on the docks at night, and you'll have to pay 150 bly. (Thanks to sslkid for help in puzzling this one out.)
  3. Third, via a back route to the west. Cross the bridge near Brattle's canoe launching spot and into the woods. You'll find a path leading south. If you go this direction you'll find a black bear in your path, and you'll need meat - say, Ham or Salami - to avoid being eaten.

Once you're in the woods, one way or another, head north until you can see the river that separates Volksville from this side of the land. Then head east several screens. The Pine Cone is sitting beneath a tree on the right side of one screen, plain as day.
Take the Pine Cone to the treants to satisfy 'em, then continue north and east. Kayanna is waiting nearby. Learn as much plot as you wish to learn, interrogate her as to her background, and then leave. You have some crests to find.


Xerand on May 17, 2017:

About those treants. You know playing a Sorcerer is awesome. You can give them pine corn, yes, you can use the fear spell to force them to let you pass or... you can simply use Flaming Vengeance and BURN them! MUAHAHAHA :D!

Stephan on July 30, 2014:

Had the same problem. I used the fear spell, the trees awoke again and after that it works. You can go to the north.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 16, 2014:

Fair enough. I haven't run into many bugs playing so far, and none of them were game-breaking, but it's good to know that at least one exists.

Bradley Keene on July 16, 2014:

It turned out to be a bug. I spoke with the dev by e-mail and had to send them my save file so they could see what was up. They fixed it and shot me back a fixed save file to continue on. All is well now, and we have no idea what caused the bug.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 16, 2014:

I just completed that part a second time and I got through, so I'll list my exact actions:

- Go to the pub after beating Gorth

- Talk to Jasper and buy him three Whiskeys

- Leave and talk to Kayanna

- Come back to that same spot outside the pub the next night

- Go inside the pub the next day (probably at night) and listen to Kit for the clue

- Get the Pine Cone (can do this at any time, I suppose)

- Take it to the treants and make the deal

- Hand the Pine Cone over

- Walk through

I have to assume you missed one of those steps. If not, I have no idea what happened. Might be a pathfinding glitch of some kind.

Bradley Keene on July 16, 2014:

I gave the treants the pinecone and they went to sleep, but I can't take the path to the north. My character acknowledges that a path exists to the north if I use the "examine" option, but trying to move north, he just stops at the treants and won't proceed. Not sure what to do, really.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 14, 2014:

Cool. I've only played a bit of the way into the Sorcerer's quest; once I get through the Rogue, the Sorcerer's next. I've found too many items for spells not to want to give them a try.

Max on July 14, 2014:

As a wizard, I avoided the hunters using the fear spell

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 13, 2014:

Ahhh. Fair enough. Given the other methods of entering the forest that seems too troublesome to bother in most runs, but I'll try it out and shove it in the walkthrough. Thanks very much.