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"Quest for Infamy" Walkthrough: The Dwarven Mines

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Quest for Infamy is a lengthy game, but much of that length has little to do with physical geography. It doesn't take a really really really long time to cross from one side of the world to the other. Puzzles will eat up most of your efforts. That said, there is one area that's absolutely huge, huge in the style of adventuring games of old, and that's the dwarven mine.

Located on the eastern side of the south woods, two screens south of the band of hunters that initially block your path into the woods, the dwarven mine is fraught with danger, twisting tunnels, and, if you look hard enough, rewards. It's a section of the game expansive enough that it warrants its own article - so, here we go.

Dwarven Mine

The mine is a maze. Encompassing dozens of connected rooms, each one randomly populated by potential enemies, the mine can easily befuddle players who don't make a note of its geography. Walk in without making a map and you're likely to get lost and die somewhere inside. You can find a map partway through, but it's not quite complete.

Below is a map to the areas of the dwarven mine. The large, red exes on the map denote dead ends. The numbers indicate the presence of items, found either in mine carts or barrels. Labelled areas lead to unique situations that we'll address shortly.

A map of the Dwarven Mines in Quest for Infamy. Please reference this article if you decide to repost this map.

A map of the Dwarven Mines in Quest for Infamy. Please reference this article if you decide to repost this map.


One of the game's achievements hinges on locating all of the dwarven mine's items. You can find them noted on the map above. The contents of the rooms are listed below.

  1. A Map - found by searching the boxes on the left side of the camp
  2. Rations
  3. Seven Healing Potions, 187 bly
  4. Bracers of Fire
  5. 39 Bly
  6. Worm Scales - found by searching the wormy corpses in the room

Unique Rooms

Though most of the dwarven mine is populated by largely-identical rooms full of rock and dirt, there are a few unique locations within that are listed below.

  • Camp - A large, central location found just north of the entrance. The Camp is notable largely because you can find a rough Map on the left side.
  • Chasm - A wide gap in the floor. You can get across the gap by assuming the Running stance and then using the Hand tool on the opposite side to leap from one platform to another. You can also use the Float on a Cloud spell if you're a Sorcerer. On the other side of the gap you'll find a necromancer who will force you into performing a task for her. Details regarding this quest may be found in this article.
  • Kraken - A watery cave populated by an enormous kraken. Though it won't hurt you if you remain near the entrance, the kraken will pick you up and eat you if you try to get too close. The kraken is part of the necromancer's quest.
  • Worms - A room filled with dead wormy things. Check the corpses to find a Worm Scale. I honestly have no idea what purpose this serves just yet.
The Kraken of Quest for Infamy, lurking deep within the Dwarven Mines.

The Kraken of Quest for Infamy, lurking deep within the Dwarven Mines.


The last thing to note about the mines is its inhabitants. Every time you enter a new room there's a good chance that a monster will appear. These monsters include:

  • Spiders
  • Dwarves
  • Skeletons
  • Ghosts

All are relatively painful, and you probably shouldn't fight every monster you come across, especially if you plan on travelling from one end of the mine to the other. You can easily escape every monster if you already know where you want to go, and start moving, as soon as you hit a screen.

Be warned, Sorcerors! Two out of the mine's four potential creatures are undead. This means that your Flaming Vengeance spell won't do diddly squat to your foes. Either learn Icy Shards or avoid combat at all costs. (And if you do have Icy Shards, don't accidentally use it on the spiders or the dwarves.)


EvilSquid on August 15, 2014:

Hey, nice work on mapping out the mines! The "0fficial" walkthrough only had a screenshot of the in-game map you find in the mine camp (i.e. the not-so-accurate map), so it's good to see someone put the effort in to do this!

Now I finally know that... there's not much of use in the mines. So I'm doubly glad you mapped it now, since otherwise I'd feel compelled to check every part of that damn mine in case I missed something awesome.