Quest for Infamy Walkthrough, Act One: Rogue Silver Feathered Raven Quest

Updated on October 16, 2014
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Having found his way into the Thieves Den beneath the valley, Roehm is well on his way to becoming a first-class Rogue. He's not in the Order yet, though, and according to Ian he needs to meet the head of the Order to join up. The head is interested in Roehm - but he'll require more than just a meet-and-greet to allow Roehm to join their austere ranks...

Act One: Rogue, Part Two

- Upon waking up after locating the Thieves Den, you'll find a message from Ian waiting downstairs. It asks you to meet him in the usual spot, which is, of course, the Thieves Den. Either pull out your Map or make tracks for the graveyard to the north. (The Map is a far better way to manage your day, of course.)

- Upon arrival, Ian will tell you to meet with the head of the Order. Go through the door behind his table to meet Red. He's willing to let you enter the Order, but first you have to prove your worth by snagging a rare, mystical bird from the Mayor of Tyr. He'll give you Sleeping Powder to grab the beast without making a racket.

- Talk to Red for more information on the scam, as well as to get his take on various other subjects, then head out. You can get to Tyr either by taking the western road from Volksville and then wandering south... or by pulling out your Map and jumping right there...

Roehm enters the home of Tyr's mayor in Quest for Infamy.
Roehm enters the home of Tyr's mayor in Quest for Infamy.

- ... but don't go there yet! First, visit the Goods shop in Volksville. Speak to the squabbling proprietors and you'll find that they sell Hocks of Ham and Cuts of Salami. You'll need one or the other to complete this missiong. Don't leave Volksville without buying some meat.

- Head to Tyr. The home of Mayor VanDarkles, leader of Tyr, is in the northwest of the city. Make your way there during the day and you won't find him at home, but you'll be free to wander around a little simply by knocking on the front door. Unfortunately, you can't get anywhere past the landing at this point.

- For the moment, find some way to while away the day, either in Tyr, back in Volksville, or somewheres else on the map. Tyr has plenty to do now that it's been unlocked, including visiting the library, doing work for the harbourmaster down at the pier, visit the Salty Dog, and check out the lighthouse. (You can also just pull up the timer and quickly waste time until night. Your call.)

- Return to the mansion. The gardeners are gone, and the front door is now locked. Gotta find a way inside. Pull out your Lockpick and set to work.

- Minigame! You need to push the teeth of the lock up with your Lockpick. Push each one up twice, and have all of them in place, to pick the lock. This is easier than it seems; simply click as rapidly as you can and move your mouse slowly from one side of the chamber to the other. You'll get them all in place rather quickly.

- Now you're indoors. Go into Sneaking mode to avoid making noise. As you're in here the mayor will appear, and if he sees you he'll immediately call for guards and you'll get a Game Over. There are multiple ways out of this jam:

  • First, you can go back outside and climb the vines decorating the wall to your right. You'll need a Climbing score of 70 or more to successfully scale the wall. A Climber's Kit will also do the trick, if you don't feel like building up your Climbing skill that much. (And yes, this means that you don't have to break in to enter the premeses.)
  • Second, you can get upstairs via the wall on the left. I'm not certain of the climbing score needed to get up here, but it's at most as high as using the outside wall.

Roehm sneaks into the home of Tyr's mayor in Quest for Infamy - and discovers a large, powerful, and (mercifully) sleeping tiger.
Roehm sneaks into the home of Tyr's mayor in Quest for Infamy - and discovers a large, powerful, and (mercifully) sleeping tiger.

- Regardless of your approach, you'll find yourself on the mansion's rear patio, right beside the cage containing the Silver Feathered Raven. Problem is, there's also a sleeping tiger nearby. Eep.

- Slip across the patio and grab the Cloth that's across from the tiger. (You'll find 1000 bly up here under a rock, as well; I assume finding it is part of your Thieving score, but I'm not positive.) You need to drape the Cloth on the Raven's cage, after using the Sleeping Powder to put the Raven to sleep.

- Now the moment of truth. The tiger will wake up in the middle of this, and he'll be out for blood. If you do anything other than give him a piece of meat, he'll eat you up and end your game. Give him Ham or Sausage, though, and he'll fall back to sleep. Snooze.

- Grab the Silver Feathered Raven once it's asleep and covered. Woo! Sneak out of the mansion, double-time. Don't linger in the foyer too long, lest the mayor appear and ruin your day.

- Once you're outside, use your Map to zip back to the Thieves Den and report to Red. You'll receive a mighty 5000 bly for your services.


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    Gordon D Easingwood 

    5 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

    Not a game I've played but sounds interesting


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