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"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough, Act One: Sorcerer Necromancer Quest

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.


Yaaaaay! Roehm has come to town, and he's brought with him the expectation that he can learn to be an awesome Sorcerer without any problems. Unfortunately, problems tend to find him - and when Roehm enlists himself under the mighty Prospero, the old man has a task for Roehm that might put him in some rather direct danger. Stupid necromantic magic...

Unlike the side quests provided to Rogues and Brigands, all three classes can perform the necromancer side quest. It's worth the effort, as well.

Act One: Sorceror

  • After waking up the next day, you'll find breakfast waiting downstairs at the Inn, courtesy of Ina. Eat up if you're feeling peckish, then heed Kessel's message about the festival later that need and head out.
  • Head towards the courtyard. Hear you'll see a sizable cut scene between Rayford and a bunch of crazy cultists. Once they're gone you'll be free to wander town as you wish.
  • Head for the Magic Shop, where Prospero is waiting. Ask him about magic and he'll give you the lowdown on Environmental Magic and Battle Magic. You can thereafter ask him about the many spells Roehm can learn, and what's necessary to learn each one. The spells, and the ingredients necessary to cast them, can be found in another article.
  • Sift through Prospero's conversation options until you reach 'Payment for Services'. He'll reveal his purpose: he needs you to off a necromancer in the dwarven mines near the beach, through the woods to the south of town.
Roehm exploring the southern woods in Quest for Infamy.

Roehm exploring the southern woods in Quest for Infamy.

South Woods

Before you head here you'll need two things.

First, the Harpoon. Head to Tyr once it's open and go down to the docks. You'll find a creen with a bunch of workers to the left of the Lost and Found and the Red Door. On the left side of the screen is a Harpoon. Grab it.

Second, a bladed weapon. Go to Volksville during the evening and speak to the smithy in the evening. You can buy a Throwing Knife from him for 50 bly. You can also get a Ceremonial Dagger for 1000 bly, but you don't need to spend quite so much for this task.

Now you have a slight problem. The southern woods are not that easy to enter. There are three ways in, all of which require a bit of searching - and expenditure - to circumvent.

  • Your first option is to get a Map of Lonaria, which will allow you to leap straight to the center of the forest. You can't do this on your second day here. Return to Prospero after beating up Gorth at the end of the second day and he'll give you a Map as you enter.
  • Your second option is to buy a piece of meat from the Goods shop of Volksville, either Ham or Salami. Both cost 10 bly. Head to the bridge that leads west and look for a path through the forest that leads south. You'll meet a black bear along the way that you can feed. Do so before it eats you and you can slip past it and into the southern woods.
  • Your third option is to take the road south along the path to the east of Volksville, though the first time you do this you'll meet a band of hunters. They'll beat you up and steal 10 bly if you attempt to pass. Head to Tyr and speak to the women down by the Red Door after dark and you can give one of them 150 bly to 'move' the hunters out of your way. You can't do this until Tyr is open, obviously.

One way or another, you're now in the forest. Beware of the brigands and monsters in here, as they're rather strong at this point in the game compared to yourself. Head east and then south to find a path that leads to the mine. Step inside.

The Kraken, found deep within the Dwarven Mines of Quest for Infamy. You'll need some good timing to bypass this fiend.

The Kraken, found deep within the Dwarven Mines of Quest for Infamy. You'll need some good timing to bypass this fiend.

Dwarven Mine

  • The mine is a treacherous area, full of all sorts of crazy nonsense that can get you killed - or, hey, enrich your life. The area is large enough that it deserves its own walkthrough, found in this article. A map is included.
  • To get to the necromancer, head north until you reach a larger area, a dwarven camp, that branches in four directions. Head east until you hit a wall, then go north until you see another path leading east.
  • This will take you to a chasm. If you have Float on a Cloud, you can use it to cross. Otherwise, turn on running and use the Hand on the other side of the chasm to leap across. (Thanks to sslkid for pointing out this latter route across.)
  • The necromancer has things to say. Watch her interlude through and you'll receive a new quest - namely, to wander the mines until you get her what she wants. Sigh...
  • First, Kraken Lungs. Leave the necromancer's lair, cross the chasm, and go south one screen. Then head west until you're forced north. Go north until you see a western path. Follow it west until you're forced north again. Two screens later you'll hit a crossroads. Continue west down this path until you hit the lair of the kraken. Save, then approach until the kraken picks you up. Once its roaring animation finishes you'll have a few seconds to use the Harpoon and bring it down. Dawdle too long, though, and... yeah.
  • Second, some Poor Bastard's Brains. First, check out the farm to the east of Volksville, and look inside the shed (left side) for a Sack. Head to Volksville and use the blade you picked up earlier on the spiked cranium of Markus, the dude who was executed at the beginning of the game, near the gate.
  • Return to the necromancer and give her both items. Long story short, the quest ends successfully, and you get a bonus 5000 bly on top of taking her down. (Only if you're a Sorcerer, though. The other classes get squat. Thanks to chucklas for pointing that out.) Return to Prospero and he'll announce that you're no longer in his debt, which is... nice.


Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 24, 2014:

Cool. Thanks. I'll add that in. Makes sense, too - not that you'd ever need THAT many blythos.

chucklas on July 24, 2014:

Hey one other thing, the reward only happens for Sorcerers. No extra bly's for the other classes.

Bobby on July 23, 2014:

That works! Thanks.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 23, 2014:

Ahhh, okay. This forum post gave me the hint I think you'll need:

Head to the farm to the west of town and look in the shed. There should be a sack on your left as you enter. I've never known what it was for, and the forum posting suggests it may be for the brain. Give it a try to let me know if it works.

Bobby on July 23, 2014:

Thanks for the quick relpy. The pint glass from the pub doesn't seem to help, though.

Matt Bird (author) from Canada on July 22, 2014:

I read something to that effect on the company forum before I did the quest, but when I fetched the brain it went straight into my inventory, no problem. The only thing I can recall having that might work is an empty glass from the pub. When I get a chance I'll go back and test this.

Bobby Sam on July 22, 2014:

When I try to get the brains, it says I need something to put them in.