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"Quest for Infamy" Prologue Part 1: Volksville Walkthrough

Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

Greetings, traveller, and welcome to Quest for Infamy! A point-and-click adventure in the tradition of King's Quest, Leisure Suit Larry, and Maniac Mansion, Quest for Infamy begins with a rather sordid introduction to Roehm, the, er, "hero" of the adventure. What crazy catastrophes will befall this brigand as he finds his way to rustic Volksville? And will he live to see the whole town plundered...? Let's find out.


After a quick introduction—a very quick one, if you didn't watch the Prelude to Infamy—you'll be free to wander the town of Volksville as Roehm, a black-cloaked vagabond.

Cursor Appearance and Function

Start by getting a feel for the game. Quest for Infamy is a point-and-click adventure, forcing you to use your wits (and occasionally your reflexes) to progress. You have multiple options for doing so, largely accessed via right clicking your mouse.

Doing so will change the appearance of the cursor on the screen:

  • When your cursor looks like a smaller version of Roehm, you can click portions of the screen to make him move around. If you move your cursor to the top of the screen you can change from walking to skulking to flat out running, if you so desire (and you will, eventually).
  • When your cursor looks like an eyeball, you can click on people, items, and locations for a brief description.
  • When your cursor looks like a pointing hand, you can take or manipulate nearby items or your surroundings. It's not a bad idea to do this to virtually everything you come across, just in case.
  • When your cursor looks like a word bubble, you can click on people and speak to them.
  • When your cursor looks like a sword, you can use it to initiate battles. For now, not terribly useful.
  • When your cursor looks like a skull, you're in the middle of an action.
Roehm gets a bit saucy in Quest for Infamy.

Roehm gets a bit saucy in Quest for Infamy.

Roaming Volksville

  • Start off by talking to Udo, the guy who greeted you upon entering town. He has lots to say about Volksville, and it's wise to listen to all of his tidbits of information. You can also buy items from Udo, though you should save your bly for now.
  • Head north one screen. You're now beside the Sheriff's office. If you move quickly you can speak to Jan, the larger guy by the door on the left, and he'll ask if you plan on going to the execution. You can also speak to Niels, the blacksmith's assistant, at his forge.
  • South one screen, you'll find a large house with a sparkling star above its door. You can open it with the Hand cursor. This is the Magic Shop, owned by Prospero the magician. He doesn't have a whole lot to say right now, but he will in the future. (Hilariously, you will be disintegrated if you Attack the gargoyles out front of the Magic Shop.)
  • Back outside. To your right is Volksville Square, where they're going to stage an execution in the near future. Don't bother going this way just yet. Head left and you'll find a small, unremarkable cottage. It's similarly not much use right now.
  • Return to the Sheriff's office and look for a side street on the left, a short jog away from Niels. This leads to the Inn. Inside you'll find the proprietor, Kessel, and an adventurous-looking chap named Ned O'King. Ned will tell you about the wilds of the world. Speak to both, ogle the maid if you wish, then go back outside.
  • Take a left at the tree outside the Inn to find the Pub. There are plenty of people to speak to inside, though the only one who will actually talk is Kit, the proprietress. She'll give you the skinny on much of the town's goings-on, as well, and sell you items. While you're in here you'll be approached by Kurdt, the burly guy on the right, and if you sass off to him you'll get Roehm a beer. Ooo!
Roehm attends a public execution in Quest for Infamy.

Roehm attends a public execution in Quest for Infamy.

  • Back outside and to the north of the Pub is the Bank of Volksville, which isn't much use right now. To the west you'll find the blacksmith's shop, and south of the shop you'll encounter Jerrod, owner of the potions shop to his right. Talk to him, then head east.
  • On this screen you'll find two houses. The house on the left is the Tobacconist, owned by Armand. The house on the right sells Goods, and is owned by Gwen and Owen. Neither building is useful, but you can introduce Roehm and see the last of Volksville's inhabitants. The alley between the homes leads back to the Pub, while heading east will take you back to the Sheriff's office.
  • Aside from wandering the outskirts of town, which is largely fruitless, you're done looking 'round Volksville. By now you've probably heard the bell for the execution everyone's talking about; best head to the execution site and see what's-what. (Note that if you wait long enough you'll get an achievement.)
  • A cutscene follows. Once it's done you'll be introduced to Rayford, the Sheriff, and Roehm's Infamy score will jump up to 15. What an intro that was.