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"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough, Act One: Rogue Thieves Den Quest

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Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

You are the Rogue! Underhanded, conniving, perhaps even a little dashing and charming, the Rogue is number one when it comes to thievery. But you're only kind of a Rogue at the moment, and in order to fully join their number you'll have to solve one of Ian's weird riddles - not to mention wander the lands surrounding Volksville, looking for an entrance. An entrance to what, you ask? Well, that's a secret...

Act One: Rogue

  • After spending the night at the Inn you'll wake up and find a breakfast waiting downstairs, courtesy of Ina. Partake if you wish and head out, noting Kessel's invitation to see a Town Market in the evening. This sounds nice and all, but it also places a time on your schedule, as you'll instantly be shunted to the Town Market when the daylight fades. Get everything done.
  • Head out into the streets. You'll find a lengthy cut scene waiting in the courtyard. Answer questions as you see fit, then head east to the cemetery.
  • Ian is waiting in the same place where you left him. His fellow conspirators wish to meet you - but you need to go looking for them, and the only concrete hint Ian offers is that they're in the valley. Great. He further offers that you look for 'faded glory', and that you 'listen to the news but ignore the sermon'. Gotta love riddles.
Roehm encounters a pair of bandits on the road east of Volksville in Quest for Infamy.

Roehm encounters a pair of bandits on the road east of Volksville in Quest for Infamy.

  • Ian also offers you one sage piece of advice: if anybody tries to rob you, say 'Lemondrop Billygoat'. This will save you from thievery, and you can use the password to ID yourself to other members of the 'Order'. Whatever that is.
  • Leave town after asking around for 'today's news' and head far to the north, through the remains of the Killington mansion and off to the expansive graveyard in the far north. Look out for undead along the way.
  • Once you hit the graveyard, take a right and head northeast. You'll find an abandoned building here. Walk inside and look for a small, ruined chapel on the right side of the building.
  • Head up to the pulpit and examine it. This will trigger a puzzle wherein you can hit the four tips of a carven image of a rosary. If you hit the tips of the rosary in this order - north, east, west, and south - you'll open up a path that leads belowground.
  • A door waits ahead. Approach it and you'll be interrogated by a voice behind the door. It poses a riddle; all you need do to get through is provide the password Ian gave earlier. In other words, Lemondrop Billygoat. Weeeee!
  • Looking for a shorter but more costly trip to your destination? Head over to the Tobaccionist. A man named O'Burr is out front of the Goods store, and if you drop the password he'll offer to sell you a Map of Lonaria for 100 bly. Buy it and you can instantly jump to spots on the map without having to walk and waste a lot of time. This particular Map, when used, will zip you down into the tunnels beneath town. Go south one screen.
Roehm speaks to Ian in the Thieves Den of Quest for Infamy.

Roehm speaks to Ian in the Thieves Den of Quest for Infamy.

Thieves Den

  • Yay! You made it! This is Ian's underground hideout. The Thieves Den is quite a handy spot for your Rogue.
  • Start by talking to Mags, the woman with the hook behind the counter. Aside from giving you some info on the place, she'll offer you several helpful items that will make stealing things a whole lot easier. You can also steal things and sell them to Mags for bly by offering them over the counter. The rarer the item, the more bly you'll make.
  • Chat with whomever you like down here, then approach Ian. He'll happily welcome you, give you a Bladerang that you can use in combat from this point on, and give you info on the Order. He can also point out several houses that you may possibly want to break into for swag that you can sell to Mags, and if you didn't use it to get down here already, he'll recommend snagging a Map from O'Burr.
  • One last thing before you leave, and one of the most important. There's a small, almost unremarkable sparring doll beside Mags' desk. You can use this doll to train your Thievery skill. It will rise more slowly than if you performed actual acts of thievery, mind, but the risk of getting caught is a great deal lower - and you'll be much better prepared to steal when you go back aboveground.


mae on September 15, 2014:

Click on the lady picture in the hall to get 500 blys