Quest for Infamy Walkthrough: Spells and Spell Components

Updated on October 16, 2014
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Quest for Infamy owned by Infamous Games. Images used for educational purposes only. | Source

Spells! The Sorcerer may be the worst of the classes at fighting physically, but he more than makes up for it in spell-based firepower. Take the Path of the Sorcerer and Prospero, Mr. Magic himself, will offer to teach Roehm a large number of spells that can be used in and out of combat. All will be useful at least once on your adventure, and most of them will see use almost constantly.

Is there a catch? Of course there's a catch. Each spell requires one or more spell components, all of which are scattered throughout the valley. You'll have to go looking for them on your travels to use the spells. Trust me, though - the results are worth the effort, and in many cases you can achieve other goals while hunting for the components. Enjoy!

Take Inanimate Object

Allows you to, essentially, levitate objects and snag them for yourself. Very handy when said objects are out of reach. All you need is a Smooth Rock, and you can snag it from the heap of rocks beside the bridge to the west of Volksville.

Mystical Lockpick

Unlocks any non-magical lock. You need a key that someone has hidden away, and if you look under the welcome mat to Brattle's cabin you'll find the Key to Brattle's. Use it to get inside if you want to steal anything, then take it back to Prospero.

Prospero from Quest for Infamy, about to teach Roehm a new spell.
Prospero from Quest for Infamy, about to teach Roehm a new spell.

Float on a Cloud

Creates a movable cloud that you can zip about on for a short time. You typically use this to cross gaps or to climb cliffs. You'll need an Owl Feather for this one. Head to the fields in the far west and go south two screens from Hermit Homestead. You'll find a tree with a swing on it. In this tree, assuming you come at night, is an owl. You can either scare the owl away with Pebbles, collected on the ground near the road (you can find them on maaaaany screens), or you can set fire to the tree using Flaming Vengeance. The latter will get you an achievement.

Inner Fear

Fills your foe with fear and forces them to flee. Prospero needs Wyvern Heart for this spell, and Marlon, down by the Red Door in Tyr, sells it at night. Speak to him and he'll offer you the Heart in exchange for, er, a Fresh Goat Turd. Lovely. You'll find a goat north, at Hermit Homstead. Check it, then return to Marlon for the Heart.


Generate a windstorm that will give you time to escape from battle. You need the 'wings of an angel' to get this spell, and you can find them in the cemetery north of town. Look for the Gravedigger in the north of the cemerty. Nearby is a statue bearing a conspicuous pair of wings. Pry them off with a Crowbar or a Diamond-Tipped Crowbar and take them back to Prospero.

Nature's Blessing

Restores your health in combat. You need two items to get this spell:

  • First, an insect. Head to the northern path in the woods surrounding Volksville and follow it as far east as you can. Eventually you'll come to a small riverside clearing. Look by the rocks on the banks of the river for a Large Stick, then use said Stick on the bee hive hanging from the tree in the top-left corner of the screen. End result? You have a Bee.
  • Second, a water flower. You'll find lilies in the old, decrepit fountain in the forests north of Volksville. Wander the path north of town until you reach a branching, then continue north.You'll soon arrive at the ruins of an old house. Check the right side of the grounds for the fountain.

Roehm in the southern woods of Quest for Infamy.
Roehm in the southern woods of Quest for Infamy.

Flaming Vengeance

Creates a scorching flame that will bombard foes. It is ineffective against the undead, and will deal absolutely no damage. You already have this when you become a Sorcerer.

Icy Shards

The same as Flaming Vengeance, though of aquatic nature. Prospero gives you an Empty Water Flask to collect the ingredients - namely, three different types of water. A mage named Jack, dwelling in the northern woods, can help you locate all three types of water:

  • 'Old' water. You can find this water in the aged fountain mentioned above, under Nature's Blessing. Dip in.
  • 'Living' water. You can find this water in Brattle's fishing pond, on the western side of the forest, one screen north of the bridge and the fishing shack.
  • 'Falling' water. Head to the far northeast end of the northern woods to find a waterfall. Use a Rope or a Grappling Hook to get down to it. You can also use Float on a Cloud to hover down. Collect the water from the base of the waterfall.

Plague Carrier

Deals damage when the enemy exerts themselves in any way. Head to Hermit Homestead and look for a line of Skinned Rabbits on the left side of the camp, near the goat. Grab one and return to Prospero.


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